Arranged Marriage ke Siyappe (vol 3) pt 28

Let’s begin…

Arjun:sanskar how did you find? This girl always have something running in her mind.

Ragini turns to him and faces him and gives him “is it?” look

At the time Raghav comes and arjun to escape from her he leaves with Raghav

Sanskar smiles and then drives

Ragini was angry with sanskar as he referred her as naughty and mischievous

And sanskar very well knew about he understands her very well. He knows her mood swings.

Soon he listens sniffs

He turns to her:Ragini

She didn’t reply

Sanskar again calls her:Ragini.

She didn’t reply.

Sanskar:waise… From where you got this saree and the wig

Ragini doesnt face him but sniffs:it is bua dadi’s!

Sanskar shocked:what?

After a minute..

Sanskar:how would have bua dadi managed?

Here bua dadi is shown who has covered her head with the pallu and wasn’t coming out of her room

Ragini angrily throws the wig outside

Ragini childish cry:you care for everyone, bua dadi your family my family but not me
She cries

Sanskar controls his laughter:what did i do now?

She stops and cries like a kid

Sanskar:me? You are angry because i told you are mischievous and naughty

Ragini didn’t say anything but kept crying

Ragini crying loudly:you don’t love me anymore.
She covers her face by both the palms and cries.

Sanskar stops the car

And holds her hand:Ragini…

She pulls her hand from his grip and keeps on crying

Sanskar:look at me

She nods in no

Sanskar:Ragini, you seriously think that i don’t love you?

Ragini was silent

Sanskar:ok so what i should do to prove my love for you?

She doesn’t reply

Sanskar:i am sorry i won’t ever say that you are mischievous ok?

She looks at him

Sanskar wipes her tears and held her hands:promise!!

Ragini sniffs

Sanskar:and i love you

Ragini hugs him:and i love you too..

And later

Ragini gets changed in a restaurant

And they finally reach

And they explain the family about laksh’s love story

To which at first dp doesn’t agree.

And all gets sad.

Next day
Rajnath comes there and speaks about the proposal

Dp doesnt agree

Rajnath:please accept this relation, i would have never come here but your second daughter-in-law made me feel the importance of my daughter’s happiness and now i am begging for it. And i have left all my previous deeds

Dp thinks and finally nods:but not now once laksh settle downs in his career

All accepts and rejoices

While laksh’s face fell regarding his career

Sanskar comes to him and forwards an envelope

Laksh:what is it?

Sanskar:check yourself

Laksh sees a letter on career orienting on car racing

Dp:what happened laksh? You thought me to be too strict? I just look like the one but i am not the one!

He smiles at Ragini and she smiles


Ragini explains dp about laksh’s career and his love

To which dp reacted negatively

Ragini:bade papa i know you just act like to be a strict but you not the one. Just give him a chance to build his dream, who knows one day you would be proud of your son and your change of decision.

She went away saying this

Dp thinks and then smiles.

Fb ends

Laksh was overwhelmed :thankyou papa

Dp hugs him and then leaves

Laksh to Ragini :thankyou babhi

Ragini:arey i told you before only call my by my name or Rags

Laksh:jab aap babhi ki kaam kiya hai tho babhi tho bulana hi padega

Ragini smiles

Sanskar admires her.

Later Ragini slowly sneaks into bua dadi room

And she sees her sleeping covering her head

Being younger than her whatever she did with her was wrong.

She slowly goes and presses her leg to give her some relief

When bua dadi sees her

Ragini immediately stood:i am sorry bua dadi i thought….

Bua dadi didn’t say anything

Ragini:i am sorry bua dadi

Bua dadi looks at her

Bua dadi:why now?

Ragini:you are elder to me, our thinking is different my mom thought me that if elders doesn’t understand you then you should understand them. I am really different bua dadi i was been grown being pampered by my family. I was the youngest of all. Even when my di got married jiju too pampered me like his own kid. And when i came here i took everything not understanding your traditions

Ap and sujatha were standing at the door they smiles even if today bua dadi accuse her or yell her. Then bua dadi is stone hearted this is what the thought arised in both ap and suji

Ragini:i am sorry

Bua dadi smiles which was nothing much then a miracle:what to do, i have grown old and i can’t just bend to youngers you know…ego problem. Budiya hoon satiya gayi hoon isiliye aisi harkath kar beithi.. I am sorry too i have knowingly kept hurting you

Ragini smiles:it’s ok bua dadi
She was about to hug her but stops seeing her

Bua dadi herself hugs her
Ragini smiles

Ragini forwards a gift

Bua dadi opens it and sees a wig

Ragini trying to be good and innocent😜:everyone told me that you were not coming out, i saw you like this(showing her pallu) then i thought… I didn’t mean to hurt you

Bua dadi was overwhelmed by her gestures and took it

She again hugs her and kisses her forehead.

