Arranged Love-one shot [sharman]


suman enters her room
shr;u came
suman;shr u r still working plzzz now place it aside
shr;no yar the work load is alot many files r pending due to pushkar wedding now u sleep i will do my work
suman;no shr we will sleep together
shr;bt my work is still remaining
suman;ohk u do ur wiork i will spend sometime with my diary than we will sleep together
shr;ohk no problem
shr starts dpoing his work

suman eyes him lovingly
shr;dnt stare me
sumu;my husband my eyes whats ur problem mr kabab main haddi
shr;oh god carry on
shr again gets busy
suman stares him for some time
then she goes towards cupboard and takes a diary from it
it was her weekly routine she used to write diary weekly bt today was not weekend it was tuesday so she took diary to read it and remember her beautiful moments of life she takes the part two of her diary which was starting from suman marriage and till date

she opens the first page of diary and reads somelines and smiles
diary with suman point iof view
oh GOd my mom dad has fixed my alliance today they came to see me and liked me y dont my papa understand that i doesnt want to marry someone i dnt want to b dependent on someone furthermore i dnt knw who is that person what was his name ya shr shr amlhotra y this family want me as their bahu i dnt wanna marry plzzz god save me from this marriage and give some brain to my parents i dnt love him he dnt love me v havent seen eachother so how would we get married and live happily after
pov ends

suman smiles ;we r living happily after
she turns the page which was full of her marriage pics pics r of shr also
she remembers the incident when inspite of sayiong noooo to her parents she was still marrying him for their sake it was the worst moment of her life shr when fills her mang when they took vows when she weared that mangalsutre that all things was looking like a death tio her
suman;those were the best moments of my life all those things brought life in me
then she remembers her first night when shr said to her taold he wanna know her better thats y they shouldnt take their marriage to next level that was what suman wanted not a lusty husband atleast and the slept on single bed with a pillow wall between them
suman smiles;shr u r the best

then she turns on the diary and reads her first rasoi moment
she laghs
shr;whhat happened y r u doing khekhe
suamn;opps sorry
shr;its ok
he again gets busy
suman again goes in past
her first rasoi
she was assigned to make kheer
suamn didnt knw how to cook and shr on the other side was the best cook
suman;sumo beta tu to gae

she walks here and there in the kitchen what to do
shr enters the kitchen to take water
suman;shrrrrr plzzzzz help me i beg u
shr;what happened ????
suman;i dnt know cooking
shr spits the water out
shr;what then how u r going to make kher???
suam;i dnt know
shr;my mom will kill u he laughs suman u r gone
tear fall from suman eyes;instead of helping u r laughing at me
shr stops laughing

shr;ohk sorry u start i will help u
he starts helping himwhen half of the kheerr was made shr mom enters
mom;shr what r u douing here
shr;;;wo wo main wo
shr;ya water i was here for water
mom;ok take water and leave
shr takes water andd leave
mom also leaves

suman ; oh no suman u r gone now what will u do bewaquf
shr enters kitchen from window
shr;hi babydoll
suamn turns wide smile spreads on her face
they together make kheer which everyone likes
suman;shr if today u didnt help me i would be just died
shr;ya i saved y=u afterall we r friends na
suman friends??????
shr;ya friends r nt we???suman smiles;we r friends
shr;and a friemd in need is a friend in deed
suman smiles

suman;yes my friend is the best ku shr????
suman;a friend in a need is a friend indeed right???
suman;love u
shr;love u too
he again gets busy in her work
suman in diaray
suman;that day i found a friend

she turns page
many incidents had occured which had brought sharman together like holi when shr drinks bhang and all that stuff what he did he makes the room mess he made suman wear saree for his wish he pored flour on suman head he teased her for making kheer for him that incident again made suman laughs
she turns the page
it was of the day when shr fell seriously ill
suamn took care of him whole night she cant see him like that she wept while taking his care then she realized that her feriendship has taken turn in the ways of love
she realized that she loves him
next day shr was better fine because she took her care
suman eyes again fill with tear
suman;shr promise me u will never leave me i love u yar
she turns the page of her diary

it was shr friends party
suman weared black maxi with light makeup AND open hair and was loookkiiinnngggg ammazing shr cNT MOVE HIS EYES
shr;u r looking too gud
suman;thank u
they both enters the party
there came a girl name maya she had a crush on shr and didnt knw that shr is married
suman talks with the wives of shr friends
shr gets busy with his friends

maya goes on stage and says thta she wants to announce something
all get attentive towards her
she goes towards the shr bent on her knees and says
shr i really really love u i fell in love with u when i saw u first time in college never said u bt now i m saying that i love u so will u plzzzzzz marry me????shr was awstuck and was amazed on the other hand suman was burning like hell she moves towrds maya and make her stand
suman;u………she cntrols herself
suman;mis the number u r trying has become someones else
shr:maya she is my wife suman
suman;ya and better if u forget him otherwise i dnt think i m very gud girl who can sacrifice her husband
shr smiles suamn gives him death glare
suamn;now will u leave urself or i should gib=ve u some card???
maya says sorry and leaves with tear
shrman also leaves

suman was still burning like hell
shr was enjoying this and was teasing her
shr;u know waht maya is a nice girl and i would have married her if she had told me earlier
suman holds shr collar;and i would have killed her as well as u
shr smiles;kun jb pyar kia to darna kiya
suman hits shr foot with her shoe
suman;in front of wife lion is also catr himat to dekho uski mere samne mere husband ko propose kr rae the r mera husband was standing like dumb
shr;u said me dumb???
suamn;yes u r dumb
shr;its better if i would have married maya
suman holds her collar;main mazaq nae kr rae i would have killed u in real
shr;but y???
suman in hurry;because i love u

