Arranged Marriage ke Siyappe (vol 3) pt 27

Let’s begin…

Sanskar starts to hits the goons

While Ragini jumps in happiness

Soon adarsh arjun Raghav and laksh joins sanskar

And then even Ragini pari and purvi starts to hit the the goons

Ragini moves to Rajnath:arey what a father you are can’t you see the love of your daughter. You just don’t deserve to be a father. What would be your benefit if you spoil your daughter’s life. Oh is that the thing that your daughter’s tears are the key to your happiness. If not for the person who is alive at least for your dead wife whose last wish was to keep your daughter happy and leave all these things. Mujhe tho itna gussa aa raha hai itna gussa aa raha hai ki mein aap pe table utha………

She stops.. As she saw tears in Rajnath’s eyes.


He stops all his goons

Everyone were shocked and confused as no one noticed what happened a moment ago except sanskar who had his on Ragini as he feared for her. But now a smile crept on his face as she did it!

Rajnath wipes his lone tear:i was so busy looking after my lifestyle i just couldn’t realise my sin. I just couldn’t give the deserving love to my own daughter.

Arjun signs to Ragini as what she told him that he got this sentimental!!

Rajnath:you just opened my eyes.
He looks at Ragini being gratefully and then moves to nithya

Rajnath:nithya live your life as you wished!

Nithya smiles through tears and hugs him

Rajnath:i will come to your home and talk with elders about nithya and laksh’s marriage

Everyone smiles

While arjun was so impatient about what she told. He again signs her to say while she raise her invisible collars


Adarsh:we will take our leave now

Rajnath:no stay here and take rest and go

Sanskar:thankyou but we will take our leave and we need to talk to our family about it.

He nods

Everyone goes out along with nithya who came to bid them bye.

Arjun:at least say now

Ragini explains him what she told

He was thinking something

Nithya:but bhabhi how did you got to know about my mom’s last wish!

Arjun:exactly my point!

Ragini tries to escape:we..

Sanskar smiles nofding his head

Ragini:em woh.. Laksh told me!

Laksh was shocked as he didn’t knew nithya’s mom was died until Ragini mentioned. As nithya never used to mention about her mother.

Nithya:laksh you.. But you didn’t..

Arjun audible to Ragini:when did laksh told you?
Ragini audible to him:i lied. When i was talking i saw a lady’s photo with garland she looked so innocent and calm natured lady. And i thought she would be his wife and i just threw a stone and it fell on right place!

Arjun was shocked and loudly:what you just guessed?

Everyone looks at him

Ragini:nothing siblings talks


Arjun audible to Ragini:are you out of your mind. If it was not his wife or if there was no such wish then
Ragini:shh.. Now everything is fine na!
Arjun:you are seriously dangerous for me, to make some work go on you may even say i have dead 5 years back.
Ragini:if situation demands
Arjun opens his mouth in shock, such a dangerous sister he have!

Nithya hugs laksh:without even my words you just understood me

Bechaara laksh was still confused
Ragini signs him to adjust with situation

He smiles and hugs her back.

Raghav:now we should leave!

Sanskar sits in his car

Laksh, Adarsh pari in adarsh’s car

Raghav and arjun purvi in Raghav’s car

Ragini:mujhe bhaiyya ke saath jaana hai

Arjun’s heart stopped for a moment
While sanskar nods to her

Arjun:no no no..
Ragini ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”:why bhaiyya?

Arjun:i don’t want to get trapped again

Ragini:ok… I will go with jiju

Raghav smiles

Arjun:then i will go with my second jiju. I would be safe at least

Sanskar laughs

Soon their journey starts

After few hours

Sanskar and arjun were talking randomly and it was raining heavily

Arjun:i think the climate condition is not good. We need to reach soon

Sanskar was about to reply when he sees an old lady crossing their way

He puts the sudden break

Arjun and sanskar immediately gets down the car to check over the lady

Old lady screams:don’t know from where these big animals come and crash people like us.. Haaye meri kamar

Arjun:dadi ji aap theek tho hai?

Sanskar:i am really sorry but you came in the middle

Now she faces them by pushing her umbrella bit back but still couldn’t be seen clearly due to heavy rain

Sanskar:tell us where you want to go we will drop you

Old lady:how would i explain you son, i have to go 3 km away from this place.

Arjun:we will drop you. Come sit in the car

Both of them turns

While the lady who has bent till now stood straight and smiles

And she is none other than Ragini!

She again bends and stood with the help of walking stick

Old lady oops Ragini๐Ÿ˜‰in a shaky tone:ae.. Where are you going? You have brought the car which is like horse and how would i sit in it.

Both turns:oh sorry

Arjun was about to hold her hand

Ragini shouts in a shaky tone:peechu hatt peechu

Arjun looks at her confused

Ragini:gaddi thaari hai ki uski(car is your or his) pointing to sanskar

Arjun:his car

Ragini in shaky tone to Sanskar:dikhne mein hatte katte nojawaan dikhte ho(sanskar looks at himself) dekh kya raha hai utha

Arjun confused:kisko

Ragini was getting angry on arjun for talking in middle:teri behen ko gadhe!

Arjun:hey.. My sister is his wife don’t talk like this..

Ragini herself:bhaiyya i will look after you later.

Ragini was about to say sanskar to pick her in his arms before she could say she found herself being lifted
She smiles but didn’t faces sanskar

He was about to move to back seat

Ragini in shaky tone:make me sit in front

Sanskar:ok ok.

He makes her sit

Later the journey starts

Ragini not facing sanskar as she was scared that he may find her and she is not worried about arjun as she know he is a tubelight always brights bit later!

Ragini turns to sanskar who is driving:are you married?

Arjun:yes dadi ji.

Ragini grits her teeth in a childish anger:i didn’t ask you son

Arjun:arey i said na he is my sisters husband

Ragini:oh oh.. In this age i hardly remember something

Sanskar:yes..but see now it’s so silence that’s because my wife isn’t here in this car

Arjun:i agree

Ragini pouts

Sanskar:life has brought amazing twist that i should keep eyes everywhere because i don’t know when my wife turns mischievous and naughty

Arjun:i agree

Ragini felt childish hurt as she could tolerate anyone say her naughty and mischievous but not sanskar, it’s something different you know!

And arjun’s i agree was like adding kerosene to the fire๐Ÿ˜‚

Sanskar:and a big ladku she is..!

Arjun:i agree, she would have killed all of us!

Ragini’s lips curved down, she didn’t thought sanskar will say this even if she 200% like what he said but she didn’t wished him to say like this.

Arjun: where you want to go? Dadi ji

Ragini angrily:here only

Arjun suddely looked at her voice

She was about to get down

Sanskar:i will help you… But i thought you would love to join with me in this journey what should i call you dadi ji or patni ji?

Ragini absent mindedly:whatever you call, i don’t want to come with you.

Arjun was confused as he really didn’t understood what sanskar was speaking.

Ragini then realised he have caught her now he stood in front of her

He removes the big specs she wore and the saree pallu which she tied on her head

Arjun shocked:hein.. laado tu?

Ragini:pakdi gayi

She looks other side!

To be continued….

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