Arranged Love (RagSan short story) prologue

I never ever thought I will love some one to this extent. I never imagined myself with that emotion. Then she entered my life.
She looked at me and asked what raising her eye brows.

Enna Sona kyu Rab ne banaya
Enna Sona kyu Rab ne banaya
I sang and walked to her inside the kitchen where she was knitting the flour. I grabbed her in my embrace brushing her bare stomach with my hands. She jerked and leaned to me smiling. I moved my nose over her neck and reached her face and bit her ear. “Sanky” she screamed. “Hmmm Ragu” I said huskily in her ear and she blushed and tried getting out of my hold. I held her hands and started knitting the dough. “Sanky please let me work” pleaded she making a puppy face. “I will” said I and kissed her cheek and it turned red. “But you got to give me my reward” said I and turned her and locked her dough filled hand with mine and looked up at her and leaned to her and suddenly I felt pulled and she dragged me holding my hands and locked my lips with hers. I opened my eyes shocked and dragged her more close to me and closed my eyes enjoying our blissful moment. She placed her head over my chest as we departed as we felt difficult to breath. I kissed her hair. She was in my life and made it beautiful, a heaven. Being single to being husband wasn’t an easy path to cross. And she held my hand tight in this journey not letting me fail.

No no don’t misunderstand ours wasn’t a love marriage. It was arranged marriage. But who ever looks at us says they can’t believe ours is a arranged marriage we look so adorable. I don’t know what makes them feel so but now we are in love. Love with each other madly.

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  1. Shrilatha

    Obviously they r such a adorable couple…awesome

    1. Sally_blr

      thank you Shri ?

  2. Dharani

    Awesome loved it

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you dear ?

  3. Sindhura


    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you dee ?

  4. Hey new SS of urs akka and i am the first commenter of this new SS hehehe i am jumping,dancing,etc. The update is superb i am waiting for the further updates akka.

    Bye akka. Take care

    1. Oh no SORRY, I am second sorry.

      1. Nooooooooo,i am not going to number my comment, crying crying.

    2. Sally_blr

      Makku relax. You are my sweetheart don’t count on your number. I love you even if you comment the last got that now smile ?????

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you Avika ?

  5. Follybraverl

    Yaaaay you are awesome Waiting Waiting

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you dear ?

  6. Yaaaayyyy u posted it here 🙂
    Love the theme & love u :-*
    Post soon i cant wait more

    1. Sally_blr

      Yup all thanks to you ?

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you ?

  7. Sreevijayan

    Finallly..finally….i cn read a story of urs frm the starting …was juz waiting..

    Wht a prologue..already in love with this ff sally..cnt juz imagine hw beautiful dis stry will br…excited…jumping…wohoooo…

    1. Sally_blr

      Finally you came back I’m so happy achu. ????

      1. Sreevijayan

        Yes my dear…am bak to distrb u…buhahaa

  8. AMkideewani

    Outstanding and Mindblowing, I loved RagSan’s romance. Take care, love you and keep smiling my sweetheart❤

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you dear ?

  9. This comment is deleted.

    Msg from Team: Let the writer choose pairs. If you do not like, then do not read it.

    1. Lahari

      Hello excuse me.miss/mr..who told u that they r bro nd sis….nd who d hell r u bash her..its her wish what to write r not..i think u r not a teju fan thats y u r bashing her..have some shame to bash others..let me tell u one thing there r somany ragsan fans writing raglak ffs…dont dare to say word against ragsan..nd dont dare to bash authors
      Sally dear plz dont bother about his|her comment..

      1. Sally_blr

        Thank you sweetie. I’m not affected due to such people and they are not worth our time leave it. Thanks a ton for the support she is just a black sheep in disguise we know right so let her play her game we aren’t as low as her.

    2. Sally_blr

      Can you shut your mouth for eternity. Awwww I know not possible. So I don’t care what you shit out of it. You understand fiction? No OMG. You should consult some good psychiatrist. You have serious hallucination issues dude. Come out open and show me your filthy face so that I feel pity on you more ??????. Your ragini really? But I did not mean your ragini. In this world of 600 crores of people there are many ragini’s. You have copyright on that name? Hope you don’t barge into ragini khanna’s home saying you have the copyright n how can she use that name. Poor you where have you landed yourself in. Brace yourself. Some more punches are on your way I know my frenz. Prepared for it? I know you are unaffected creature who cannot use the real identity also and simply waste others time. I’m a ragsan fan and I will be always more precisely a teja fan got that you better get that. Desperate I do understand. God bless you with at least with a peanut sized brain ???????????????????????????

    3. Shrilatha

      First of all get one thing in u r stupid mind we r not raglakians…and second thing for godsake ragsan r not brother and sister…I don’t in which episode saw that…it was one episode and what about all those intense eyeocks they shared …in the beginning…u love raglak..we love ragsan…done u don’t have any Right to say anything about our preferences…and please with this mindset don’t call urself ragini fan…and don’t ever dare to call Sally di anything…

      1. Sally_blr

        Cool down shri. She is just here to start a war. And moreover she is just someone in disguise don’t look at her name. Till now no raglak fan ever said this so I have full confidence on them. It’s not any of them. And no ragini fan speaks so got my point. ? just ignore ?

    4. Sreevijayan

      Dnt u dare say a wrd more? Whats ur filthy problem? Seriously cnt believe that such type of people exist… its sallys right to write on wht to write nd on which people to right..u hve to only wrry if she is writing on u…if u dont like juz simply ignore the story…as simple as that….

      1. Sally_blr

        Haaye Mujhe heart attack Dena hai achu ???? finally apake darshan tho hue. ???? me writing on her no ways. You know I can’t write comedy like Charlie Chaplin level. I don’t want to disgrace her with a lesser level comedy. Love you achu. Ignore her ????????????????????

