Arranged Marriage ke Siyappe (vol 3) pt 3

Let’s begin…

Jan: of they like ragini and if they want to see ragini then…
Naina: then wat?
Jan: m telling that u both go shopping and buy a dress
Naina: ma… Why..i mean will buy if you want…
Jan: i don’t know am tensed… Wat if they r strict

Arj shek and raghav comes there
Ragh:we hv found abt them…i mean my friend’s sister knee their family so she told that they are very good ppl.. Bt lil strict
Arjun laughs: tab tho yeh rishta hone se raha
Naina: we can’t get Wat we think always.. We hv to adjust for a lil
Shek:bt will ragini adjust
Jan:naina if ragini was like you then we can say that can adjust bt…
Arj: i think we should tell this to ragini.. Watever her decision..v vl follow
Ragh: ya.. Even i too think so
They all thinks to talk with ragini they turns and sees Ragini thinking deeply

Arj: wat hpnd… Now who is the prey? Kiska khoon peena hai
Rag: hmm….. She talks her finger on her cheek

Jan:look at her… We r going to get her married be still she is not leaving her childish
Ragh:ragoo baccha we want to talk to you
Shek:listen beta.. MAHESHWARI’S are lil strict.. We don’t want to go against you.. It will be your wish
Naina:look ragini tell your decision without hesitation
Arj laughs:she is ragini…and ragini and hesitate never meets?

Rag suddenly with wide smile: it would be adventure ryte…
All with disbelief: adventure???
Rag: arey.. Of they all are strict there should be one person ryte who vl break their rules…wow.. It would be amazing…
All: this is marriage not any adventure ??
Rag: for Ragini Gadodia it would be adventure.. i don’t know abt others
She goes from there jumping like a kid who had won a trophy?

Janaina: hey bhagwan iska kya hoga?
Raghav laughs

Shek: don’t be tensed.. Will wait for their reply..first..then vl make ragini understand
Arj:i m just praying to God that whoever be her husband give him a lot of patience
Naina:ya he will need it
Ragh:i m thinking now sanskar would hv seen her photo.. Would he like her?
Arj: if he likes her… Then countdown starts for the day en he vl feel guilty to like her
Raina hits him: don’t think abt her.. Think abt yourself.. And hope that sanskar will like her.. And we get a positive reply from them …

Here sanskar in office
All congratulates him for cracking the deal

He then moves to his cabin
He takes pieces of photo from the pocket.. He joins it with help of gumtape
He smiles: innocent and cute…the only thing comes in my mind seeing her

Here arj:innocent…?di are you ok.. For whom you r telling to be innocent
Naina:u be quite.. Ragoo see u hv learn how to give a blushy smile and make an innocent face…
Rag acts blushing she blinks her eyes continuously….
Rag laughing: if i do like this then definitely he will runaway
Arj: its true..

Rag: waise bhaiyyaaaaa… Did you meet babhi?
Naina: babhi? Wat? Who? How? When?
Aju u didn’t tell me
Arjun was shocked….: wat.. No?
He tries to escape.. He turns to go from there
Rag:actually bhaiyya only don’t know her name
Naina: wat? Then
Arjun was more shocked..

Arjun:wat? Wat r u saying?
Rag:di..he was following her wherever she goes
Arjun trying to confer: no…
Rag: ok then you don’t want to know her name too ryte… Its ok.. Any ways i wanted to go to her today i thought to ask you to come with me bt i think you r not the guy whom i saw… i think he is Ur duplicate…di we vl go hai na.. She winks at her
Naina smiles: ok.. We vl also take your jiju along
Rag: great
Arj: i vl too come
Rag: no thanks.. You r not coming
Naina:ya..u r not coming
Arj pouts: plz

At the time Raghav shejan comes with the good news
Raghav; they liked ragini and they are coming to see ragini tmrw evng
Naina hugs ragini.. In happiness
Rag confused by her behaviours: they r coming to see me not you..
Naina: not so funny
Jan: i hv to prepare for tomorrow
Rag: di chale?
Rag:aapke liye bahu laane
Jan: wat?
Arj: nthng ma…
Shejan goes

Raghav: now eats going on?
Rag: actually na.. There’s a beautiful girl whom we r going to see now… And we want you to join.. Bt bhaiyya wont come
Ragh laughs:ok chalo
Naina to rag: don’t you feel like nervousness…
Rag: why?
Naina: tmrw they r coming to see you
Rag casually: tmrw na.. Wars the big deal
Naina: ok meri ma chalo
Rag holding both Raina: chalo chalo chalo jaldi chalo babhi se milna hai…arghh i mean khidki se…ahh ladki se milna hai
Raina laughs

Rag herself: oh no.. They r coming tomorrow… Wat vl i do… Mr body is shivering….ragoo dont think too change the torpic

They reach the car
Raina sits in front
Rag in back
Arjun too comes and sits
Rag: why r u here?u don’t know her ryte.. So you should not meet her
Arj:ok meri maa..i know her..happy
Rag smiles
Raina laughs
Ragh:where we hv to go
Rag:xyz orphanage
Ragh:jaise aapka hukum saali sahiba

