Arranged Marriage ke Siyappe (vol 3) pt 4

Let’s begin….

Arj: its a big NOOOOOO….
Rag smirking: are you sure?
Arj: yes do watever i vl not go and waise bhi he is gonna come tomorrow u see him directly
Rag: i m asking last time will u go or not?
Arj:no no and no
Rag: oh no now i hv to do 3 things according to agreement
Arj: agreement?
Rag:ha agreement wch u signed not even bothering to read it once… Behen pe kitna barosa hai haaye…par aapki yeh behen na aapke jaise lallu nahi hai
Arj:lallu(silly) and me!
Ragh excited: then wat is in agreement im curious to know
Rag: first let’s go to police station
Trio: police station??
Rag: wait i will read the agreement


Rag: that’s all….hufff
Raina: wat a agreement!
Arj: wat the hell ragini? I won’t
Rag: that’s why im telling jiju… Let’s go to police station.. No no first will go to purvi bha…no purvi di’s house if my she ties raakhi to my bhai….
Arj:no no no
Raina laughs
Arj: no ways i m not going to do any of this

Rag acts crying and shouts being acting to be scared: officer…. Officer plz save me from my bhaiyya he has became monster… He treats me cruelly… He slapped me he hit me… He licked me in a dark room… He doesn’t give me food… He toured me evilly… Now you are like a God to me if you didn’t save me from this evil brother then…………………

Raina curious; then?
Rag dramatically: then i vl hv 3 options standing infront of a moving truck or rat poison or River.. Yes i vl kill myself

Arj:yehhhhh…i m not going to do anything and none can do anything to Arjun Gadodia
Rag: bhaiyya.. Police will not listen of they start to take charge even if you are prime minister
Arjun was volunteer he don’t know wat to do with this sister ?

Ragh: wr should i go police station.. Purvi’s house or Maheshwari’s office.. Option is all yours

Arj glares ragini more than that he is cursing himself for signing those agreement without seeing

Rag: bhaiyya ur iPhone X is also mine and your Lamborghini…
Arj: no

Rag: di wat do you think a sister will join us or a sister in law will join us
Arj angrily: OK FINE
Rag: to make sister or sister-in-law
Arj glares her
Rag: sorry sorry.. She hugs him tight u r my cutie pie na.. i knew u can’t resist me…
Arj in anger too smiles listening her talks i vl go and meet him..

Here pariutlak were standing outside few employees comes there and talks with them and adarsh too comes there

A clown comes there and sees all of them keenly
Hehe who it must be??? he is Arjun arjun

He turns and sees Raina and Rag who are far in the car
Arj is hvng Bluetooth

Rag: go
Arj: he will give me money… Wat vl he do.. How will i find abt him.. i didn’t see him
Rag: u just hv to understand by his nature….
Arj: all will laugh and clown itself then wat vl do
Rag: see all doesn’t understand clowns feelings..bcs all laugh at him by his or doings b wat abt inner one he will feel bad clown has to bare this everytime just for some money i want to see is he money minded or good hearted…i want to see he will laugh at you or vl try to know abt you help you in someway…

Arj: that means you had made me clown in reality.. You hurted me…
Rag: drama bandh kaam shuru…abhi jao and reneger you hv to click a photo with him

Arj himself:mujhe kya kya ban na padega aur Karna padega oh god…

He goes there

All sees him
He was scared he was shivering
All sees him and laughs…. He smiles
He starts to do weird things

Ragh:ragoo.. He can’t
Rag: he will..
Ragh: if you told me i could hv met directly..
Rag: bhaiyya needs to do this much..he also once made me clown and don’t worry nobody will identify him
Rag: wn we all r in school
Naina laughs remembering the incident en arjun made ragini a clown in school everyone laughed at her so arjun himself felt bad and told those words.. at that time lil ragini told him that one day u vl also be a clown.. Now she proved her words..
Rag: revenge Di…
Naina smiles
Rag: he said the same words to me at that time..wch i said in phone… By i said with lil masala ?
Arj could here all this.. He was helpless by the state

