Arranged Love (RagSan) (Part -10)

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Part 8

I was resting on the couch watching a boring Indian drama when I heard the creaking sound of door opening. Ragini entered with a exhausted expressions. Closing the door behind she collapsed on the couch. “Hey how was your day?” I asked her munching the pop corn.

Digging her hand inside the popcorn bowl she picked up one or two pieces and munched them. “It was hell” she relaxed back on the couch. “Look like you are tired” I forwarded the bowl. Nodding her head in a yes she picked up more of it and munched them.

Though she leaves office before me she reaches almost an hour later I do. All thanks to Mumbai Traffic and BEST bus services. “Luckily I have three days off” she said relaxed. Placing the bowl on the tea table I walked behind her and rubbed her neck.

“Ji what are you doing?” she asked startled. Giving her assuring smile I dragged her and made her relax on the couch. “It will give a bit relaxation” I rubbed her shoulders and neck. “No don’t do this” she dragged herself away. “Don’t  you remember that day when I was late and slept on the bed tired you removed my shoes and covered me with the quilt. And can’t I do so much also in return” I dragged her again.

“In a relationship you need not pay back for everything. I do all that because I’m your wife and it is my responsibilities. And more than considering it responsibilities I do them because I love to do that” she turned to me.

“And same applies to me also. I’m not paying you back for what you are doing to me. I do all this because I love to do” I turned her and massaged her neck and shoulders. “But” “No buts. Have I stopped you anytime to do all those things then don’t stop me” I interrupted her.

“Fine” she gave up and sat relaxing. “Ragini” “Hmm” she hummed. “You have three days off is it?” she nodded her head in yes. “Okay” I said and continued massaging. Her pain for sure did not vanish but surely it reduced. I cleaned the dining table and plates after convincing her a lot.

I have been doing all these works and I can’t punish her with heavy household works and her job burden. If my mom was in her place I would have surely helped her then why can’t I help my wife. When I cannot see my mom struggle why should I tolerate my wife’s struggle.


I stretched my hands as I woke up to the alarm. Quickly turning it off I hopped off the bed not to disturb Ragini’s sleep as she was hell tired. She has been getting good remarks from her boss at work place and good incentives too. Last week only she handed me her salary.

I asked her why is she handing me that she said that she doesn’t know managing money and as I’m the head of the house I should do it. I had laughed at her innocence. Where ladies attack husband’s purse without mercy my wife is handing me her salary.

I poured the coffee in the thermos and placed it beside her on the table with a note ‘have the coffee and breakfast is in the bowl. Heat it from the microwave before eating. I will be back at 11’ 


Removing my casual shoes I settled on the couch. “Where have you been?” Ragini asked as she walked to the couch. My gaze moved to her and I could realize that she had already taken bath. “You had break fast?” I asked her. “I was about to go. But where were you?” asked she.

“I was in Lucky’s apartment. He had asked me to fix the new shelf he purchased yesterday” I said and walked to kitchen. I served the breakfast in two plates and handed her one. “I will do that. Don’t walk to my kitchen with that dirty sweat” her face twitched.

I shook my head making some sweat droplets to fall on her. “Sanskar” she defended herself raising her hands. First time she called my name and my heart fluttered with an unknown joy. Taking small steps I neared her and she back walked.

Making a bold move I held her waist and dragged her near to me. She shuddered and looked at me with her eyes depicting her surprise. She was so near to me that I could feel her heart beat. In her eyes I could still feel the fear finding me so near to her.

“I’m sorry” I walked away leaving her and she relaxed. I was confused. Should have done it? Or I shouldn’t have. I think I shouldn’t have done that but I did not had any intention of scaring her. Damn I cursed myself.

She walked inside the room and I walked to balcony not wanting to face her. I did not realize when she came and stood beside me. My heart raced and I hardly could control it anymore. When I was about to move from there too I felt her soft hand on my hand.

My heart could have jumped out of my mouth at that moment. Dry throat shivering nerves made my senses numb. Should I drag my hand back? Is she testing my patience?

I could feel the distance between us reducing. She held my shoulders and buried her head in my chest where my heart struggled to get relieved from the cage. I can’t define what I felt then. So many emotions felt want to bust in that single moment.

I froze in my place and did not knew how to come out of it. My vision was blacked out for some minutes and I could not feel my heart beating. I better say I was dead in that moment and came alive after some time.