Ragini herself:sometimes lies proves to be good for health😜😜

Ap and suji smiles

Later sanskar comes from the office he sees Ragini, pari and bua dadi talking

He was shocked

Adarsh pokes him:how this miracle happened?

Sanskar shrugs his shoulders

While bua dadi sees them

Ragini and pari goes to kitchen

Bua dadi:adarsh sanskar

She calls them both

They goes to her:ji bua dadi

Bua dadi:you brought gem’s in form of daughter-in-law’s

Both of them are shocked.. Is she the same one who used to search faults on especially daughter-in-law’s

They smiles

Some days passed.

Ragini was sleeping hugging sanskar

Sanskar woke up and it has became his routine to see his wife sleeping his embrace daily, what else he could ask for? He should consider himself to be lucky though his wife is kiddish but yet she is matured and he loves her madly!

Who says arrange marriages are not cool, marrying some unknown person and spend the whole life with them by adjusting..!

Nah, it’s wrong!!
Arrange marriage has a pure chain of understanding each other, learning and observing each other’s habbits, likes and dislikes!! Isn’t it cool?

Ragini slowly wakes by interrupting his chain of thoughts:good morning

Sanskar:good morning!!

Ragini goes to freshen but she returns and hugs sanskar who checking his mobile
Again sleeps in his embrace
While he keeps his mobile aside and caresses her hair

Ragini in a sleepy tone:why it always happen?

Sanskar:what happens?

Ragini:the same?

Sanskar smiles:same what?

Ragini:the same one?

Sanskar smiles being confused :which one?

Ragini:that you always….

Sanskar:always what?

Ragini:hmm… Care for me like i am your kid and i FALL in love with you more and more

Sanskar smiles widely:that’s because….. Hmm you take everything so easy

Ragini hugging him tightly:no, it’s not me. It’s you who take easily.

Sanskar smiles

He pulls her out from the hug and makes her messy hair a straight

Sanskar:now go freshen or are you planning to sleep whole day?

She smiles and looks at him lovingly

Sanskar:what happened?

Ragini:i so much in love with you!

Sanskar:i do so much in love with you too

Ragini:and thankyou!

Sanskar raises his eyebrows in confusion

Ragini:for making my life so beautiful!

Sanskar smiles and he remembers their engagement when Ragini pinched him :same pinch!

Both laughs a bit remembering their moments


Sanskar was too late this day as he had some loads of work to complete

He was really tired

He thinks Ragini may have slept as he only ordered her to not wait for him when he is late due to work.

He enters his room which was dark and he listen her sniffs and sobs

He gets worried, as everything was alright till evening
And after evening he couldn’t get into touch with her
He on’s the lights and sees Ragini crying sitting down the bed

Sanskar immediately went to her
And kneels to her:Ragini what happened?

After realising his presence she hugs him immediately and cries in his embrace

Sanskar:Ragini what happened? Did anyone said something? What happened?

But Ragini kept on crying!

Sanskar was hell worried :tell me something, don’t do this to me? I can’t tolerate you crying like this.

Ragini cries hugging him more tightly

Sanskar:say something Ragini?

Ragini keeps on crying

He pulls her out of the hug gently with bit force but not hurting her


Sanskar cups her face:Ragini what happened?


He was assuring her and also consoling her

Ragini:kal jab meine reports lene gayi thi na

Sanskar:what happened?
He asks being concerned worried tensed and what not?

Ragini again hugs her:sanskar i am… Pregnant

Sanskar was shocked

He smiles and then laughs out of happiness:and why are you crying?

Ragini innocently :mein tho khud bacchi hoon na
(i myself a kid right)

What he should do with this crazy girl?

Ragini:now i will become fat and you won’t love me anymore(she cries loudly) . And…

He covers his eyes through his left palm and then laughs

Ragini cryingly:you are laughing

Sanskar:sorry sorry. But why are you crying?

Ragini stops her crying:mujhe rona nahi chahiye?
(i shouldn’t cry then?)

He lightly hits her head and then wipes her tears
And then hugs her

Sanskar:and why do you think that i will not love you?

Ragini pouts:i love you

Sanskar smiles :and why you kept your face like this? You are going to be a mother

Ragini smiles but soon makes a crying face:but how would i be able to manage the kids when i can’t manage myself!

Sanskar smiles taking a deep breath

To be continued…..

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