Arranged Love (RagSan short story) Smitten (Part-4)

Have you seen how people who haven’t eaten food from many days open their mouth and stare when they see food? I was looking like that kind of a beggar. Only I was not dropping saliva out of my mouth. I know what a lame joke and comparison. I think you people have taken my dad’s words lightly. Never mind I think now you are clear of my comic sense.

Waise that wasn’t the real topic. The topic was I was lost when I looked up at her not so clear face. Still attractive face. She was walking hesitantly. Girls may be Sherni’s outside the home but when it comes to proposal time there will be nobody innocent as them. Timid and shy may be the continuous nagging of their mom to be careful in such situation which makes them thus. You will hardly find a girl at least in Rajasthan who will be bold and confident.

Let me come back. She was staring the ground like anytime the water will bust out of the ground due to some magic. And it may come out due to the high intensity of her stare. I mean she did not lift her face to look at me once also. Will I be able to see her face clearly today? Ufff. I can’t believe I’m the same person who was talking about sanyas yesterday.

“So beta. What is your educational qualification” My dad’s voice brought me to the world I was born in. She had still pointed her looks at the ground. And softly answered all the question. For a moment I thought she is dumb and panicked that I have to take Sanyas for sure. “Ragini beta” an elderly lady called her out. I guess it was her mom. “Take Sanskar to your room if you people want to speak anything or ask anything you can ask” she signed her. Her who? Arrey yar Ragini. Do you believe Sanskar Maheshwari is saying a girl’s name?

I looked at my mom and Dadi sa. They both signed me to follow her and I stood up straightening myself and walked behind her. At the same time I was analyzing the house. They were not as rich as us but the house was neat and tidy.

She walked in nervously. I know she might have seen number of proposals and might have talked personally to many men who had come with proposal. But she was nervous I can understand every time it feels new. I was just waiting her to turn and lift her face. So that I can see her face clearly. She stood and slowly turned. But did not lift her head. Ohho. She signed me to sit with her bowed head. I was like what the hell.

I sat on the bed and looked at her. She had still bowed her head. I peeped left side so that I can get a clear view. No luck Sanky. Iss gaw maatha ka sar uthne nai wala (This cow’s head cannot be lifted). I think I have to take Sanyas only. Silence a pin drop silence. If I knew I could be this quite I would have been the topper of my class. Forget the past land in the present. I squeezed my hands for some more time and finally gathered courage to break the silence.

“Hi” I smiled hoping her head will move up. She smiled but did not lift her head. Gosh girl. Ithna bhari sar leke kyu ghum rahi ho(Why are you roaming with such heavy head). I spoke some more random stuff and still her head did not move up. I was loosing my patience. What is wrong with her? Might be she did not like me. Yes that can be the reason.

“Fine” I got up jerking her a bit. “It was nice talking to you” I forced a smile. Though only she did most of the time was nodding her head I have to stretch my lips. Formalities. That’s what we Indian live by. I know I talk a lot of random things, but this girl is getting on my nerves seriously. When she did not reply me back what will I also say hai na logic? Computer Engineer I search logic everywhere though I talk illogical.

I was walking out though I did not wanted to without seeing her face. I glanced at her for the last time. Should I walk back and lift her head. Yup I was so desperate to see her face. No I turned disappointed. “Suniye” finally her voice. Crysp and clear and melodious. It was like the music for my heart to jump. It was the reason for my lungs to breath. I know I’m exaggerating but couldn’t find better words to express my feelings right now.

I turned with a bright smile and now finally, finally I could see her face clearly. She had round face with fluffy cheeks. Her eyes were like… First time in life I felt I should have been a poet. But I’m not so you have to tolerate my lame jokes. Her eyes were like normal human beings eyes. Why I’m happy to find it normal is I was scared that she might be having crossed eyes and don’t blame me for it as she did not lift her head at all. And her pink lips were moving. They looked like rose petals. Fish they were moving means she was talking something. Her eye brows were shrank.