“If you are waiting for my permission to cover me then Mr. Maheshwari you are a total bhondhu” she chuckled and I couldn’t help but smile at her and my hands finally inhaled the courage and covered her in my embrace and I inhaled her fruity fragrance. It won’t be wrong if I say that I was drowning in that.

I could feel her smile when she felt my grip tightening on her shoulder. Though sometimes fast and sometimes slow we were moving step by step in our relationship. The toggles came as surprises. Beautiful surprises.

The orange colour of the sky immersed the surrounding. My phone buzzed with a message which brought a smile on my face. My gaze moved to Ragini who was smiling looking at the kids in the garden. “Come” I held her wrist and started walking. “Where?” she asked confused.

“Surprise Mrs. Maheshwari” I gave her a boyish grin and she stared at me blankly when I walked to her and closed her eyes and continued walking.

“Sanskar” she whined. “Patience Mrs. Maheshwari” I felt her body shudder as my whisper sent shivers down her spine and it made my lips curve up. I loved the fact mere whisper of mine effected her.

“So here it is” I uncovered her eyes dragging my hands back. She opened her eyes and adjusted them to the light. Her eyes went wide looking at it. Her hands covered her mouth in excitement.

“OMG this” she walked to the Vespa Piaggio whose lavish yellow color surely got her mesmerized as her eyes did not shrink a bit also.

“I told you Sanky Bhabi is gonna love it” said Laksh popping up beside me. Jerking to his sudden guest appearance I shook my head strangulating his neck in my hold. “S…sanky” he struggled and I let him go after sometime. He ran from there sensing my displeasure over his interruption in our moment.

“You liked it?” I asked her breaking her thoughts. “Liked? Are you kidding me” she stood in front of me. “I loved it” her eyes shone with excitement.

“Really?” I asked her still confused. She leaned to me pecking my cheeks. “Now do you believe me?” asked she blushing. I froze for a moment.

“Thank you so much” she unfroze me with her warm hug. “Oh um. No thanks and sorry in friendship did you forgot?” I asked her to lighten the tense moment. She smiled widely looking at me and my heart skipped a beat when she tucked her hair strand behind her ear.

“But I don’t know driving” she pouted cutely. I forwarded my hand at her “May I have the pleasure to teach you” she placed her hand over mine. We walked to it and she sat on the driving seat. I guided her to hold the handle and guided her which part is what and how is it used.

“Now” I sat behind her. “Ignite the engine” I pointed at the electric ignition. Her hands moved with my hands when they towered her hands. She stretched her lips and nodded her head. She pressed it and suddenly pressed the accelerator.

Both were jerked due to the sudden speeding of the vehicle. Placing my hand on her hands I controlled the vehicle and she felt nervous due to my proximity. I looked at her and she looked back at the road. “You will learn” I assured her turning to the front.

“Yess finally you learned it. From day after tomorrow you can take it to work” said I clapping my hands. “What about my DL?” she is smart I must admit. “For the time being you will get a learner license and slowly when you are all set you will be given a proper DL. Don’t worry I won’t let my wife to be caught by cops on her first day to work with her new scooty” I winked at her and I could feel her happiness when I addressed her as my wife.

The night studded with twinkling stars made me admire her blush more. We walked to the apartment after parking the two wheeler and locking it.

After the dinner we settled in our room. She read her book while I was still working on my laptop. She placed the book on the side table and slid down covering herself in the duvet.

“You are done?” she nodded her head and I turned the laptop off and turned the bed lights off. Sliding down I also covered myself with the duvet. “Why do you turn the laptop off as soon as I finish reading?” I heard her.

I rested my hand on the back of my head and smiled at her question. “I work on it to just give you company. Anyways till you turn the lights off I wont get sleep so instead of wasting time I do that” I closed my eyes.

I felt her presence very close to me. She placed her head over my chest and placed her hand beside her head. “Can I sleep like this?” she whispered. I hesitantly moved my hand to cover her and nodded my head. “You can” I whispered and she cuddled in my hold and I felt heaven in that moment.

Her fruity fragrance filled my nostrils and I felt peace finding her so close to me. My heart beat was so loud I felt embarrassed thinking what she might think about me. “Relax” she patted on my chest and I relaxed without my knowledge.

What is she. She is surprising me every moment. Or better say she was being herself more around me now. She was feeling comfortable to be herself around me.


Next in line to ending stories. Just another part you have to bear this too cliche story.


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