Arranged Love (Ragsan SS) Mere rang me rangane wali (Part 1)

I was so nervous. Like seriously I wasn’t this nervous also when my board results were to be announced. The pandit analyzed the two patrikas in his hands. His expressions so confusing and I was not able to decipher what he will say. I bit my nail and then realized my girlish behavior and took it back.

My dad was muffling his laughter and I glared him. “Chore kya kar raha hai. Baith jaa na” Dadi sa said grabbing my attention. I sat beside my mom and placed my head on her shoulder. “Ki hoya. Why is my puttar so sad?” My mom caressed my hair. “What if the kundalis don’t match mom” I whispered.

“Then the history will repeat” said my mom. I looked at her confused. “Sachi tere me Punjabi genes hai hi nahi. You have become dumb like your dad.” she said nodding her head. “Mom” I said. “Mathlab bhagakar hui first arrange marriage” she said stretching her hands. “What?” I almost screamed.

“Sanskar” Dadi sa glared me and I gave her a sheepish smile. “Aap pagal ho?” I asked mom softly. “Wo tho mai hu. Nayi baath bol” she and her comedy timings. The pandit dragged our attention and I listened to him carefully.

“Ji maharani saheba. Chattis ke chattis gun milte hai. Yeh ladki apke pothe ke liye bahut shubh hai” he said with a wide grin. Though I did not understand what he told I knew that whatever he told was positive reply only. These pandit and doctors have a common thing. Their smile brings happiness in our life and their sad face brings sadness in our life.

“Chey” my mom said. “What is wrong with you mom?” I asked her confused. “Maine socha meri bhi bahu bhagodi hogi lekin” she pouted cutely. I hugged her and smiled. “Aap badi kab hogi mom?” I asked the usual question which everyone in our home asks. “Sapne math dekh chore” Dadisa teased her.

The pandit told three days after there is a good muhurath for engagement. Why are there so many rituals uff. Can’t we just have a day single marriage.


“Hello” I heard no voice from the other side when I received the call. I looked at my phone and wondered who might give me a blank call. “Hello” again I spoke. But no response. I heard some whisper this time which made me feel someone saying to speak. I looked confused.

“Ragini” when I said this I heard the phone in her hand slip. My guess was right. She picked the phone. “Hello Ragini ji is that you?” I asked and again some whispers. “H… hello” she fumbled and it was her. “Ji kahiye” I said when I did not get any further response.

“Wo actually maa said ki….” she paused and I heard someone cussing. I controlled my laugh for the blunder she was causing to herself. “Hello” I heard a different voice this time and straightened myself from the wall I was leaning to. “Sanskar ji” said the voice.

“Ji” I said. “Mai Ragini ki maa” said the lady. “Namaste aunty ji” I said. “Jeethe raho beta. Actually I just wanted to ask if you are free?” she spoke hesitantly. “Tell me aunty anything I can help you with?” I asked her. “I have spoken to your Dadi sa also. She had no problem. I thought if you can accompany Ragini in shopping” said she and I felt I’m on cloud nine.

I had seen her two days ago and I so wished to meet her. I was struggling to spend two more days after which I can meet her in the engagement. But god gave me such a good opportunity. And I don’t want to miss it when Dadisa herself has approved it. I controlled my excitement and calmed myself before replying her “No issues aunty. Tell me the time I will pick her” “Okay beta. You can come in another one hour. I will get her ready” she said and I grinned like a child. “Okay aunty. Kambha khani” I said and disconnected the call. I jumped on the bed happily.

I’m gonna meet her. Yess yess.


What the hell. Just two days ago I met her but now again to meet her why am I fretting so much. I rang the bell and the door opened. “Arrey Sanskar beta” said her mom welcoming me. I gave her a tight smile and walked inside behind her. “Ragu” she called and my heart beat was at race.

She walked down bowing her head and I was grounded there not able to move. She tucked the hair strand behind her ear while descending the stair flight. Uff she is gonna kill me someday with her these cute antics. When her mom turned that side I placed my hand on my fast beating heart to relax it.

