Arranged Love marriage(romantic twinj os)


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Arranged Love marriage:(don’t get confused with title go on have a nice reading)

At a coffee bar,a girl beautiful girl in a pink chudi dar is having a coffee,she seems to be thinking something deeply.her looks clears that she is married.

(Y I need to say her story let’s hear it from her only,zoom in)

Hi,I am twinkle taneja ohhhoooo sry I am married I am twinkle kunj Sarna.kunj is my hubby.whom I never doesn’t mean I love someone else.I still remember that day when my dad brought me a proposal actually he himself fixed it without my consent.

Taneja family was having a dinner
R:I have brought a guy for u twinkle
Twinkle who was busy enjoying food got a severe shock.her jaws dropped.
R:can’t u hear me (he said seriously)
Twinkle kept silent for a while and remembered what he told.
L:whose he?
R:he is a son of manohar a business tycoon kunj Sarna nice looking guy and from gud family.
L:OK you won’t u let them talk once.invite kunj to home
Twinkle was somewhat curious abt her marriage plannings but she wanted know him well before the marriage something like dating.
R:noo I know ur kid very well she will spoil this marriage no need of talking to him
R:leela I said no need okay. ..twinkle don’t play ur tricks with me…u r getting married to him.dats final. .
He went from their saying those rash words twinkle was hurt by her father as he never tried to understand her.she saw at her mom who gave a helpless look.

******flashback ends****

Twinkle:like dat without my consent my marriage happened I didn’t had any choice so I agreed him.I can’t go against my dad or I didn’t had any bf to elope with. So I married kunj.
I had a hope on my marriage life but here also I had a twist when I came to know that kunj was also not ready for marriage he told me that on the very first day of our marriage life.

After the marriage rituals were performed twinkle was sent to Sarna mansion.Twinj entered the home with all the rituals done and twinkle was made to sit on bed covered with flowers.
Twinkle was feeling nervous.

T:(herself)ohh wt can I do…I don’t knw him well how can I start a life with him.what if I say him I need a time I don’t know how he gonna react what if he gets angry….she remembered leela s words when she left the home.twinkle u have to respect ur laws and should not spoil our name.

As she was thinking kunj came into the room twinkle saw him and her jaws dropped she saw his pic but he was sooo dashing in reality soo handsome and hot twinkle thought she is lucky to have him.

Kunj came in and trembled with words. ..
K:mm…hmmm sry to say want to say something..that….
T:even I also …
K:hmm k u tell first..
T:no u tell
K:hmm k actually I was not ready for this marriage as I wanted to finish my MBA but my parents forced me to this marriage so I think I need….to…..
T:even I need to take some time and sort out things between us
K:sooo u r also forced for it…(surprisingly)
K:hmm k then no prblm I am kunj sarna
(He forwarded his hand for a friendship)
T:I am twinkle taneja (twinkle gave her hand)
Kunj looked at her in surprise and made a one eyebrow look
T:ohhoooo I am twinkle kunj sarna
They both laughed at eo
****flashback ends****

Twinkle:like dat we became very nice friends very supportive weeks passed I was feeling very comfortable with him something was tieing us together which brought us together for many times but both of us hesitated to take a step ahead.
The thing that held us was love yes I gradually fell for him he makes me laugh when I am sad he consoles me when I feel bad he tries me up when I feel low he is such a nice companion more than that he is my husband,my love, my soul.even I started blushing these days when I take his name coz I remember that incident in mall 4 days back.


Twinj went for shopping as it was kunj s first bday after marriage.twinkle selected a nice formals for him and even took some casuals for him.kunj also purchased a dress for twinkle for his bday party.As they were coming back they entered into a lift.kunj was on his phone and twinkle was holding the bags.

Some cheapest erst entered the life too…they saw twinkle and started teasing her
Guy 1:Kamaal kI maal…what madam ru free for 1 hour?
Twinkle didn’t paid attention as she experiencedid it many times
Guy2:she is silent means she is giving us green signal. ..

Guy1:what say??I am gud company in that u knw???
Guy2:bt who is the owner of her??
Twinkle was unable to bare it here kunj was full red due to anger as twinkle was about to slap the guy kunj held twinkle s wrist and dragged her towards him held her by her waist and kissed her in a fraction of second.