    5. Venni

      First shut ur miuth raglakian If u dont like then u can ignore what u people will get bashing someone ha. I dont think u r teju/ragini fan if yes we ashamed to have a fan like u. .nd dont dare to call ragsan bro nd sis. .they r adorable couple

    6. AMkideewani

      Oh, hello Mr./Miss. Raglakian try to respect other people and their choices, there are many RagSan fans over here or on Wattpad, to be honest I prefer RagSan over RagLak, but still I wrote a Raglak OS and the next one will be published soon. I hope I wasn’t to rude?

      1. Sally_blr

        Ignore sweetheart she is not a raglakian. You know what I mean ??????

    7. Sally_blr

      Awwwww. Now I seriously feel pity on you. You created a email ID to comment n then forgot the password and created one more ??????????. ROFL. Can you please lend your brain for research and stop using raglak name n stop adding fuel between raglak n ragsan fans. I very well know you are not getting entertainment due to the world wars so far so you have come up with this plan to make raglak n ragsan fans. Stop your dirty business. You have brain to read na so have little common sense also to poke your nose in things which is of not your choice. Watch your language ?

      1. AMkideewani

        Yes I do my sweetheart????❤❤

      2. Lahari

        Ha ha nice rply sally dear

    8. Silent_writer

      BrOther and sistet when how where did ragini tie sanky rakhi ? bt when i don’t see in any iv…….gosh so much scaredness that u can’t even cmnt with ur orignal one also must say u r soo smart with 0.0000005 iq bravo ? and FF means u can write on anyone’s means anyone’s its good u r raglakian which is not confirmed yet but still its a writer choice whom they writes …readers can give there views through cmnts and i guess u love sally sooo much that’s y u got this ff na even seeing a big RagSan name also btw proud to be ragsanians ? ms.scary

    9. Silent_writer

      Second cmnt with another id woooow what a true fan you are ??? by getting cmnts from cheap mindsets like u make us tejaholics prouds and raglaks and ragsans fan also cuz we all know who is this disguise sanskari person keeo doing ur work hopefully u will get a big award on best cmnter of 7 janms???

      1. AMkideewani

        100% true Fizzoooo my darling???

    10. A.xx

      Don’t know where u got the brother sister idea from but if we’re going down that route then raglak are also siblings and Tejasswi once said in an interview that Namish is like her brother,,and because of people like you ragu gets bashed as u spread negativity with ur comments like this (if u havent got anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all) and u knew this was a ragsan ff so as soon as u saw the title u decided to start bashing it,,as u have nothing better to do,,,it’s a request not to post comments like this as later it turns into arguements and people who want to comment good things on this post later on can’t
      Btw love this Sally just like i love ur ff’s (xx)

      1. Sally_blr

        Thank you dear ?

    11. Asra

      hello miss, Mr or Mrs whatever….how dare u talk against Sally and her ff….what did u say don’t feel shame on u….u didn’t feel shame on u say that word to one person….
      They r purely bro sis….omg which planet u come from…..really suji give a birth to ragini…no na Thn how u say they are purely bro sis….and also don’t know where did u get that idea….my ragini Sally give a correct answer for that….
      and u r raglakian….don’t say that dear….it’s for me comedy of the year….i think u r from other fandom….we are all know that….if u r true raglakian….y u come her…if anyone invited u…no naa…Thn y u come….if u r raglakian means support our raglak…don’t bash anyone…y u here come…u don’t get any way to create fight….u r using thz…..u r raglakian am feeling pity for u….if u r not am really shame on u….
      and again say don’t dare to say anything against Sally….mind it….plz mind ur language….no one invite u so go back…Good Bye

    12. Sally_blr

      Thank you tu team

  10. Awesome

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you Sinni

  11. Asw

    Of course amazing yaar Sally u didn’t update that ff raglak,swasan pow ff because of u I have seen their promo,songs all is interesting keep going

    1. Sally_blr

      Sorry dear I have stopped that ff due to some creativity issues. I will surely back with it with some changes hope you will like it too. Thanks ?

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you dear. ?

  12. Lahari

    Awesome sally dear

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you dear ?

  13. Super as always

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you Priya ?

  14. I too think the same Sally di that commenter is not the raglakian I could btell for sure….What the hell is their problem Everyone there in swaragini get into a new show ragsan raglak swasan is not a matter the story and author’s message is important please don’t do this again if you can’t handle just stay out none of them ask you to create or embarrass the author hurt by your dirty talk…Like dirty mind…

    1. Sally_blr

      Ignore dear. They are not worth of our time. ?

  15. Awesome dear

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you dear ?

  16. Fairy

    Awwwww!!!!!!it’s soooooo sweeeet????????????hehehehehhe loved it yaaar salu….omggg soooo cute yaaar???????????yeah dey look adorable together????? m so xcieted about dere storyyy????how dis arranged marriage turned into LOVE? post soon dr..waitng eagerly for it..keep rockng n stay blessed???loadzzz of love???

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you Pari ? ?

  17. Superb dear, please ignore the bashers. Why we spoiling our mind. Love Ragsan the most

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you dear ?

  18. Inu

    Superb epi. So adorable couple ragsan are.

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you Inu ?

  19. Asra

    awesome prologue dear…..loved it alot…omg Sally u r really super girl…u write so much ff….thank god Sally…thz ff not like ur other mystery ff….plz don’t give any mystery dear….eagerly waiting for ur update dear….
    Sally dear don’t take her word in ur mind dear….she s stupid dear….she s not raglakian dear….she come to create a war dear….don’t take that idiot word….Everyone loves ur ff….and u na…am crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy fan of u….love u lot dear….and love ur ff’s dear…takecare my super girl…

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you Asru love you ?

  20. superb dear

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you dear

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