Arranged Marriage ke Siyappe (vol 3) pt 18

Let’s begin….

San:wat was hpng here?

San:hmm..come sleep now..tmrw you hv to teach my buadadi a lesson

Rag???:i m feeling sleepy…

She immediately runs from there…

And sleeps on bed…

San comes to bed!

He too sleeps on other side!

After sometime Rag slowly gets up and sees Sanskar sleeping

Rag: I can’t sleep too..wat if..wat if i kick the sleep…

She slowly gets down the bed and goes to the door and turns towards sanskar and sees him…he was sleeping…

Rag goes out

Rag moves in the house..she doesnt know abt the mansion how it is!she hvnt seen it

She slowly sees one by one room…

She moves down stairs..
She reach bua dadi room!

And she sees bua dadi was sleeping snoring…
Rag smiles:bua dadi..just wait for few hrs..i m waiting for paghphera

She moves was dark…she sees a shadow and she sees a person…

Rag:chor!shaadi ka ghar hai!

She sees the guy was searching something in his bag..
She slowly takes a vase and moves behind him

Rag was abt hit on his head…

Bt the guy turns before..he holds it!

Guy in low voice: Bhabhi!
Rag now sees him properly it was Laksh

Rag in low voice:laksh..wat r u doing at this time?and wat u are searching?

Lak:and wat you r doing here?
Rag:i wasn’t sleepy and wat is in your bag!

Lak:kuch..k..kuch nai hai bhabhi!

Rag:hmm..i hv to talk to you… let’s go to terrace!

Lak:bt bhabhi

Rag:u call me Bhabhi!not that call me Rags…
Rag: it’s my order come to terrace

They goes to terrace…

Rag:and most importantly me Ragini or not bhabhi and now tell

Lak:i was just…

Rag:i can know..anyhow if i grab your bag na i can get to know

Rag glares him
Lak:rags…is there no other choice
Rag nods in no

Lak:i was just going..out

Rag:i know..ek secret batau..i hv gone outside like this too

Lak:you?he was shocked

Rag:hmm..i hv gone…bt you were not going…she points to his was more like you were going out for permanently

Lak:bha…i mean Rags..its not like that

Rag:ok then..we r friends na!i won’t let anyone call me Rags other then my friends ab bolo bhi.. Don’t worry you can trust me

Lak:plzz promise me that you wont tell anyone

Rag:hmm ok promise

Lak: Actually..i was not going permanently now bt soon i m planning too


Lak:woh…i love a Girl

Rag:so?u will runaway leaving your parents

Lak:rags…dad will never accept me as his son..he hates me bcs i m not like adarsh Bhaiyya and sanskar bhai..i hv no interest in buisiness…he vl never let me to do my wish..i..i want to build a career on a car racing…bt i cant build

Rag:and wat abt the girl

Lak:i love her a lot.. it’s been 2 yrs…and most importantly she is a Bengali..wch dad wont agree!

Rag:hmm…and you also promise me that you won’t runaway!

Lak:no rags..i cant..

Rag:can you give me sometime!like one week

Lak:for what?

Rag:see everyone will agree your career

Lak:bt how?

Rag:leave it on me..and tell her to wait fir sometime so that u succeed

Lak:bt bh…

Rag:i said na..and once if i promice i will do it anyhow

Lak: ok..and i got to know bua dadi insulted you and i and adarsh Bhaiyya were in office dad sent us for some work

Rag:buaa dadi… She smiles u go to room..nahi tho baat karte karte subah ho jayegi!

He goes..

She goes to room and she sees sanskar isnt in room

She gets in

San from behind:wr were you?

Rag turns:woh..woh i wasn’t getting sleep

San:oh…he goes to her and held her hand and takes her to bed..

Rag:no sleep…
San:i said na sleep

Rag sleeps…

He goes to his side and sits…

He moves to her

Rag gets scared she was abt to get up

San held her: Don’t…

Rag sees him…
San pats her and caresses her hair so that she sleeps

She gets touched by his gestures!

Rag:Sanskar..u r so nice
San smiles: thankyou!

Rag:shall i ask you a question!


Rag:did you loved any girl before!
San:i hv told you already!

Rag:bt plz tell me once again

San smiles:no
Rag: that’s why you chose a jhalli for you

San smiles:who told you that!
Rag:i am feeling too..i m not suitable for you

San:you asked me did i loved any i want to tell you something that i love a girl..from the time i got to know abt her nature and may be imperfections and that’s YOU

He confessed!

Rag was feeling butterflies in her stomach and she was blushing…

She didn’t know wat to reply

Rag: wat was your ambitions
San:hmm to become like my dad!And now sleep!

Slowly she dozzes off thinking that she is blessed to get Sanskar in her life..he has said his feelings so neatly..he even did ask her reply bt Rag knew that she hv somefeelings for him..and wat is it…..she is slowly slowly realising after his confession

To be continued….

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