“ARRANGED” Love…!! epi -7

I know no one z waiting for it..so no apologies for late update…As wen I posted last epi den I thought I vl post next epi next day..but seeing ur so poor response I thot not to post it as none z interested in it..so I vl wrap up dis story in next 2-3 chapter..nw I m writing dia story only for myself as I dnt want any incomplete work…
And thanks for people who liked it…Dis z for u people..thanks for supprting…..

Swara pov
I was pacing to n fro in d room waiting for sanskar..it’s nearly midnight nd he had not returned yet..i was worried as after morning incident he had not talked to me..now my heart was sinking in fear..he has never been so late..unknown fear has surrounded me..i thot to ask family members but it’s too late, everyone must b sleeping n moreover everyone z angry wd me…dnt knw wat vl b their reavtio ..i tried sanskar no. many times but it switched off..but it pretty late so I decided to talk to laksh nd moved towards his room..den I heard his car horn..I see from window..he was there..I was received to see him fine…I rushed to kitchen to prepare his dinner..
When I returned from kitchen , I saw him coming out of bathroom..I asked him for dinner nd he simply replied in “hmmm..”
He z talking to me.. even not looking at me..may b he z tired, I tried to console my heart..during his dinner he has not talked to me..I tried to talk but his response was cold..firstly he came too late nd not picking up my phone nd now he z not talking to me..my heart was aching..
“ sanskar u came too late..I was worried..n u we’re not picking up my phone..wat happened ?? U never came so late??..i asked him as he z going to bed..
“ y d hell u were waiting..u could have slept..nd no need to worry for me..nd is it necessary to tell u everything..?? M very tired..let me sleep..”..he bursted on me..
Tears filled in my eyes..I have not expected dis from him..firstly none in family z talking properly nd now he z also angry… I walked out in balcony nd started sobbing silently..wat was my mistake ??..y everyone s annoyed wd me??I have not asked to study further..it’s their son who wanted it… Y he z annoyed wd me..?? I just want to make everything fine be him nd family..I jst want to make family envt good..
Jst den I feel someone presence behind me..but I jerked it off as I was lost in my thoughts nd busy in crying..
“ m sorry..” …he whispered these words in my ears by hugging me from back..I turned my head to find him there holding…I stared him blankly nd suddenly I turned nd hugged him tightly nd crying out loud..he hold me in his arms tightly..moving his hand on my back to sooth me…
“ m sorry jaan..m so sorry..”..he said…
(Sanskar monologue- as she turned, I saw her face red due to crying..I felt too guilty to make her such condition..wat was her mistake..)
I was crying loud in his arms..he was saying sorry continuously nd kissing my head..I hold him tightly…
He departed me from him..I was not wanted to depart from him but his strong arms make me so.. I was still in his arms nd sobbing looking downwards..he lift my face nd wiped my tears..he make me sit on couch nd bring a glass of water for me..
He sat on ground on his knees in front of me holding my face..
“ m so sorry to make my beautiful wife cry..”..he said
I just looked at him..don’t know what to say..
He hold my hands nd said..” in morning I was just frustrated dat no one z even listening me..dey don’t want to understand wat I want to say nd after dat u also said to quit it..nd I take all my frustation on u..nd in office there z also increase worload..nd during returning my car broke down nd battery got dead..so…”
“ u knw how much I worried for u..i was waiting for u so long..i evn called ur office.. nd u u were left from dere nd top of dat ur phn z switched off..I was jst going to laksh just then u came..I was too much afraid..if something bad had happened den..?? ..” I let my heart out…
“ so..if something bad had happened to me..if someday u were waiting for me nd I never came… Den..wat will happen??..” he said or asked..don’t knw wat..bt my drops down to his question..I never expected Dis type of ques in return of my answer…OMG..
“ see..tell me what vl happen..Dis z thing I want to make u ppl understand..wat if something had happened to me..wat vl happen to u den..marriage does not mean all a girls life z dependent on boy..but both hav to make it together..to b practical v cnt say sure if I vl b tomorrow or not…Or v vl b together or not…or like today I hav big bussiness dis does not mean it vl remain for lifetime..but in any conditions U have to move on…nd study z d best way to make urself stand on ur feet..Also marriage does not mean a girl has to kill her dream nd her aspiration to make her husband nd family happy..it’s also others duty to make her happy..u don’t hav to kill ur dreams..nd I knw its difficult as v r following a different path but dis path z not wrong..so don’t blame urself..v r not doing anything wrong..”..he said to me by wrapping me in his arms..
“…Huh??..now OK..or I have to say more???..” he asked..
I nodded in no nd said “ but never again say of going away from..otherwise I vl not forgive u again..” I said by holding his shirt tight..my heart drenched by the thought of going away from him..
“ I think Dis much is enough for today..I have made u enough cry..now I should make my wife smile wd.my love..” ..he said wd a wink on his face nd wd in seconds his lips capurted my lips..He was kissing me gently….
dat kiss..his touch..for which I was waiting for whole day…For d love of my husband….

Next morning..
Sanskar pov..
After break fast..I again tried to talk to them..
“badepapa…listen..”..I asked him..
“ sanskar if it’s abt dat..den v hav told u already..v wont discuss it further..” dp said..
“ badepapa just listen me at least once..nd after it also if find itm wrong I vl not say again… “..I said..
“at least v cn listen to him..v all know what vl b our decision..if he wants listen him once nd finish matter for always..” ap said to dp..nd dp nodded in yes..
“ badepapa swara has left only her last exams next months only nd if she passed these exams her MBA vl b completed..nd v know no one in this house z against d studying of girls..see our uttara z also studying nd u have even send her abroad for her studies nd if during her studies if her marriage got fixed…would u like her to stop her studies..no na..nd in our family dere z not tradition like dis bcoz no one need it ever..nd if v do it today our coming generation vl follow dis nd make it tradition of our family..v both don’t want to go against ur decision..whatever b ur decision vl not go against it anyhow..”..

At night…
In hall..
“ papa I have made presentation for tomorrows meeting..I vl bring it tomorrow in office..”..sanskar said…
“ no sanskar…U r not coming office tomorrow..”..rp said..
“ y papa..wat happened??”..sanskar asked..
“ if u go to office den who vl go wd swara to her college….only 2 days r left to submit her form..hurry up son.. it’s already to late..” sujata said joyously..
Sanskar looked at everyone..everyone was smiling..
He then looks swara..she was looking at him victoriously.. nd den took elders blessing….

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