Arranged Love (RagSan short story) My Punjabi Mom (Part-3)

The train whistle made it’s way to my brain and opened my eyes. Finally we reached our destination. I opened my eyes. “Jaipur” the sign board was clear. A smile crept on my lips. Stretching my arms I got up from my seat and pulled the luggage down. I peeped outside before stepping out of the train.

“Oye Varun Dhawan get off the train first pose baad me de lena(Give a pose later)” my mom. She is gold medalist in spoiling the moment. I jumped off the train and helped her to get down and we walked out of the station crossing the crowd.

I took a sigh of relief in taking the fresh air of my native. It was hot and humid but it still soothed me. Rajasthan is one of the deserted state of India and too much hot most of the time of an year. But the feeling to be at home is something different. And I was loving it.

“Oye Ram Bahadur ithna time kaun lagata hai(Who takes so much time)?” my mom scolded our servant kaka. He was just five minutes late. Actually she was worried that she will miss watching Sathiya. This RS production house has spoiled half the population of India.

“Maaf karo Badi Bahurani sa” kaka folded his hands. “Mom you will miss your serial” I called out to rescue kaka. He looked at me thanking when mom rushed to the car and I gave him a sweet smile.


“Finally my potha is back to our Mahal(Palace)” Dadisa caressed my hair. Haa budhiya when you have planned tho I have to come na? You are an excellent plotter after all. No these are not my thoughts it is inspired from my mom’s thoughts.

Dadisa and mom were never in good terms. You can’t expect them to be also. Though Panjab is at the same side as Rajasthan of India they are as different as earth and sky.

One was royal and the other full of life life style. And the combo he he you should see now when my mom was standing with a swag beside me with her shades on her eyes and lifting her one shoulder and on the other side Dadisa had stretched her lips annoyed looking at my mom.

“Arrey Sanskar beta aagaya tu” finally my dad’s voice. I felt like I was saved at a nick of time from crushing between two bulls who were ready to attack each other. I smiled at him and strode my steps towards him.

You must be wondering I’m my dad’s champ. Not exactly it was just that I wanted to attract Dadisa and mom’s attention towards him. After all he deserves it for creating such a dreadful combo isn’t it.

“Enough mom” I pleaded my mom who literally banged the third laddoo inside my mouth. She gave dadisa a winning glare and I guessed next what will happen.

“Sanskar beta I have made your favorite Dal Bhati” Dadisa neared me glaring mom and she stuffed the food inside my mouth. Gosh why did they divide India with languages. I seriously want to search that person and make a statue of him and then let crows shit on it. These cultural wars costed my apatite.

“Take” my dad forwarded a glass. “Dad I don’t have space to even breath I’m so full” I looked at him helplessly. “I’m habituated to it now” he nodded his head and I just glared him.

“It’s Jaljeera. Your food will digest fast and you will feel better” he signed to take the glass. I took it annoyed and gulped slowly.

“You don’t get tired of handling them?” I sat beside him on the terrace. He smiled. “Handling? Why should I handle them?” he shrugged his shoulders. “Dad I’m in no mood to joke please” I looked at the sky. The night view was beautiful.

“Every relation is unique Sanskar. Saas Bahu relation is like chatpata chat. You should never interfere unless you feel they really need you to interfere. They will handle each other. Just enjoy it like a mother is fighting with her daughter it will be fun” he snaked his arm across my neck.

“Ya fun like this? I’m looking like a pregnant lady now” I showed my blotted stomach due to over eating. “Hey Bhagwan. Your PJ’s (Poor Jokes) are as lame as your moms. No doubt” he laughed at me.

“Dad” I glared him. “Take a walk in the garden and go to room you will be fine Mr. Pregnant lady” he tickled me and walked to his room. I smiled looking at him and descended to the garden. I looked up at stars sitting on the chair. How do they stay clustered even after so much difference.


“Any good news?” I heard Lucky’s voice from the other side. “Yaar don’t behave like those typical relatives who keep asking when will you get married as soon as you enter your twenties and after marriage keep asking when will you have baby. And when baby is born they will be like why so early and if no then they will say why so late. Uff Lucky. Seriously being Indian is a hell of work when you have nosy relatives all the time around you” he laughed at my sentence.

“And the breaking news is it had been one week in Jaipur and I have visited almost 10 families and I just have ate so many pedas and drank so many cups of tea but I did not get a match for myself” I said in a breath as I walked on the terrace. He giggled and I bit my cheek annoyed.

“Have patience Sanku. You will get your hoor pari for sure” he teased me. “He he very funny. I don’t want any hoor pari. I want a simple girl who will manage my crazy family. You know the girl mom like Dadisa will reject and the girl she likes mom will reject and I tho did not like any of them” I took a turn and walked. The sun was descending at the horizon and the atmosphere was cooling but my anxiety was on peak. I shouldn’t have agreed for this adventure at all.

“Relax yaar Sanky. See tomorrow is last day for your adventure and you are gonna return to Mumbai after that. If you don’t like this proposal tell them you will come during next vacations and we will search someone here for you” he spoke casually.

“No Lucky I have decided. Tomorrow’s will be the last proposal I’m gonna see and if it doesn’t work I will take Sanyas” I stated looking at setting sun. “What?” he spit the drink he was gulping and screamed shocked. “Yes” I disconnected the call. I had made my mind. Either it is tomorrow’s proposal or no marriage at all.


I rubbed my palms against each other. The last proposal of my life. Nervousness covered me. I looked around scanning the house. My mom was busy with her praising session. Mera beta yeh mera beta who. Pata nai mera beta kya kya. Have we come for a job interview? That you are giving my professional skills.

And finally my mom asked them to call the girl after an hour or something. No I wasn’t so desperate but having a plastic smile on your face makes the condition of your jaws worse. I sensed someone walking and I could hear the dangling of bangles. For an unknown reason I was nervous. May be because this was the last proposal of my life.

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  1. Sally_blr

    Okay this is annoying. This part should have been And the haunt begins.

  2. It was really good??Loved it….The way u express each n everything in detail made my heart flatter…Eagerly waiting for the next chapter

  3. It was really good…… Loved it????…The way u express each n everything in detail made my heart flatter…… Eagerly waiting for the next chapter…

  4. AMkideewani

    Superb dear Sally do read my story Zindagi tune kya kiya, I’m getting bashed, because of it

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  6. Awesome

  7. Shrilatha

    Aah akka I am in love with this mom

  8. Asra

    fabulous Sally dear….loved it alot….eagerly waiting for ragsan meeting…mom dadi Sanky scenes superbbb dear….
    Sally dear if I hurt u in shri post….i didn’t want to compare her ff…but she talk so much so I gave example…if that hurt u and shri…am really sooo sorry dear….tkcr dear…

  9. Inu

    superb epi. I think its ragini.

  10. Asw

    Amazing yaar becoz of rs production we all have ragini,sanskar,laksh ?? just kidding keep going

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