Arranged Marriage ke Siyappe (vol 3) pt 25

Let’s begin…

Laksh fills how would he sing..
Ragini thinks to help him someway but how?

Rajnath angrily: we didn’t call you to…….

He stops when he listens voice

Sunoh ek thi kanch ki gudiya
Suno ek thi pyar ki pudiya
Uss pyar ke
Sunoh ek tha pind da shera
Aaya kaske bandh wo sehara
Uss yaar ke

Nobody could see who the person is?

Ragini: Sanskar ???

As she witnessed him entering the function

Laksh gets scared… While pari was shocked.. Someone pats pari

Pari sees adarsh with a serious expression…

Pari herself: please bhagwani..mujhe apne pati se bacha lo

Sunoh ek thi kanch ki gudiya
Suno ek thi pyar ki pudiya
Uss pyar ke
Sunoh ek tha pind da shera
Aaya kaske bandh wo sehara
Uss yaar ke

Sanskar and adarsh dances while singing
Saji thi doli… wo
Chadha tha ghodi.. wo
Khoya jaane kahan inna sona pyar baliye

Laksh too joins then.. Everyone there enjoys and dances
Jogi maahi heer ranjhana
Sabnu jaake main ye bolna
Baat bolke
Raaz kholna

Ragini’s eyes falls on a girl who was admiring sanskar
She could listen her
Girl:oh how handsome he is…Ranbeer’s style Shahid’s personality.. hrithik’s dance..john’s killer expression.. All in one package..

While now Ragini was burning in anger

Jogi maahi heer ranjhana
Sabnu jaake main ye bolna
Baat bolke
Raaz kholna..

Here arjun making the halwa
Wiping his fake tears and sings sadly:kisike muskurahaton pe ho nisar??? kisike dard mil sake tho le udhaar???kisike waasthe ho tere dil mein pyaar ????jeena usika naam hai.. And here Ragini is is taking the advantage???

Voice:hum aapke kuch madad kare?

Arjun was shocked to find purvi



After the dance…

Rajnath appreciate sanskar adarsh and laksh…

Sanskar didn’t even looked at Ragini… Ragini felt bad that he didn’t even give her a look

Ragini goes behind him wherever goes..
Sanskar knew that she is following him but he ignored her

At the time the same girl comes to him
Sanskar was about to go


Ragini was glaring her

Sanskar looks at her
Girl: you dances soo well… Like a hero
Sanskar felt uncomfortable with her seductive looks: thanks…
He was about to go…
Girl:rukhiye na…

Girl: what is your name?i am chulbhuli

Ragini: sanskar don’t tell your name ??


Ragini??:bata diya

He goes…

Chulbhuli was about to go behind him again

Ragini angrily runs and pushes her…
Chulbhuli falls down..

Ragini immediately goes in search of sanskar

After sometime in an isolated place

Adarsh:laksh you lied…and came here with pari Ragini and Arjun

Lakah didn’t reply


Adarsh:pari even you supported his childishness..

Ragini was at sanskar..but he didn’t see her for once

Sanskar:now we are going back

Laksh:but bhaai..

Sanskar:no arguments

While arvi were looking at them helplessly


Sanskar: come on quick all get into the car…

Laksh falls on his knees: please bhaai…please
Ragini kneel next to him: please
Pari and arvi too join:pleaseee

Sanskar looks at adarsh and takes deep breath

Sanskar: come on get into the car now

All makes a sad face…

Sanskar moves to the car:if we didn’t go soon..don may get doubt on us

All gets confused and shocked

Sanskar smiles: let’s go now

Lakah goes to him and hugs him

And then adarsh

Pari:i am sorry adarsh

Adarsh hugs her: its ok

Ragini looks at sanskar but he ignores her

Laksh notices it…

Sanskar: now we should go planning.. Not without planning

Nithya comes there

Sanskar:we should know every secret eays of the house

Nithya:in this we should fool chulbhuli because she is the only person who knows everything she is the trusted person of dad

Ragini: great idea then..but how?

After sometime all goes to don’s house back

Before going laksh to sanskar: bhaai.. Bhabhi isn’t in the mistake here..i only asked her not to tell you

Sanskar: why are you telling me this

Laksh: because i saw you ignoring her…may be you are angry

Sanskar smiles: you don’t worry about it…

Chulbhuli was searching for sanskar?

