Arranged Marriage ke Siyappe (vol 3) pt 5

Let’s begin…………

Naina:plzz raagooo… Don’t talk crazy infront of him plz…. Plz for your sisters sake
Purvi smiles as she knew Rag was hell nervous: all the best ragini
Rag smiles and goes to room
Naina:plzzz…baccha…..di ki baath sunegi na
Rag nodded like innocent kid ??
Naina:baccha…. Can i trust you ?u wont do any shaitani na can i be fearless ?
She gives her tea tray
Rag again nods like innocent kid ??

Sanlak who came there only heard “be fearless”

Lak: don’t worry my bro won’t eat her
Naivi gets confused as wat he was telling them
Lak:arey you were telling na “be fearless” like bro is gonna ask her both the kidneys ?

Nai:oh…u heard only this
Lak: did i mid something
Nai; na na no…
Naina murmurs:thankgod he didnt listen fully…
Purvi heard it
Naivilak moves from there……

*Heartbeat*now only for sanskar ?

Rag was looking outside the window

San doesn’t knew how to make her know that he has came there… He was too nervous….

He literally made some sounds by walking… Wishing her to turn
She turns bending her head

San himself: i think she is too nervous.. Wat should i do now?

San to start the conversation
San:m sanskar
He forwards his hand for a shakehand
Ragini still bending her head folds her hand in namasthe
Rag:ji namasthe

San mentally slaps himself for forwarding his hand
He takes his hand back

San:shall we sit and talk..
Rag nods still ? bending her head

They sit in bed on the corners

San:so u completed engineering…
Rag nods
San:i hv completed MBA….hmm…. So u like music

Rag herself: like??? i love it my passion…
Rag like an innocent kid again nods

San:umm… Wat kind of instruments you play?

This time expecting her to answer…

Here outside all were talking

Arjna were worried….
Arj: wat would hv happen now… Hope she didn’t show her true colours
Na:bhagwan kare aisa na ho
While raghvi controls their laughter
Arj:no no..u know na how she behaves with guests.. She would behave like that.. He was assuring himself
Naina: bt wat if she talk to him like she talk to purvi
Arj:plzz di…i m assuring here..u r destroying it…

Here San was waiting.. Bt there was no reply….
San: hmm…tell me something that you love the most
Rag irritating others..bacchu if you select me today count your days….

She still didn’t see him

Rag innocent out of the world: can i see you ji.. before..i talk?
San was shocked
He left out a small laugh
San: u didn’t see me?
Rag nods in no
San:ya sure…i thought u saw me…
He again left out a small laugh
Rag in sitting turns to his side and looks at him..
He was smiling

Rag herself: haaye..wat a handsome?! His eyes hv effect to drag me to him…haaye hottie…
San:now you saw me….now can you talk…
Rag herself:be innocent
Rag again bending down: do u hv any post relation ji?
Rag herself: i don’t hv prblm if you hv too
San:hmm no.. And abt you
Rag: nahi ji..
Herself: who vl come to me everyone are scared of me ??
San smiles widely: now tell abt your music
Rag: mujhe piano sitar guitar violin bajana aata hai ji
Rag herself: aur drums bhi
San: wow.. nice
Rag: thankyou ji

There was a silence as sanskar was thinking that is she this innocent??

Rag: suniye ji….
She acts as blushing
San:haan ji
Rag:chai mein kitne chammach shakkar milaun ji….?
San:ek chammach ji…
She moved it and gives to him
He takes and drinks
Rag herself: now he would be surely confused as how can a girl be this innocent living in city…bacchu it’s a first meet….if you reject me tum bach gaye.. i feel like he vl reject me…bt he is handsome.. Now all on your hands Mr.san…(she smiles) sansku?

San: shall we go now….
Ragh nods…

At the time naijun comes there
San smiles weakly at them he goes

Arj:isne zaroor kuch ghadbad kiya hai..di
Raghvi comes there
Naina: wat did you both talk?
Rag acts blushing
Naijun looks confused
Rag innocent: suniye ji..
Rag innocence out of the world:Chai mein kitne chammach shakkar milaun ji? Thankyou ji….muje piano sitar guitar violin bajana aata hai ji…..
Raghvi laughs
Ragh: let’s go.. Ragoo u hv to play music instruments
Rag:teek hai jeeju ji..
Raghav laughs: dramebaaz

All goes….

Arj:pyaari behena boli behena…plzz rock music mat bajana jaise mujhe tumhare iraade pakke nahi lagte
Rag; wat i did ji?
They reach

Suji: ragini beta.. Can you now play music ?
Rag smilingly nods….

At first she takes guitar..
She sits in a chair and plays a beautiful rythm…
San sees her the way she is holding.. She was holding it like if she was playing rock music (he knew this bcs he too know to play guitar)
Then violin then piano and at last sitar

Raghav signs her to sing…
Rag nods
Naijun crossed their fingers going rag won’t do any mischief.. San watches their behaviour

In few seconds the atmosphere was filled with beautiful voice….

Mohe rang do laal
Mohe rang do laal
Nand ke laal laal
Chhedo nahi bas rang do laal
Mohe rang do laal
San was mesmerised by her voice

Rag was singing closing her eyes
Sam was now looking at her suspiciously

Dekhu dekhu tujhko main hoke nihaal
Dekhu dekhu tujhko main hoke nihaal
Chhu lo kora mora kaanch sa tann
Nain bhar kya rahe nihaar

San himself: is she innocent??? Or acting to be innocent
He sees naijun who was looking at her with shocked faces

Mohe rang do laal
Nand ke laal laal
Chhedo naahi bas rang do laal
Mohe rang do laal

She stops…..
All claps
Ap and suji hugs her

Later all leaves……. While going San takes a small glance of ragini….

After all left…..

Shejan goes out as sharmaji was talking with them

Only youngsters were present
Rag: yeh rishta tho gaya…
Arj: why r u so sure?
Rag: bcs that sanskar won’t like me na.. He is already scared by my ji’s..
She laughs
All: oh god.. Send someone to handle her

Sanskar was shown.. He was in deep thinking….

To be continued….

How you find this mischievous ragini? Will this decent sanskar finds out any her mischiefs?? Will this relation move on for now? Or will this relation take a new turn?

Stay tuned….

Now which TV show you like??
I don’t get time to watch bt love this stories.. Wn i m free i watch this
bhootu jiji ma and tu aashiqui immj ib and sometimes i watch kdb

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