Twinkle took few seconds to know what happened the guys jaws dropped.
Twinkle felt the soft touch of his lips on hers he was being soo gentle he was slowly suking her lips for few seconds.he remembered what he did and saw twinkle was not reciprocating he tried to back off but twinkle gave in as she was not ready to leave him.She kissed him back and started sacking his lips.

They both were out of world they don’t know when the guys went off luckily there was no one to disturb them until they reached the parking lott….when the lift doors wide opened they realised what they were doing suddenly they both backed off…kunj moved out of the life with embarrassment while twinkle stood there in shock she again n again touched her lips to remember what happened.kunj was blushing like hell while making his way towards his car.
Twinkle followed him they both didn’t utter a single word in the car…the silence continued for 1 week with lot of embarrassment.

****flashback ends*****
Twinkle:so till nw we didn’t talked to eo(each other) tmrw is his bday I will tell him what I feel for him I don’t what he say.hope he loves me tooo.

She paid the bill at the coffee shop and headed back home.
Kunj was waiting for her in the hall twinkle came in.
T:ohh… (don’t knw hw to start)u..u..came so early today.
K:ya no wok was there in office even papa wasn’t thr so I came
T:k what can I make for dinner??
K:hmm if u don’t mind can we go out for a dinner
T:k I will get ready in 5 min

K:k I will sleep I knw hw much ur 5 min mean.
T:no no I will be early today I promise
K:let’s c

Twinkle smiled and went to get ready after a week they are having a normal conversation after dat kissing at lift.
Twinkle had her quick bath and she saw a dress for her which kunj had brought.she smiled and wore it and came down she was wearing a black netted screen with simple work on it
Kunj saw her name smiled
K:so u r early today thank God
T:shall we go..

Kunj was wearing a black formal shirt with blue jeans.
They both left to have dinner
Twinkle thoughts:
Y I am feeling so happy today I have to confess even I am feeling little scared does he loves me ya he brought a new dress for me but tattoo even be he brought me many dresses it doesn’t mean that he loves me also…ohhoooo. …what to do anyways I will confess if he says no the I don’t have any choice I will leave this world

K:where are u lost??
T:hhaaa….noting I am fine
K:do u like the dress
T:yes it’s ur choice na it’s perfect I loved it
K:u r looking so beautiful I knw it suits u.I imagined how u may look in it…so I brought it
Twinkle heart flew when he heard the word beautiful from him all crazy things happen in love even simple words gives lots of pleasures…

They both reached the hotel kunj had planned a very nice candle light dinner he used to do it by also but it seemed different this time

They both was havintage dinner and had a random talks
T:when u brought the dress
K:ya same day we had my bday shopping na
T:oh I was with u only
K:ya I managed it to hide
T:u r smart these days
K:u r being so adventurousted these days

T:me??adventure? ?
K:ya in life u were almost ready to hit that guys
T:as u were busy with phones,u didn’t came from my rescue
K:ohh I came na.
T:ya like kissing..m…
She realised what she was about to say she stopped and bent her head and closed her eyes…
Kunj s eyes were curious

Twinkle though it to be right time
T:kunj I love u I don’t know when I started loving u but I can’t live without u the way u care the way u treat me I love all that I need u forever. I know these days u also feel like this for me
Slowly she looked up
K:Haa who told u that I feel for u these days???
Twinkles heart popped out she didn’t expected this from him within no time tears went off.. she closed her eyes and bent her head as she didn’t know what to say further.
She felt a hand on her lap she looked.
Kunj was on his knees holding a ring in his hand
K:who told u that I started feeling for u these days I fall for u when u supported me to do my MBA after 2 weeks of my marriage I loved u from that moment only bt u understood soo lately….will u accept me as ur husband to the rest of ur life???

Twinkle was happy surprised and shocked to here all these she thought that was she dreaming!!!
K:twinkle tell something na my knees are breaking
T:I lover u kunj to the rest of my life I love to be ur wife it’s my pleasure

Kunj stood up and they both hugged eo tightly.They both came back home and when they reached home it was 12.30 am.
Twinkle had brought a cake for him for their privacy she asked him to cut the cake
They enjoyed their little party.