All were in the different direction when sanskar was passing by

Chulbhuli: sanskar jii…

Everyone looks at sanskar

Sanskar sees her and his smile becomes the forced one

Ragini:chudail phir se aagayi

Laksh:bhabhi..idea..bhai can fool
Ragini interrupted: no ways very bad idea
Pari: it’s a good idea

Pari and laksh signs sanskar to fool her

He wasn’t understanding what they are saying

Sanskar: one minute..

He goes to where they are standing

They were staying far.. And chulbhuli couldn’t see them

Sanskar acts as setting flower

Pari:fool chulbhuli

Sanskar: me

Laksh: bhaai only you can do it

He nods bring worried and goes

Chulbhuli: why were you doing those? Workers are there na

Sanskar just smiles

Chulbhuli: you are so nice sanskar ji…i wish to marry you

Sanskar was like ? but still manages to smile

He sees the keys with her

Sanskar: these keys

Chulbhuli: should i tell you a secret..i know all the secret ways of don’s house… And ya now i am going to check on it

She was about to go

Sanskar: shall accompany you

Chulbhuli felt she was in the heaven

Chulbhuli:but you can’t…

Sanskar sadly: its ok
He was about to go

Ragini herself: chudail kahiki…i can’t do anything too.. Think Ragini sanskar ??

All prays so that she stops sanskar

Except Ragini

Chulbhuli: wait sanskar jii.. Let’s go together

All gets happy while Ragini is burning in anger
They goes

Pari: now we should go.. Antone may get doubt

All goes except Ragini who follows sanskar and chulbhuli

Chulbhuli shows all the secret routes to sanskar

At one of the route..
Chulbhuli gets call so she goes…

Ragini comes there

Sanskar ignore her

Ragini: sanskar i am sorry… Please don’t ignore me

He kept ignoring her

Ragini: please sanskar..i am really sorry….
She hugs him

He smiles

Ragini: please forgive me.. From now i won’t do anything without telling you.. Please forgive for the first and last time

Sanskar: to forgive you i should be angry at you..

Ragini breaks the hug: that means you are not

Sanskar laughs

She hits his chest… Continuously

He holds her waist and pulls her close to him..

Ragini blushes and bends her head..

He gets more close to her…

She looks at him and closes her eyes…
They kiss ??

At the time chulbhuli comes.. She was shocked: sanskar jii…

Both breaks the kiss

Chulbhuli: chudail… What are you doing with my would be husband.. Wait i will tell about you to Don.. You will get the severe punishment

Sanskar gets worried…

Chulbhuli was about to go

Ragini smirks: one minute

Chulbhuli looks at her

Ragini: who is he to you?

Chulbhuli: my would be husband

Ragini: think he is having affair with me..
Chulbhuli nods

Ragini: who was having fun hereeee??
Chulbhuli: you and he

Ragini: who is person only knew about this route

Chulbhuli bring proud: me

Ragini: then who will get the punishment

She was about to say you..but chulbhuli gets it was her: me?????

Ragini pats her shoulders: its ok i can understand…but one thing

Ragini hugs sanskar: should i tell you a truth.. He is my husband.. We ourselves only having affair but who will get the punishment?

Chulbhuli ???:mee…

Ragini: now sing a song for him

Chulbhuli:to whom

Ragini: to my husband

Chulbhuli: which song?

Ragini:sing bhaiyya meri raakhi ke bandhan… sing fast

Chulbhuli scared: bhaiyya???meri Raakhii??ke bandhan???ko nibhana???bhaiyya???teri choti behen??ko na bhulana???

Sanskar laughs he tries to control but couldn’t

Ragini:now go..give some privacy to newly found bhaiyya and bhabhi..nanad jii

Chulbhuli ??nods:but please don’t tell to don…

Ragini: will see…??

Chulbhuli was about to go

Ragini: nanad jii…

Chulbhuli turns

Ragini: you have to guard outside.. If someone came then you should alert us…nahi thooo….

Chulbhuli:i will i will…

She goes

Sanskar laughs he pulls Ragini into a hug….

To be continued…..

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