Arranged marriage

Hey guys meet me sophi. I want to say u one story on my own imagination. Please encourage me.

One night where heavy rainfall is seen with thunder stroms. One woman will be seen holding 2 month baby in her hand & crying a lot. she is requesting all doctors to check her baby & solve her problem. She is harika.

Harika is watching is her baby sleeping without knowing her problem. She eyed her with motherly love. Then one doctor calls her in.

Doc: Mrs. Harika we have done of tests on your daughter but till now we did’nt get what is her actual problem.

Harika: Doctor is their anyway to find what’s wrong? She asked by crying.

Doctor feeling bad & said no “there is no way to save your child. She has only a few days left.”

Her heart is squeezed. The more she controlling her tears she cannot hide them.

Only one word is echoing in her ears is ” Only few days left”. Doctor left room .

Harika hugged her daughter tightly & kissed her on her forehead. She cried a lot.

Suddenly the door was opened silently. Few light rays have fallen in. It took five minutes for her to recognize him. He was the most famous pediatrician Mr. Cullen standing in front of me. He silently approached me.

Harika: Dr. Cullen. She whispered. She holds his arms tightly & asks him “Dr. Cullen please help me.”

“She must be the one.” Dr. Cullen said to himself.

Harika: Please help me please. I will do anything. I can give all of my money. I can give u my house. I do anything. Please help my daughter. Please.

Cullen: I will tell u what i want. I will see what i can do about this because i think i know her problem. But remember to write in record that she is my family.

Harika widened her eyes in shock. Tears began to form again. “What can i do for u in return?” She asked.

He thought about it for a second & whispered it in her ear. She quickly agreed because in that moment she would all care about saving her daughter. Her one & only daughter.

There is no other way to save her. He was the best doctor & her daughter’s life is most important for her.

She handed her daughter to him & he carried her gently to one room.

Abhi her husband is also there with her.

Abhi: Hari, everything will be fine. He consoled her & hugged her tightly. She nodded back.

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