K:so wrs my bday gift??
T:I had made these arrangements for u na…
K:I need some special gift na it’s my first bday after marriage
T:k then will go tmrw for shopping
K:not again my love
He dragged her towards him
K:don’t u know wt I need
Twinkle slowly lifts her head and gives a small peck on his lips which made him melt.
K:that’s it for a bday boy???
T:kunj tmrw u hv to go to office it’s late sleep na
K:I will take leave
T:no need go sleep..

K:alone???hoo noo
Twinkle smiled and went to change as kunj continued with his nakras
After a while twinkle came out of the changing room in her night suite and saw no one was thr in room.she was combing her hair and kunj slowly entered the room and back hugged her.
T:kunj wr were u??
K:I went for a bath in next room hope u would have joined me…
He pushes him and goes to bed.kunj smiles and he also goes to bed.
K:do we need this partition nw us??those bladdy pillows?
Twinkle smiled and removed them.twinkle slept on one side and kunj on other side both wanted to proceed further but hesitated.
Kunj came towards her and put his hand on her belly and made her face him.twinkle smiled at his touch as thousands of butterflies flew in her tummy she faced him and smiled
K:I love u twinkle
Kunj placed a peck on her lips twinkle was nervous
T:love u too kunj ..
K:I love u three twinkle

Kunj said kissing her again to make her feel comfortable
T:kunj u don’t need to make me comfort as I am comfortable with u
K:I knw dat when u reciprocated for my kiss dat day
Twinkle blushed
K:u r also a gud kisser
Twinkle was blushing like hell

T:kunj sleep na
K:it’s my bday I am grownup no one should order me on my bday I can do wt ever I want
T:hmm ya u can..
Kunj thought for a second and he slowly slid his hand into his top
Twinkle was not in her senses as his touch made her feel so she also slowly started unbuttoning his shirt buttons and slid her hand on his chest.

Note:not for kiddoos

Kunj felt gud and he dragged her towards him and started removing her Pant. Kunj was continously kissing her on forehead neck n all while twinkle was running her fingers in his hair encouraging him.
They rolled over eo and kunj made her sit on bed and was sucking her face and gave a love bites on her neck twinkle was moaning each time
He slowly lifted her top and twinkle put her hands up in agreement he removed her top and was dazzled to see her perfect figure twinkle felt shy and covered her with bedsheet.kunj smiled and removed his shirt.he slowly proceeded towards her and started exploring her.
Kunj removed the knot of her hair and twinkle put her hands on his pant to remove it.
Kunj held back for a while
K:are u ready for kids??

Twinkle blushed.kunj smiled.They both became completly naked and their souls became one.
They took lead upon eo and made love to eo.

Next day mrng when Sundays fall in their eyes they both woke up.
K:gud mrng my lovely wife
Twinkle blushes
K:u only blush which make me crazy and excites me
T:happy bday kunj
K:thankqq twinkle.
T:let’s go for shopping I will get u a gift
K:u gave it na..
Twinkle was confused
K:yesterday u gifted ur selves fr me na
Twinkle blushed remembering their lovely night
K:I wish every night will be of same.
T:I came to know hw much u love me.u expressed it yesterday
K:even for me it’s special

They both noticed that they were still naked and we’re covered with blanket
Kunj put his legs around her legs and locked them.
Twinkle tried to find clothes kunj stopped her
K:y soo hurry…wrs my mrng kiss???
T:u had a lott yesterday…
K:even now

Saying it he dragged her closer and covered themselves with bedsheet.

Conclusion:their love had no bounds

Every love story may not end up with a marriage but every marriage end up with lover for sure.
Don’t believe in teenage attractions and loves it won’t make sense
s*x is the ultimate expressions of love of 2 souls not 2 bodies it’s divine

Happy friendship day again

Note:sry ifor its vulgar
My story sath janmon khan Pyaar ya rab kha khel is named as war between love and fate I will post 5th chapter today and as I said I will post in weekends for sure all is in need support I am not getting gud response for it

Thanks again

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