He starts dance…
All laughs
Lak comes and dances with him….
Arj himself: is he sanskar???
Ut:clown bhai sa…
Lak drags Adarsh to dance
Adar smilingly: no laksh…
Later he too joins
Lak:bhai.. Wow u dance very nicely
Arj gets confused he sees some employees who were also standing laughing there bt he didn’t knew who was sanskar

Arj:i don’t know who is sanskar and how vl i find
Lak takes a selfie with him pari uttra also pose in the selfie
Adarsh takes a bundle of money and gives him
Arj nods in no
Lak: u hv to take it…
Arj himself: mein nahi Kar sakta
Arj moves back and nods in no
Adar:u hv made our day…we r not paying u..this is in form of a gift..
Rag listened all this
Arj moves back and murmurs: kya karoon ragoo
Rag: ok come back clown bhai sa

Arjun runs from backwards
All laughs seeing him….
Pari: he was so nice
Arjun goes to car
And sits

Raina laughs seeing him
Rag:u took this much big risk still u couldn’t do for wat u went to
Arj:ahhh… I didn’t see him… How could i ask who is sanskar there 10 to 12 mens… Wat i suppose to do… Now the revenge fulfilled na plz leave me…
Rag: let’s go to Purvi’s house
Arj horrified: why
Rag: to show that her future husband can also be her clown… He vl not make her cry any day if she is someway sad too he will not leave her alone he would stand by her..he vl be with her in his every happiness…
Arjun smiles
Rag cleans his face
Rag: wn he can listen to his annoying sister why can’t he listen to his lady
I m sorry bhaiyya..i made u like this for my madness and i love you so much
He hugs her: never be sorry.. We r always partner in crimes… U r my sweet lil sister how can you be annoying… And you know i didn’t went by those ur silly agreement by i myself went by couldn’t see him or know him.. Afterall i want someone keep my princess to be like his Queen

Raina: now u both will make us cry…
Note let’s go back….

Later they goes and Raina tells abt arjun’s love
Shejan talks to Purvi’s maasi and she agrees
(I don’t wanna drag this so..i hv made fatafat arrangements for arvi?)

Next day…

Rag was playing subway surf in arjun’s phone…
Here arjun was searching his phone
Shekar and raghav went to their office arj was ready bt he couldnt find his phn..
He then sees rag
Arj: why didn’t you tell that my phone is with you….
Rag busy in playing: why didn’t you see that i was playing in you phone
Arj: mom…wn vl she growup… And now u ppl are going to get her married… Her live will be same like subway surfers… Her in-laws will chase her same way

Rag was still not bothered….

Arj smirks and goes…..
Arj calls someone in landline
Ting tong

Arj:arey ragini.. Maheshwari’s has came early…
Rag jerks and stands: wat?
Rag looks at herself she was in night wear
Rag: wat?
Jan and Naina: wat vl we do now
Naina drags rag in
Arjun starts to laugh
All glares him
Arj: i was just joking
He opens the door and sees kids
Rag: baccha party come come
All runs in

Arjun sees purvi standing the

Jan goes to her and hugs her
Arj looks rag and she winks at him
Actually he was blushing

Rag: babhi… Come in na…

She comes in
Rag goes to Arjun and murmurs: don’t blush like a girl

Rag hugs purvi: thankyou babhi that you came
Purvi smiles…

She drags her in…

Later in the evng
Rag was still not ready
Jan: wn vl u be ready
Naina: they vl reach any min
Purvi: ragini plz dress up
Rag: ok babhi
While jana were shocked as they were pleasing her from an hr… She accepted

After 10 mins
Rag comes
All are shocked to see her
Arjun who came there and sees her
Atj:from which circus she came?? he laughs

She was wearing a dress yellow colour pant red colour top and green colour shawl.. she combined from different dresses and wears
She loves to wear the dress like it..