Arj slowly pokes ragini
Arj: wat’s her name?
Rag: ab aaye na line par
Arj:wat vl i get if i take you to her make you to meet her.. Tell her name to you
Arj with shining smile: cadbury
While Raina were laughing
Rag:suno suno gaauwaalon mera pyaara bhaiyya mujhe cadbury laake dega.. bhaiyya wars this m i kid…
Arj: then wat you want?
Ragh:ragoo..u hv a chance ask big…
Rag:no this time i wont ask big…samall thing…a tiny one
Arj: wat you want….
Rag: first you promise
Arj: no
Rag:jiju turn the car.. We wont go
Ragh teasingly:r u sure?
Rag to arj teasing:r u sure?
Arjun: ok fine promise
Rag forwards her hand
Arj: ok.. He keeps his hand
She takes a paper
Arj: now wat?
Rag: agreement
Arj: wat?
Rag: i don’t believe you
Arj grabs from her and signs
Rag: pehle padh tho lete

Raina:yeh tho gaya…
They laughs

Arj smiles: meri pyaari si choti si behena ab tho bol dho…
He glares her
Rag laughs:ok ok…her name is….
Arj excited: is?
Raina: is?
Rag: is in the the fact that i too don’t know?

Sanskar’s cabin
Here sanskar was working in the laptop with cute so smile
Pari lak and uttara were seeing him with teasing smile…
Actually he was too busy that he didn’t know their presence

Today his smile was not taking its leave from his face…
Sanskar always works in serious… Bt today he was smiling smiling and smile wn turned into blush he didn’t knew
His change of expressions are watched by pari ut lak

He then closes his laptop and sees pari ut lak
Pari:aaj Mausam kuch badla badla sa hai…
Lak:ha…lagta hai baarish hone wali hai

Pariut laughs
San: wat?
Pari: we heard that kisika photo kisiko pasand aaya hai
San smiles
Lak sees ragini’s photo which was been fixed
Lak: arey wah…
He takes the photo
Pari: oh ho….
San:babhi.. Today don’t you want to go home.. Its already 4
Pari smiles: tell clearly that u can’t hide your blush

Here all reach orphanage
While Arjun was continuously glaring ragini in the whole journey
Rag: kya hai.. bhaiyya i m making you meet na… Then wat you want
They all gets down…

Raina: where is she?
Rag looks around
She turns to find Arjun he was not there
Then they moves lil front
Rag sings:Dil kyun yeh mera shor kare
Dil kyun yeh mera shor kare
Idhar nahi
Udhar nahi
Teri Ore Chale
Naina: wat? Why r u singing
Rag: if you watched Pavithr rishta na u would hv understood??
Ragh:pyaar acche acchon ko badal deta hai…
Naina: wat?
Ragragh:watch there
She looks at the direction

Wr a girl was teaching dance to the kids and arjun was watching her lovingly he is taking his steps forward to her being lost..

Rag:Yeh ishq nahin aasaan, bas itna samajh lijiye
Aik aag ka darya hai, aur doob ke jaana hai
(This love is not easy, just understand this much
It is a river of fire, and you must go drowning)
Raina:arjun tho doob gaya?

Rag runs to arjun be was lost she then sees the girl was packing her stuffs
Rag goes to her
Girl smiles:hai…
Rag:m Ragini
Rag: actually wanted to talk to you much before couldn’t talk to you
Purvi:do u know me
Rag looks at arjun who was shocked as wat ragini is talking
Rag:actually not me my bhaiyya knows you
While Raina were enjoying

Here laksh: would she be as innocent silent decent as bhai
San smiles
Lak:look at his smile

Rag: actually do you hv bf or are you married?
Purvi left out a small laugh: wat?
Rag: don’t feel bad.. Just casual
Purvi: actually no..
Rag smiles widely and hugs her purvi was confused
Rag: actually na i can’t control my emotions
Purvi: no prblm..
Rag: i told u na my bhaiyya knows you
Purvi:your bhaiyya
Rag: ha…he loves you.. He is following like love sick puppy
Purvi: wat?
Arjun turns immediately: this girl vl kill me one day..?
Raina were damn shocked

Rag shouts:bhaiyya..bhaiyya…arey bhaiyya idar aao na

Lak: looks like she is innocent

Rag comes to Arjun and drags him to purvi
Both arvi are embarrassed
Raina to comes

Rag:i know..i was bit fast…as u know i never help wn i saw u i felt like u vl be my babhi and before i get married i want him to see married to a good girl who vl correct him.. And it’s u

Naina:purvi.. Don’t mind her talk.. She is open if its not a prblm we want your hand for our arjun…
Purvi was hell shocked
Purvi:i hv only maasi…u ppl talk with her
Rag: that means u don’t hv prblm
Purvi smiles:no
Rag:arey bhaiyya..aapki tho naseeb khul gayi
They after meeting her goes

Arjun: wat was that?
Rag: wat?? i helped you.. Now my promise
Ragh:ha Arjun now you hv to fulfill her promise
Arjun: ok tell wat u want?
Rag: i want you to go and meet sanskar like an unknown person.. And u hv to tell me that he is interesting or not? That’s all
Raina laughs
While arjun was shocked: waaattt?no ways….

To be continued….

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