Arranged Marriage ke Siyappe (vol 3) pt 15

Let’s begin….

After some photoshoot
It was bidaai…

Rag hugs shek and cries!
Shek audible to Rag:u should not cry…and see you got a new family..and after entering the house never ever break the family and i know my princess can’t do that! Bt wat to do..a dad shiuld tell a dialogue na wn daughter gets married..afterall i m Ragini’s father…
Rag smiles through tears

Sanskar was just looking at them… Actually he could listen wat shekar told Ragini.. He smiles

Shekar:Sanskar beta…Ragini is kiddish
Rag looks shek
Shek: little…
Rag smiles through tears
San too smiles
Shek:if she do any mistakes plz forgive my daughter and I don’t need to tell you but i know that you will keep my daughter happy!

Rag then goes to janki
Janki hugs her: beta..v don’t get everything we dream off so…you hv to adjust with some situation..
Rag nods

She then goes to Raina
Naina hugs her
Ragh:today i m happy naina…that my daughter got so big
They smiles BCS Ragh hv always considered Ragini add his daughter

She looks for arjun…bt he isnt there..
Purvi:Ragini…i don’t hv anything to say bt…one thing i want to do!
Purvi hugs Ragini


All Maheshwari’s were waiting

Rag:i will come in 5 mins
San smiles
Rag goes….


Ap dp rp suji went to mm as they hv to do preparation to welcome their new daughter-in-law


Rag goes to her room
And sees arjun crying!
Rag:chori pakdi gayi
Arjun wipes his tears immediately

Arj:u didn’t go?
Rag:how would i go?until i not see my bhaiyya crying
Arj hugs her!
Arj:now i m feeling..why u married?
Rag: u wanted me to go ryte!
Arj: from now who will play Subway surf in my mobile..who will break my friend’s love…
Rag: one min..your friend and that girl is together now as she realised her mistake
Arj confused:how you know that?
Rag:i m crying here..u want to know abt your friends love?
Arj smiles:oh.. sorry! And don’t cry..nai tho ro ro ke bhoothni lagogi! ok let’s go nahi tho…all will get get worried!

They goes
Arj was side hugging Rag

They moves to the car where sanskar is waiting outside

Arjun handovers Ragini’s hand to sanskar
Arj:never ever leave her!
San nods
Arj:this has 2 meanings…one is for your married life and other is to save yourself from her misch…..
Rag: bhaiyya!
Arjun laughs!

Rag then sits in the car…
Raghav comes and gives her a chocolate box
Rag smiles
Arjun and raghav hugs Sanskar

Sanskar then sits in car!

Rag looks back until her family was visible to her!

Rag was crying… She opens the chocolate box..
And eats chocolate

Rag felt sanskar gaze..she looks at him…who was smiling widely

She sniffs

Rag forwards the chocolate box to him thanks!


Rag keeps the box there

Rag looks at him
He smiles
And looks at the widow

Rag sniffs and herself:pagal hai!

They reach mm

Both Ragsan gets diwn the car!

After the ritual’s Ragsan gets in!

After few mins

Ap:uttara.. show her room to your bhabhi!

Ut nods…
She takes Ragini with her…

Rag sees sanskar’s room which was neat and tidy and she remember’s her room which is always a mess

Ut: bhabhi…from the time youcame you are so silent!
Ap comes: that’s because she is tired!
Rag smiles
Ap:beta at 8 there’s a function…so be ready…she gives her a lehenga
Rag takes it and smiles!

Ap:now you change the dress and rest fir sometime
Rag nods.. She was desperate to change the dress it was so heavy and the jewelleries which is not less than rocks for her

They goes!

Rag:oh no…my bag!
At the time sanskar comes….
And servant keeps the bag and goes!

Rag picks her bag and takes the dress….
Sanskar :Ragini ..!
Rag looks at him.. He smiles

Rag herself:i think something is wrong with him…

San:if you need any can tell me!
Rag: yes..i need your help!can i get anything to eat ! don’t think i as kumbhkaran..thats my habbit..i m not hungry..eating is my hobby for every 15 i just want something to eat!

San chuckles: ok..!u change..i vl tell a servant!and i didnt thought to that extent!
Rag: thankyou..!
He smiles and goes


She changes into night pant and top

San was sitting and doing something in his laptop..he sees her..
San:here…he points to the table wr the food is kept!
Rag opens and sees snacks.. It has samosa falafel cutlet etc
She smiles :itna saara khaana…mein moti ho jaungi
San smiles
Rag: will you hv problem if i become fat in future?
San laughs a bit:u can.. but there’s limit
Rag confused: limit?
San:you can become upto the size of room door…if you become more..then breaking the walls keeping a big door will cause problem
Rag: wat?
San laughs
Rag too laughs

Rag starts to eat: don’t you want to hv sonething…
He closes his laptop and goes to her

He sits next to her!
He takes a piece of cutlet…and forwards it to Rag..he smiles
Rag looks at him
Rag herself:is he trying to be


To be continued…..



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