“I’m sorry” I cocked my head so that she repeats her words because I was so lost in observing her face more precisely I was so smitten by her beautiful face that no word reached my brain. Finally I spoke like a poet. Actually she made me to speak. I could feel my cheeks blushing at the thought. “Actually” finally her voice reached my brain and I composed and prepared myself to hear what she was about to say for the second time.

“Can I work after marriage” Gosh I was about to collapse there itself. I mean she is giving me positive signal that she has no problem with this marriage. I couldn’t believe my luck. The girl for whom I have fallen head over heels is saying no no giving a sign that she has no problem with this marriage. And now the real part. What did she asked? Haa can she work after marriage? Hell yes girl my heart jumped with joy. I controlled my flooding excitement.

I stretched my lips into a genuine smile this time and nodded my head slowly as I constantly controlled my mind from over reacting. I saw her worried face turning to a calm face and she smiled. Uff that was the moment. I completely lost myself. Haven’t I seen a girl smiling. I have but this was different. Like special. I wanted to stand there and admire her beautiful smile. But my bad luck her idiot nephew ran to her inside the room and disturbed such beautiful moment of my life. “Meri trance ka dushman(Enemy of my trance)” I cursed him and then wore back the fake smile. I had no option but to walk out.

“You know that Pragya haaye she got kidnapped and Abhi is searching for her” I heard my mom. Yaa that’s what he does from the day the serial has started. His heroine gets kidnapped and hero keeps searching her. It might be third or fourth time my mom was worried for Pragya’s kidnapping. I nodded my head and stepped down and sat beside my dad. He raised his eyebrows asking me ok or not okay. I slowly smiled and he side hugged me.

Dadi sa was looking at mom annoyed for her serial puran and smiling at them. She walked down as her nephew dragged her down and my eyes were fixed on her. And the smile did not leave my face. Mom signed her to sit beside her. She was sitting between mom and Dadi sa. Future. So clear it was.

“You know Punjabi?” mom shot the first question. “Badi bahurani” Dadi sa spoke dangerously but with a smile on her face. Expressions were so so opposite from her feelings right now I could feel the heat. “How will she know Punjabi? Have you forgotten we are in Rajasthan?” she smiled. “Saasu ma” the heat exchange. “I thought we are in India” she raised her one eye brow. “We still are but the thing is they haven’t made Punjabi official national language” Dadi smiled. “Neither Hindi is official national language” mom nodded her head mocking.

“Mainu Punjabi aandhi hai thodi thodi(I know Punjabi little little)” my eyes finally got time to notice her and bet me they were so glad. “Sachi” my mom squeezed her in her embrace. Haaye so delicate flower is getting crushed. Everyone could just feel pity on her suffocation. She was trying hard to smile. And I was praying hope she wont start crying now. Phew she did not. And Dadi sa caressed her hair and that was chakka(sixer)

My mom next stuffed the Laddoo in her mouth and her eyes widened.
Welcome to my crazy world Ms. Ragini Gadodia urf to be Mrs. Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari. Now we will divide the cultural war consequences. My smile stretched from one ear to other like a true Punjabi. Oye Balle Balle. Nacho. Meri hoor pari mil gayi finally and I’m not gonna take Sanyas.

Finally I could update this.
Do let me know if you people liked it through your comments.
Love you and will try to meet soon


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    Ufff akka diya I mean teja looks so goooooooooood…and this ff is just mind blowing

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    Awesome dear!!!!! ? I just love punjabi ppl…. N sanskaar’s pov was so cute!!!! ??

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    Amazing loved it… yaar main vi punjabi aa

  4. wow i am in love with this’s awesome update soon

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    Awesome di I love Sanky description about ragini

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  8. Superb superb superb akka. Sanskar’s desperation to see Ragini’s face was superb. Throughout the chapter a smile played on my lips akka. Sanskar’s point of views were awesome. I loved loved loved this chapter akka.

    Bye akka. Take care.

  9. Asra

    wow Sally it’s fabulous dear….Sanky describe ragu superbbb dear….Welcome to crazy world superbbb dear…oh thank God Sanky didn’t go to sanyas… loved it alot dear….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…m

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  11. Omg sis it’s more than cute.Lol i laughed reading Sanku’s desparation to see Rago’s face 😀
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