The Arranged Marriage (Abhi/Pragya) Chapter 1


Summary: When Abhimanyu ‘Abhi’ Prem Mehra agrees to marry A college teacher Pragya because of his Grandmother ‘daadi’ he doesn’t expect to fall hopelessly in love, after all he is Abhi, The rockstar, but finally someone to tame him. Join Abhi and Pragya on their journey to love.

Character Sketch

Pragya: a young women who took the job of a teacher in a college to make sure her family didn’t experience any financial troubles.

Abhi: An arrogant and Egostical rockstar who underneath all his arrogance has a heart of gold. You don’t easily see his good side but he is in fact a great person.

Tanu: A woman who always goes towards Abhi, but he never pays attention to her so she is always compelled to take a bad route to win his heart.

Alia: Abhi’s sister who may seem horrible, but the only reason for her anger and distrust is all the heart break she has suffered

Bulbul: A Bubbly Girl who falls in love with her boss Purab, but doesn’t know if he truly loves her.

Purab: Bulbul’s boss who could do anything to convince her he loves her.

Chapter 1

Pragya POV

“Bulbul” I shout as I shake my sister awake, don’t misunderstand, normally I’m not this angry, but she’s been ignoring my calls for a good 10 Minutes now.

“Yes sis” she calmly answers and she gets for her bed and throws her duvet across the bed.

“I’ve been waking you since forever” I chide her as she rubs her ears in annoyance.

“You shout so much, I feel as if I’ve gone deaf” she replies as she lazily walks towards the bathroom.

“I’ve only woken you up because normally it takes you ages to get ready and today’s a special day it’s going to take you forever” I answer back, knowing I’m going to get her.

“What?” She asks as her expression shows confusion, but it slowly turns into recognition and her eyes widen

“OMG, the Abhi concert” she screams as she runs around her room to grab her clothes

“Thank you di” she says as she hugs me from behind

“You should be, I agreed to go with you because mum doesn’t want you alone” I say my annoyance clear in my voice

Her face adopts a ‘sorry’ expression as she holds her two ears for forgiveness. I nod my head smiling at her as she stumbles her way into the bathroom.

Her head pops put from the bathroom door for a second “you have to stop being uptight, especially in the concert, we have VIP tickets meaning we are going to meet him, you can’t act like this in front of him” she says, she quickly goes inside the bathroom and locks the door as she sees my murderous expression and manages to avoid the pillow that was thrown bye me.

Goodness gracious I hope the concert goes well and something happens making us not meet Abhi the rockstar, he seems totally arrogant.

Abhi POV

I sigh as I see my best friend, my brother in fact Purab run around the house trying to pack my suitcase.

“Bro” I say as I hold the tv remote “why you packing?” I ask, purab turns to me and I gulp as I see his murderous expression

“Because” he seethes “you haven’t packed and if you don’t pack you won’t have everything you need for our next location”.

“Actually” I grin sheepishly “I forgot to tell you, I’m performing in this city” purab once again turns his rage filled eyes towards me, and just sighs before kicking his shoes of and taking a place next to me on the sofa.

Purab grabbed the files which he had to read through to see who our VIP fans were. To increase my security we had to know how our VIP fans looked like, their house adress and their names.

I watched the TV but looked back to Purab as he stared at one form for a long time ‘Bulbul Arora’ I let out a snicker making him jump “I see you have a crush” I tease as I gestured towards the Form, Purab let’s out a embarrassed cough before he goes to the next form, I stare at the pretty girl with specs on her eyes ‘Pragya Arora’ they were both sisters, this time Purab stared at me with curiosity “looks like you have a crush” he teases mimicking me, I just shake my head and try to cover the picture to stop my heart from missing a beat whenever I saw that Pragya girls hypnotic eyes. Purab continued to tease me as my curiosity for the girl grew, I’d only find out in my concert, which at first I was annoyed because it was last minute, but now I couldn’t wait for it.

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