Arranged Marriage ke Siyappe (vol 3) pt 17

Let’s begin……

San makes Ragini ragini wear the shawl on her head..while she has closed her eyes…..

San smiles:chale?

She opens her eyes!

Rag finds him one step back..she sees the shawl:mein pagal…kya kya soch rai thi!

San smiles understanding:(teasing)kya soch rai thi?

San moves close to her…

Rag was feeling dhak dhak
Her breathes were getting heavy…

San smiles seeing her nervousness..and he was enjoying it..

He held her palm in his fist securely

San: let’s all must be waiting for us

They moves…down

All elders looks at them!

Ap was shocked bcs ragini didnt wore the lehenga and jewelry

An old lady(bua of dp rp):yeh daughter-in-law hv wore the modern dress…sujatha!aaj kal ki ladkiyan

Sujatha notices now

Rag held sanskar’s hand’s tight
He understands her nervousness

Old lady: don’t tell me with youngers even elder’s of this house forgot the tradition!

San: Actually..bua dadi i only said Ragini to wear this!i m sorry I didn’t meant to hurt anyone

Bua dadi:wah beendni ke aate hi..joru ka gulaam ban gaya hai tumhara beta Ram!

Rag:no…bua dadi…

Bua dadi interupts:ab zabaan lada rahi hai…i hv warned you don’t bring modern bahu…bt who listens to me.. don’t know wat my bhaiyya and bhabhi would be thinking… don’t even let them stay in peace even in the heaven!

Ap tells to pari:i said to you to check bcs of bua ji only…Wat Ragini must be thinking this is her first day in sasural and today itself she hv to bare this..

Pari:this was my mistake ma..if i would hv checked….

Ram:bua ji jaane deejiye na bacche hai! Galti se insaan se hi hote hai..and today Ragini hv entered the house..she would take time to adjust eith our traditions

Bua dadi:wah..sab bhool gaye hai…sun ladki..(to Ragini) didn’t your mother thought anything…

Suji:bua ji…plzz i will myself teach her our house tradition!

Dp who comes there now:wat is hpng here..he looks at Ragini..she sees him..and bends her head

Bua dadi:aacha hua tu agay durga…look at the new jane kaise kapde pehne hai..

Dp signs ap..

Ap and pari moves to Ragini and takes her to the room!

Bua dadi:sanskar..uske beendni ke liye mujhse zabaan lada raha hai!

San:bt bua dadi

Dp:sanskar (he stays silent)bua dadi..i m asking you sorry on their behalf…aage se yeh galti phir se nai hogi…

Here in the room

Rag:i m sorry badi ma..i should hv wore the lehenga before only

Ap smiles weakly:no beta… don’t be sorry you didn’t knew our tradition..i m sorry on bua dadi’s behalf…
Ap then goes from there..

Pari cares her cheeks:Ragini… don’t take her words to heart…even if you hv wore lehenga too she would hv searched some fault on you… it’s her nature!

Rag was bent her head and she is hvng a tears

Pari:arey r crying(to make her comfortable) will you give me opportunity to make ready my devrani?

Pari wipes her tears!

After sometime..

Pari brings ragini..who has changed into lehenga and jewelry

Bua dadi turns her face…

And finally the boring get together ends…

Sanskar comes to the room and sees Ragini already sleeping….

San moves to her:i m sorry Ragini..i couldn’t support you on the very first day of our marriage…! Did i do any mistake in asking you to marry me?
He goes out!
Rag opens her eyes……
She gets up

Rag was in the room.. balcony
She gets call from Naina

Rag picks the call…
Everyone talks to her!

Atlast Raghav takes

Raghav:hows my daughter

Rag has controlled her feelings till now bt she couldn’t do anymore…bcs she never hide anything from Raghav


Raghav seeing the surrounding moves out!arjun finds it suspicious!

Raghav:wat hpnd?

Rag sobs like a kid

Ragh gets worried:Ragoo?wat hpnd?did anyone said you something? where’s Sanskar?

Rag wipes her tears: sanskar’s bua dadi….she tells him everything….

Ragh:wat? Wats wrong in wearing a gown?

Here san who comes back to the room..he couldn’t find Ragini…
He listens sniffs and sobs

Rag angrily while crying:jiju…woh budiya satiya gayi hai..i hv left her seeing her age bt she continued to yell!kehti zaban lada rahi hoon

Ragh couldn’t help bt laugh

Rag: you are laughing jiju!

San listend this!

Ragh:i was thinking..why didnt you do anything?

Rag: I didn’t do anything till now bt i will do now..she not only insulted me bt sanskar too…she told he has become joru ka gulaam

Ragh:first tell me..are you angry because bua dadi insulted you..or bcd she insulted Sanskar

Rag was angry bcs she insulted Sanskar i was…

Ragh:oh possessive wife!

Rag:jiju…(she cries)

Ragh:so wat r u going to do?

Rag:i will show her with whom she had played!

Ragh laughs:then i pity on her!

Rag too laughs

Ragh:now tell me why was my daughter’s crying?

Rag:bcs…i was bride.. i would hv shown her with immediate process..

San smiles

Rag:ok jiju…good night…

Ragh:waise bhi.. tommorrow is pagphera we will talk whole day..

Rag:ha..we vl!

Ragh:good night!and plan something good against bua dadi and it should be like she should get confused as who did this!

Rag:yes…this is yhe best..and you r the best my jiju…

Ragh:and you r best saali and daughter!

Rag: isiliye tho me jiju ki beti hoon!

Both laughs and disconnects the call!

She turns and finds Sanskar…
She gets worried with the confusion that did he listened her talks!

Note:here sanskar only listen Ragini’s talk…

He raises his eye brow and folds his hand…
Rag bites her lips!with worry

To be continued

Do share some ideas how Ragini should take her revenge on bua dadi!



I don’t know how to thank you all!

But i hv this as an idea


Yay..mein jeeth gayi…jeeth gayi….???bt comic character???dont you think i should get the award ..wch says the girl who faces more prblm from one and only boss?hitler kahi ka..why to worry m going punjab plz ha dont tell to sir…if he got to know..i don’t know wat and all he will do with me..mein tho kahi ki nai rahi..thankgod i finally reached Punjab!

Yay time for double celebrations… One for winning award and another for reaching punjab

Rag:Oh bhaiyya ..can i sit here??
The guy looks at her!

He nods

Rag:thankyou ha!can i take you water.. actually m so thirsty

He nods

Rag: thankyou bhaiyya!

He again looks at her

Rag feels his gaze

Rag:wat bha…..

She turns to see him….???

Few mens hv covered her and points her gun..wch can only seen by Ragini


Goon:chup chap…hamare saath chalo nai…

Rag was abt to shout???

Goon:if you try to be oversmart!then stop thinking abt living

Rag???:mein…mein tho…why me! actually bhaiyya i m already dead!

Goon threatening:will you come or not?nai tho

Rag???:(shouts)i m coming na… (Seeing their scary face changes her tone into low)i m coming na..thoda pyaar se bolo na

Hahaha HOW WAS IT?


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