Arranged Marriage ke Siyappe (vol 3) pt 2

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Let’s begin….

Rag: noooo
Trio: yes
Rag:no no no
Trio: yes yes yes
Arjun dances: i m loving seeing you like this
Rag: Tu zyada uchal mat…i will tell all abt her
Arj confused: who
Raina: ragoo who?
Rag: the girl you follow like love sick puppy
Arj shocked bt covering: now don’t try to change the torpic
Naina: waise ragoo.. Ur photo is gone
Rag sits pouting
Raghav sits next to her
Ragh: just photo has gone… Don’t worry
Rag: bt tell me wn did this hpn? That too without telling me
Naina acting like rag:sharmaji came home and rang the bell..ting tong she laughs

Rag: di its not a joke
Arj acting like rag: let’s get into fb

Sharmaji came
Shekar: arey sharma ji aap.. Itne subhe subhe
Sharmaji: why can’t i come
Jan: its not like that bhai sa

They all sit in hall..wn naina was present there…
Naina greets sharmaji
Janki serves him tea
Sharmaji:waise mere yahaan aane ki kuch aur wajah hai(i coming here has some reason)
Shek: wat? Do you need something
Sharmaji: i don’t need anything bt i hv something for you..woh..ragini bacchi ke liye ek rishta le aaya(i hv brought an alliance for ragini)
Janki happily: wow…
Shek: bt ragini is still small
Jan: no even Naina got married in same age… And this is the right time and if the family is nice and good guy wat else we need…
Naina:ma is right
Shek: great news.. And Raghav is here too…
Naina: i vl call Raghav
She goes
Fb ends…

Arj: and wn you r busy in kitchen…. We also had a small talk.. So again let’s move into fb
Rag makes a cry face


To come down
Naina: oops for wat i came.. and Wat i done.. Woh Sharma ji came.. He brought an alliance for ragini
Arj: oh god save the guy
Naina hits his head
Ragh: ok let’s move

Shek: Maheshwari’s… Bt they r a top most buisiness group.. We r not of their level
Raghav:Maheshwari’s… Bt the are good ppl papa
Sharmaji:ha… Sorry without you consent i hv told abt ragini to them and they are asking her photo..dp Maheshwari’s younger brthr son
Shek: this is going soon
Ragh:bt papa…lets see…
Jan: alliance has came till our feet… We should not ignore it
Naina:papa theek keh rahe hai
Sharmaji:now will u give ragini’s photo or not
Shek looks Jan.. She nods in yes…
Ragh: we should ask ragini too
Sharmaji gets call he need to go urgently
Jan: marina being ragini’s photo
Naina nods and bring ragini’s photo
And gives Sharma ji
Sharmaji: so i m directly going there…
Ragh: wat is guy’s name
Arj audible to naina: soon he vl asanskar
Naina glares him
Arj: wat its the truth…
At the time ragini enters the scene

Fb ends

Rag:itnaaaa sab kuch hua mujhe pata hi nahi.. mujhe nahi karna shaadi waadi
Arj:tu shaadi nahi karegi tho tu yahan se jaayegi nahi..tu yahan se jaayegi nahi tho…mere liye aur zyada baba na jaldi se shaadi ke liye maan le beta…

Ragh: first you tell me… Do u hv anyone in life…
Rag: no..
Naina: then wars your prblm
Rag: mein tho bacchi hoon
Arj laughs:bacchi..tu tho chudail hai ha choti chudail
Raina glares him
He stops laughing
Rag angrily: i hv to show Sharma ji.. Who is ragini…
Arj: of he would hv known you properly.. Then he would hv brought the alliance of monkey
Ragh:arjun..aur ragoo..listen.. We hv just sent your photo
Shekar comes: ha we HV just sent your photo.. if the talks move forward.. Of you don’t like the guy… Then we vl reject the proposal
Jan: it vl be totally your wish
Naina: nobody will force you
Ragh: now say
Rag pouting:ok

Arjun imitating her: ok… Choti chudail.. shekjan hugs her and goes

Ragh;i m full support to you
Rag hugs him like kid
Arj was acting like he was thinking deeply
Naina: wat hpnd to you
Arj:m thinking…if sanskar is like her then either she vl due or vl go jail
Naina understanding his point: ya
Arj: bt i know she wont die bt vl go jail
Naijun laughs and hifies
Rag cries: jijuuuu
Ragh: leave them.. They are just jealous of you…i know he would be something different
Arj:ha different hi hoga…isko jo sambhalna hai
Rag: i vl take the revenge
Arj: bt i m pity on sanskar
Rag; who sanskar?
Naina:sanskar maheshwari
Rag pouts: how he would be?
Trio:hmm..ya how he would be???

Here sharmaji reached mm

Dp:sharma..come sit sit
Sharma sits
Rp comes:sharma.. How are you?
Sharma: m fine…. i hv come with the photo of gadodia’s daughter
2 ladies comes there they are ap and suji

He gives the photo to dp…
Do takes the photo
Ap and sujatha comes they sees ragini’s photo.. They smiles…
Ap: badi pyaari bacchi hai
Suji: she is beautiful
Dp: show the photo to sanskar.. Even he should like
They nods

He gives the photo to suji
They goes

One boy and 2 girls were waiting near the dining

They are laksh uttara and pari..
Laksh takes the photo
Before he could sees uttara grabs it
Before uttara could see pari grabs it and runs
Lak:babhi cheating
Ut:bhabi mujhe bhi dikhao na
They runs upstairs….

Ap and suji smiles

Adarsh sees them:arey wat r u doing
Bt they runs

Patti enters living room
Wr a guy was engrossed with files
Lakut also reaches

And the guy looks at them and he is none other than SANSKAR

San: wat hpnd?
Pari: guess wat is in my hand..
San smiles: wat?
Lak:bhaai guess na
San: watever tell fast. I hv to go office.. i hv important meeting
It doesn’t moves towards pari and grabs the photo from her
Pari:uttara.. wait let me sees
Laksh grabs from her
Tri fights with the photo
San horrified: stop.. Wat r u doing
Pari: its the photo
Lakut: of a girl

San understands as ap dp suji and rp has told this earlier
San: bt y r u fighting
Ut: i want to see first
They fights

Ap and suji comes
Ap: first let sanskar see

By their fight photo tires into pieces
Trio were shocked
Ap: wat you did…
Tri looks at the pieces in their hand and at sanskar who was looking at them with disbelief
They smiles sheepishly and handovers the pieces to him and escaped from there as soon as possible

San looks at the pieces wr he could see her eyes her smile…her hair
San:wat should i do with this
Ap and suji:we can only say that girl is beautiful and we looked her…
And they goes

Here arjun: now sanskar would hv seen ragini’s photo.. And he would hv get scared
He laughs
All: bad joke
He stood laughing

Here sanskar gets an idea and
Keeps the press on take and he joins like a puzzle
He was mesmerised by her eyes…
He finally completes
He smiles…

Slowly pariutlak comes and sees him smiling and looks at the direction and smiles…
Ut:yay.. She is my babhi confirm…
He smiles

To be continued….

Hows this??
Sanskar’s character would be sweet golden hearted silent.. Loving.. Caring… Kind hearted..And most importantly never troubles other ??

So wat do u think will this jodi match?

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