Rag angrily: from the same circus you came
Purvi: ragini plz change the dress this doesn’t suit you
Naina: ab jaldi change karo
Jan: ragini why you always do like a kid

Rag: i love to irritate you mom… Ok i vl change…
She goes to change

Here sanskar got ready in white panties white shirt and dark blue blazer he was looking extremely handsome…

Here ragini came out wearing a red colour salwar she was looking pretty anyone can fall for her in one look…

All smiles……
Rag stands infront of arjun she looks other side with attitude
Arjun smiles: u vl never change and don’t even change.. And meri behen princess lag rahi hai…
Rag laughs.. And hugs him….
Shekar and raghav comes

Shekar: looks like i hv entered won’t house how can mongoose and snake be friends
Ragh:papa from yesterday i am witnessing thank God i didn’t get heart attack
Ragjun: why r u all jealous? Wn v fight u hv prblm wn v love u hv prblm do tell us wat should we do
All laughs
Rag complaining like kid: bhaiyya..
Arj: koi nai koi nai…tere bhai hai na tere saath

At the time shek gets call from sharmaji
Shek: they vl reach in 5 mins…
Shejan goes….
Arjun Naina goes

Purvi was abt to go….
Rag: babhi
Purvi turns..
Rag: babhi i hv special connection with jiju..i share everything with him and i want to share the same space with you
Ragh: Actually rag is scared now… She doesn’t show it to anyone bt i knew.. She didn’t sleep due to fear and sat in terrace thinking wat vl hpn? Now she is in fear… Purvi sits next to her…

She held her hand
Ragini’s hands were like ice
She was Heine child due to fear and her heart were beating fast…

Purvi: don’t worry nthng vl hpn….
Rag smiles…
Ragh:ya don’t worry..
At the time they listen horn
Ragh teasing: they came… May be your son too be Mr
He goes

Here all from Maheshwari’s enter the house

Arjun sees Adarsh and laksh he remembers the recent hpngs??

They all greet eachother.. They introduce themselves to eachother

Dp points to sanskar: this sanskar…
All smiles
He smiles at them
Arj to naina: i didn’t see him yesterday
Naina: watever he is good looking
Arj:hai na
Naina: ha
Shekar dp rp talks
Raghav and arjun talks with sanskar
They liked his way of talking his gestures etc
And they also found out that he is decent ???

Jan:naina…ragini ko leke aao
Naina nods…

Naina goes

Rag to purvi: mujhe darr lag raha hai
Purvi: take a deep breath…
Rag does
Purvi: feeling better… She nods
Naina comes and she sees rag
Naina: finally.. Someone is feared
Naina: they r calling you
Rag: can i get any chance i m scared
Naina:yeh le… They will not eat don’t worry

Here sanskar’s eyes were looking for someone.. Bt he couldn’t see the person from far to far

Lak to arjun:i m feeling like i saw you somewhere
Arj:no.. i don’t think so
While Raghav controls his laughter

Rag held Purvi’s hand tightly….
Purvi smiles seeing this strong girl’s nervous

Shekhar: here is our ragini….
All looks….

San looks at ragini be was mesmerised

Ragini.. Her heart came to mouth….
Purvi to rag: deep breath

Ragini takes blessings from ap dp suji rp
She was made to sit between ap and suji

She sees arjun and raghav they were signalling her to sanskar….
She was feeling to see him bt she feels no… See him… Don’t see him… See him.. Don’t see him
Ap:ragini beta… Tell something abt you
Rag smiles: aunty…(words are not coming out of her mouth) she collected all courage in her

Arj forwards some food to sanskar.. He smiles and refuses
Actually he Keen to know abt the lady in red…. May be in future she would be called his…. May be…!

Rag:aunty..i hv completed engineering…joined Papa’s company recently….
Suji:do you know cooking…?
Rag: actually…. Aunty… i don’t know cooking…. Bt i know baking
Suji: its ok beta… Slowly u can study
Utt:wat r u hobbies?
Rag smiles

San was listening each And everything carefully without missing anything

Rag: music
Naina: she knows to play 4 instrument’s
Ut: wow…
Suji: can you play it… Even i like music
Rag smiles…. And Nods
Ap: bt before…..
Dp:ya of you don’t hv prblm can they (ragsan) both talk alone

Shek: why vl v reject! They hv right to choose….
Janki: naina take ragini to room…
Naina and purvi take ragini with them to room….

San drags laksh and goes along with raghjun…

To be continued…..

Hows this?

Lot of innocence na.. In these ways of girls… Poor boys fall for first impression ???

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