“Beta sit and talk I will get tea” said her mom. No I don’t want to waste my time here when I can spend my time with her. “No…no” I stopped her. Hope she doesn’t think me a despo. I smiled at her. “I had tea while coming” I said her and she nodded her head. “Chutki” she called when I was busy staring Ragini. How can someone look so beautiful and innocent.

A girl came running to her and asked “Haa chachi” “Chal jaa jiji ke saath. Sanskar will be late” said she and I looked at her shocked. “Okay chachi” she said and walked to Ragini. All my plans scattered damn. I thought I will know her better but. I looked at Chutki and felt she gave me a devilish smile.


I looked at the flowers which I brought to give to Ragini and smiled sarcastically at my fate. I looked through the rear mirror and found Ragini sitting with her head still down. And then my eyes moved to choti devil who grinned at me. I know she is cute but for the time being she looked like my enemy.

We reached the Mall and I parked the car and we entered the mall. First we entered the ladies section where Ragini sat selecting her Lehenga. She kept the dress over her and looked at me through mirror. I nodded no when I felt that colour did not match her. Like that she asked me one by one.

At a point she placed a blue colour lehenga which had a green odhni. And I felt my eyes glued on her. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. The colour suited her complexion so well that it looked like it was made for her. I nodded my head with a smile on my face and looked away before making her feel that I’m such an idiot.

“Jiji…Scare house” Chutki screeched and I looked at her amused. “No chutki. No scary house. We are already getting late. And unko pareshani hogi” she said and I wondered about whom she spoke. “Unko? Kinko?” I asked her. “Ji aapko” she said hesitantly.

“Ji mujhe Sanskar kehte hai in case you don’t know my name” I teased her and I saw her cheeks turning red. “You are so funny jeejs” Chutki gave me high five chuckling. “Chutki behave” said she glaring her. “Oh common Jiji he is so cool. And don’t worry I’m just 15 mai unko legally bhagakar bhi nai le jaa sakti” said she. And I controlled my laugh looking at her cute anger when her nostrils flared up listening to her cousin.

“Wo aisi hi hai. Thodi crack” she smiled at me nervously. “I don’t mind running away if you be such boring company” I gave high five to chutki. She looked at me shocked then again lowered her head feeling my teasing gaze on her.

“So chale Ragini ji?” I asked her. “Kidhar?” asked she. “Jaha meri saali saheba ne kaha” I said and held her hand and dragged. She looked at me shocked and followed me blankly.

I bought the tickets and we entered the scary house. Chutki being adventure lover walked forward and I looked back at Ragini who was walking scared. I approached her and she immediately held my hand and leaned to me. Her eyes were widened due to fear and she was hell scared.

But I was enjoying her closeness. I smiled when she was looking around leaning close to me. Her fragrance made me crazy at the moment. She walked forward and I was behind her. She screamed when a scary doll dropped from up. She turned and hugged me.

I could feel her heart beat. “Hey” I whispered in her ears. “Ragini” she came out of the hug and looked around scared. “Don’t leave me” she said scared. “Never ever” I whispered and she looked straight in my eyes. We were literally lost in each other for few minutes. “Come” I said and we walked out of the scary house.

Chutki teased her when I was at a distance attending the call. She pulled chutki’s hair with anger. Her cute anger made me smile.

“Ragini” I called her when she got down from the car. She turned and walked to the car. I forwarded her the flowers which I brought. She blushed taking them and ran inside her home. I caressed my hair and got inside the car.

I drove to my home. I was happy. There was something which was growing slowly a kind of attachment or a kind of feeling. I couldn’t name it. She was mixing in my colours, I concluded when I heard the song “Mere rang me rangane wali” from Maine Pyar Kiya.

I fell back on my bed remembering all the days incident and my phone buzzed. I picked it and opened the new message. It brought a bright smile on my face.

“Thank you Sanskar Ji” I read her message and suddenly my name felt so beautiful thinking she will be Mrs. Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari in few days. Hope that day comes soon.

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