Arranged Marriage ke Siyappe (vol 3) pt 16

Let’s begin….

Rag was feeling like butterflies flying all over her body and she could feel those butterflies are laughing at her???

Rag herself:kya karoon…eat or not?mummmyyyyyy?????why there’s such type of feeling!for the first Ragini is feeling such girly things ?????? why i m feeling the raise of my heart beat… don’t know m i becoming heart patient!is my heart is blocking or stopping!do i need a bypass surgery ?????or is my heart is hvng racing competition to reach my mouth…..??????

Rag composing:i…i vl eat by myself Sanskar ji!
San smiles:bt i guess there’s no problem if i make you eat afterall you are MY WIFE..aur Mujhe haq hai

Rag herself:????why is he sounding like Shahid Kapoor of vivah “Mujhe Haq?hai”Ragini why didn’t you thought that there will be something called “ROMANTIC”

San:Ragini..Ragini wr r u lost?

San puts the morsel in her mouth!
Rag????was froze

San: why aren’t you eating?
Rag eats!
San takes cutlet for himself and eats!

San: i m ain’t feeling like we married today????

Rag herself:bt i feeling like why i married today?????

San:hmm!today was like an amazing adventure…like the morning incident bringing you up!i never did such things!bt even i never imagined that i vl do such things…all credit goes to you Ragini!
He smiles and looks at her..whose reaction was????

San:i guess you r tired..take rest and at night there’s get together function!

Rag immediately goes and falls on bed
San smiles seeing her antics

Rag again gets up immediately:even you r sleeping?(it was more like she asking horrified)

San smiles:no…

Rag: thank God
Rag: eh…i was thanking god that this bed is so soft!
Rag: kuch nai!i m feeling sleepy??
San:ok you sleep!
He goes !

Soon sleep overtakes Ragini!she was moving in sleep clockwise and anticlockwise ??

It’s already 7:20

Sanskar comes back to the room

He sees Ragini was sleeping freeing her both the hands she sleeping cross..full bed was occupied by her
He smiles widening his eyes!

Soon he gets that she should get ready

San moves to her

He pats her!
Rag:sone dho!from morng i m tired!
San:bt at 8 there’s a function!

Rag listening sanskars voice
Rag gets awkward

San controls his laugh seeing her
Her hair was totally messy…like chidiya ka khosla

Rag was awkward embarrassed wat she doesn’t knew that her hair was messy

Rag:i am sorry!i slept for late!??and i was tired i slept like this

San couldn’t control his laugh seeing her messy hair and most importantly her awkward reaction and cute face?

San coughs just to control his laughter:no .. don’t be sorry!
He bites his was so hard for him to control!

Rag stands…and rubs her eyes like kid
Soon her eyes falls on the mirror!

She gets more embarrassed!
She looks at Sanskar!
Who is controlling his laugh!

Rag reasoning:woh mein….i..i didn’t tied my hair….so!

Rag immediately runs to waahroom

San laughs

Rag herself:you hv portrayed your image infront of him as cartoon on the marriage day itself!????now i should tie my hair with my hands and legs??? mummyyyyy!???I don’t want to get married!???bt to the reality i m married now????

Rag washes her face..makes her mess hair proper
And goes out and sees Sanskar already ready in a black sherwani with a red shawl around his neck!he was setting his hair!

Rag looks at him dreamily:yeh bandha itna handsome kyun hai! Why he always wears black! He looks hot in black ???

San felt her gaze…he smiles:am i looking good?

Rag herself:good…i dont hv words to describe i only should create a word…and that is “HOSHING” hot+dashing???

San:wr u get lost?

Rag nods


Rag:i mean you r looking good!

Rag sees the legenga..wch is heavy!

Rag:i hv to wear this!

San:ha…bt if you don’t like you wear wat you like

Rag:bt this is given by badi aunty…she bites her toungue..i mean badi ma

San smiles: no it’s ok!your badi aunty won’t mind if you dont wear this!

San laughs a bit
Rag smiles awkwardly

Here Ap says to Pari:make sure Ragini wears the same lehenga!and she should wear the familial jewellery

Rag:and these heavy jewellery
Pointing towards the jewellery given by ap

San:mann ho tho pehenlena nai tho nai jaisi tumhari marzi!
Rag smiles
San:be comfortable!
He smiles!

He goes out!

Pari comes:sanskar woh Ragini
San:she is getting ready!

Pari:after getting both come together…
Ok..i hv work down Actually guests hv reached

San:ok bhabhi

Pari smiles and goes!

San knocks the door
Rag opens the door…
San looks at her who has wore a white long gown!

San smiles:ready?


Both gets in…

She was abt to take the white designer shawl which she kept to wear

San takes it
She looks at him…he smiles
He moves to her…she moves back!

Rag herself:yeh karne kya wala hai??

To be continued…..

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