Arranged Love (RagSan) (Part-6)

“Dadi sa… Where is Maa?” I almost screamed from my room when she just passed. I think she did not hear me. She is not to be seen from morning. I don’t know where she is gone. I need her around me. Specially on this important day of mine.

Damn I’m hell nervous from last night.

“Mom finally you came” I hugged her when I saw her in the hall. “Mai tho yehi thi” she said. “Where? I have been calling you from morning” I complained. “She was doing a puja Sanky” dad walked from the room. “What puja?” I looked at her confused.

“You have to wear the Khandani haar on your engagement and before you wear your mom should perform a puja” said Dad and I sighed not understanding what will that fetch. “Chal. Now get ready” she pushed me almost. “Mom you have to do diet” I gave her a serious look.

“Your mom and diet? Why are you dreaming in the broad day light?” dad mocked. “At least I’m visible. Not like you Patha nai kab hawa aaye aur inko udaa le jaaye” she said proudly.

“Isse visible nai over visible bolte hai. We are healthy” Dad said proudly. I smiled looking at them and imagined me and Ragini fighting like that.

“Oh hello mere maike ke baare me ek shabd nahi haa” she showed her finger. I held her finger and dragged her near me “Nai tho kya” she fumed and I ran my other hand on her waist and her eyes widened due to shock. I pulled her more close and nuzzled my nose against her cheeks and she blushed in my hold.

“Sanku….” my mom shook me and I landed in the real world. Couldn’t she wait for some more time before disturbing my dream. I pouted looking at her. “Now don’t make that mujhe school nai jaana face. Jaldi engagement hogi tho jaldi shaadi hogi. Warna agar yeh mahurath gaya tho phir agle saal…” “No….” I screamed horrified.

“Oye bhairi nai hu mai” she said rubbing her ears annoyed. I smiled at her sheepishly. I can’t even wait for two hours to meet her and she is saying I have to wait for one year to get married.

“Chal abhi” she took me to my room. As I sat on the chair dad tied the pagdi on my head and mom made me wear the khandani haar. She twirled her hands across me dangerously and I got scared that she is going to hit me. She hit my head with fake anger and squeezed her hand at her head sides. “Mom what are you doing?” I asked her shocked.

“Balaye le rahi thi gadhe” she said. “Bal what?” I asked confused. “Buri nazar naa lage iss liye teri nazar uthar rahi thi. Haaye mera puttar kithna sona lag raha hai” she smiled dreamily looking at me. I smiled and she kissed my forehead blessing me. Dad admired our bond. Dadi sa came and she also took mai balaye and we were ready to leave for the venue.


Her house was decorated beautifully and guests were filled. We were welcomed by her mother and father who had a wide grin on their face. We were escorted by her cousins to occupy the seats. As the each second passed I was getting impatient.

I felt my heart beat racing and placed my hand on my heart to control it. As my eyes moved towards the stair flight I saw her exiting a room. That was the moment when I fell for her again. Her eye brows dipped in Kajal and her eye lids covering her eyes and bent head raised my heart beat more.

She just looked so beautiful that I can’t even describe. I just wanted her badly in my life beside me. All the guests moved their gaze to her. ‘Nazar lag jayegi ithna kyu ghur rahe hai yeh log’ I cursed in my mind. But she was looking like an angel there was no second thought in that. And it was obvious that these people have not seen anyone so beautiful.

She came like the rain drops on a hot desert. I felt I should spend all my life gaping at her like this. I wanted to see her looking at me. But her head was down and she wasn’t lifting it either. Chutki stood beside her when she stood in front of me.

“Jeeji dekho tho jeejaji kithne besabri se tumhari ankho me khone ka intezar kar rahe hai. Utha do chehra aur dubalo unhe apni nasheeli aankho me” chutki spoke which I could hear. I blushed hearing her. Yup I was really waiting to get drown in her beautiful eyes.

She hit chutki with fake anger and I controlled my laugh looking at her flushed face. She slowly lifted her head and finally I could drown myself in those black orbs. I forgot to breath in that beautiful moment.

Koi dil bekabu kar gaya (Some one disturbed my heart)
Aur ishqa dil me bhar gaya(And filled it with love)
Aankho aankho me wo lakha galla kar gay hoye (She spoke millions of words with her eyes)
Oh rabba mai tho mar gaya hoye
Shaudayi mujhe kar gaya hoye(Oh god I’m dead and she killed me)

And all the rituals started and my eyes were fixed on her. My mom forwarded the ring and told me to make her wear it. I stretched my left hand hesitantly to touch her hand and she sensed my nervousness and held my hand. And I couldn’t explain my happiness then. For the fact that she also want me in her life.

I smiled at her and held her hand and made her to wear the ring and then she made me to wear the ring.


“Jeejs” I got scared hearing chutki. I placed my hand on my thumping heart and turned to find her behind me. “Aap yeha?” she placed her hand on her waist. “Wo mai tho bass decoration dekh raha tha” I tried reasoning. “Why do you even try doing which you cannot do?” she sighed and I looked at her confused.

“Telling a lie” she nodded her head in disbelief. I nodded my head vigorously. “Fine fine I will not tell mom but I need something in return” she mischievously smiled. “I will help you to meet and spend time with Jeeji on a condition you have to let me use your iphone for that much time” she said.

How smart she is. I gave up and handed my dear iPhone to her and she jumped happily. “Oh relax relax saali sahiba. It is the latest model” I tried calming her. “Oops sorry” she smiled at me and I just prayed my chota sa bach wont suffer much in her handling.

“Hello” she turned immediately and got scared finding me peeping inside her room. “Jee aap yeha” she rushed to the bed and dragged the chunni to cover herself and I cursed myself for scaring her. “Oh I’m sorry. I disturbed you” I was about to return when she stopped me “Suniye” I stopped. She signed me to step in and I smiled widely and entered her room.

The same room where I saw her for the first time.

She stood nervous playing with her fingers. I walked near her and she signed me to sit on the bed. I complied. “Ji aap tea lenge ya coffee…” she bit her tongue. “I’m so stupid” she cursed softly. I muffled with my laughter looking at her nervousness.

“Wo actually I thought…” I was finding a reason. “Hmm” she looked at me curiously. “I thought I will talk to you for some time” I said lost in her innocent face. She blushed hearing me and her red cheeks made my heart jump.

“I never asked you this” she looked into my eyes. “Are you okay with this marriage?” I waited for her answer. “I’m happy with this marriage” she blushed and I felt like crushing her in my hold.

I could just smile at her. “I… I got to go” I said getting up. “Hmm” she said. “Can we spend some more time?” she asked and I stopped my steps. Some more time girl I’m ready to here for the rest of my life. I left the lump of breath I held and smiled at her. “Sure”

“So what are your hobbies?” I asked her the usual questions. And she answered all of them. And I was lost in her rather than hearing what she said. Her innocence was winning me again and again and I was losing myself again and again.

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