shr smiles suman bites her tongue;oh tere mar gae suman
shr; someone said someone loves me did u hear who was that???
suman;wo actually……….
shr;come on i didnt heard say it again
suman;i love myy friemnd
shr smiles;bt friend doesnt loves you
suman faec bent down
shr;because friend loves his wife
suman smiles;really
shr;ya i dnt know how i fell foru bt i love u
suman;i love u too
both hug eachother tightly
now;suman closes her eyes that moment was amzing
shr raises her eyes from laptop:which one
suman;when u confesses ur love
shr smiles;me or u
suman ;both
suman turns the page of her diary which had a heart on whic it was written

suman smiles;forever
shr;my work is done
suman closes her diary ;mine too
shr;so lets sleep
suman ;ya sure
both lay down on bed
shr kisses her on her forhead
shr;u r the best thing happened to me
suman;i love u
shr; i love u too
both sleep in eachother embrace
scene freezes

the end

helooooooooo guys surprised to see me here again????
well u guys shouldnt be
actually my brother will come in evening and after that i will be absent from telly updatesso thought to write a one shot for u guys
i m gonna miss u guys
love u
take care
with love

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  1. it was suppprb amazing mindblowing .. luved it to the core !!
    and eid mubaarak to u too dear

    1. Ufaaq

      thank u soooooooo much
      i m glad u liked it
      take care

  2. Nikita

    Ufi di…
    This was so cute
    Loved it!
    The confession..hayye
    Love you di..

    1. Ufaaq

      thank u sooooooo much
      love u too
      take care

  3. Marie

    ye ufaq API so glad to c u….!!!! Yay!!
    N this shot was awesome se bhi awesome….!!
    Loved it to d core….!! Thank u so much fr posting it !!
    Love u so much
    Take care

    1. Ufaaq

      glad to see u too
      thank u sooooooo much
      ur welcome
      eid mubarak to u too
      love u tooooooo
      aj kal love ke comments chote ku hogae hain???? thk ho???/
      take care

      1. Marie

        Aray Nahi API bs busy bht mushkil se tym Malta hai ……….ye papers na……!!!

  4. pretty preeti

    Oh ho ufii
    Itni sari os likh kr dil khush kr diya
    It ws too gud
    I loved it
    U rocked my sis
    I ws lost in it
    U na gud writer
    I loved it
    Love u
    Eid Mubarak u too

    1. Ufaaq

      oho preety kese ho?????
      mera dil b garden garden hogaya ise likh ke ahhahah
      i m glad u liked it
      thank u soooooo much
      love u too
      take care

  5. Ariana

    Ohoho it was sooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooddddddddddd. Uhhh wonderful. So cute. Shravan’s confession was too adorable. Awwwww… Pls make more OS sweeto.
    Love u bohat bohat bohat zyada.
    Take care
    advanced eid mubarak!!!

    1. Ufaaq

      thank u soooooooo much g
      i will surely try my sweety
      love u bhot bhot boht r boht se bhot zayada
      eid mubarak to u too

  6. Its very gud….
    It was really…like remembering lovely moments of life…of someone..(shraman)?????

    1. Ufaaq

      thank u soooooooo much
      ya sona di
      ok tc

  7. LogaMegan

    Hey ufaq it was amazing dr
    Loved it
    Pls do write more os
    Lots of love from Loga-Megan

    1. Ufaaq

      hey logmeg
      thank u soooo much
      i will try
      love u

  8. This was so cute.
    Loved it. ?
    All about ShraMan.
    Hayeee. ???
    You wrote so amazingly well.
    And Khair Mubarak ?

    1. Ufaaq

      thank u sooooooo much
      hahahaha so sweet
      love u

  9. Anushika

    Sorry,for the late comment….It was amazing…This was sooo cute and adorable… Eid Mubarak…

    1. Ufaaq

      its ok late comments r warmly welcomed
      thank u soooo much
      eid mubarak

  10. Fatimagulesarfraz

    O hoooooo !!!!!
    Grrrrrrrrreat yar ???????????????????????????????????
    Apky OS to hmesha hi awesome r zabardast hoty hn ?????
    Love it ..???
    Take care ..

    1. Ufaaq

      thank u sooooooo much fati
      u too take care

  11. RANdomfANCreationz

    Omg this is so sweet ??

    1. Ufaaq

      thank u sooooo much

  12. Angel20

    Love you

    1. Ufaaq

      thank u sooooo much
      love u too

  13. LovelyLady

    i got ur message ….. i read it in d mrng n i was happy as hell
    those messages made my day
    i tried to rply u bt msg was not going
    i shared all our momnt wd my roommate that how we use to talk. i really miss wrtng ffs
    today was my college was off for bakrid so i decided to spnt my off in somethng very spcl
    n nothng cn be more spcl than talking wd old frnds
    this os was really good . i loved it to the core
    the way u mixed the pst n present was really good
    bahut heart touchng tha
    sach me
    mai bahut khush hu n at the same tym shocked hu ki still meri choti bhn mujhe yaad krti h
    thnk u sooooooo mch ufaq

    1. Ufaaq

      omg omg omg omg my diiiii sweetu i really really missed u
      eid mubarik diii
      thank u soooo much for commenting u made my day
      too happy to see ur comment plzzzzz keep commenting
      choti behn kese bhol skti h apkolove u diiiii
      take care
      plzzzzzz come back
      best of luck for ur college life
      bt plzzzz be back
      love u alot

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