“ARRANGED” Love…!!! ( epi-5)


Hey guys..Again Sorry..M A Little Bit Late..So Sorry….Nd Thanks A Lot For Ur Comments Nd Support…
Now Lets Start…

His silence was haunting me..I felt his grip loosening on me..I was terrified ..A Lot of question arose in my mind..Was he angry wd me to ask dis question..?? But Equally I Was So much curious to knw it..I Just Want To Know abt his past…m I d first girl in his life? ? M I d only one??…Does He Had loved anyone??…What happened den???
Den suddenly I Felt His Fingers Intertwining Mine..I Looked up to him…but He was staring at blank at ceiling….
“ yes I had…”..He replied…

Sanskar Pov

She asked me about my past..i was not able to replied back instantly..it does not mean I did not want to share my past wd her or I want to hide it from her…it’s Just bcoz she asked suddenly..I had not expected dis from her..her one question brought me back to my old memories..along with it a layer of Old fear had surrounded me immediately..I Jerked It..nd finally I answered her question.
“ yes I had..”…
“ yes I had one…”
I Felt her frowned forehead loose some wrinkles …
“ wats her name??..” she Shot Her Next questn…

Swara Pov….

I Was relaxed a bit..when answered back..But His answer was not pleasing to me..Although I was not surprised..
“ wasts her name???..” I instantly asked him..I Wondered where all my fear has gone..Now my Curiosity has dominated my stupid fear…
“ kavita..”..He said..
“ did u love her…??”.I Asked..
“ yes I loved her..loved her like anything in d world” he said..
His answer was a bit expected to me..but still I did not liked it..I did not like dat my husband had loved someone else..A Lot Of things, I have started imagining in my mind about my mind…but I jerked my imaginary story abt them..
“tell me whole story..”..I Asked..
He replied back after a short silence..” V both were in same school..Same class.
V were in 11 std when we first met..she was new admission dat year in our school…She was too beautiful…too attractive..her looks..Her way of talikng..her nature..She was also good in studies…everything seems to be perfect about her………………..…”
I Did not like when he praised her… bt wat cn I do? ? M his wife nd no wife vl like her husband praising another women…
“……………………I Was also not less than her..quite popular among girls in our skul..But I dnt want any bf gf thing..Our family envrnmnt was strict ..They had alredy told me to study hard nd not to fall in such things..Nd I was such a obedient guy…when She Came to our clss..after few days she started to talk to me..I Starting I used to ignore her..for me I thouhght not replying back is ill manners…but I hav never started any conversation..she used to call me..V used to chat a long..but for me it is she who call me ,She shate her life, but I never share anything abt myself,Neither I hav ever called her nor talk her …Also I heard dat she had crush on me…She approached me nd confess her feelings one day.. ..but I immediately told her dat I was not interested in it….still her calls had not stopped..She said she was ok wd my feelings..But I should also b ok wd her feelings nd yes..i was ok wd it..but for how long I will run from these things nd she z not d one who give up so easily..nd it’s also true after spending so much time with someone u cn fall in love or not bit surely u vl habit of dat person…I don’t knw in my case wat was it…But I hav started falling for her…nd Took It Seriously..I thought V Vl hav a great future..Nd she also thought same ..She also loved me a lot..Took great care of me..supports me a lot…I was very happy…Happiness z long lasted.. after sometym things started to change.. I became more serious nd she started to took me for granted…slowly I Understood dis thing..But I also knew dat she loved me a lot..
after Our School.. v shifted to different colleges nd different cities..but Things Get Worst…I became more n more serious towards our relationship…it’s truly Said dat for how much a person vl act… Her behaviour does not change..V Used to fight a lot..she waz more involved in other frnds….I was no more her priority nor our relation..I Tried Hard To make my relation successful but everything goes into vain..But after a time I started liking to be away from..I feel more happy when I was not wid her..nd even thoght of our breakup does not bother me..But I never thought of breaking up with her coz I Cant imagine anyone else in her place..but eventually broke up but Its From her side..I feel broken but at same time I feel good to be away wid her…but den a question arise in my mind..Did I really love her??..If Yes,..Den Y it does not bother me too much..Y I don’t want her to b back in my life..I realised may b I was not in love with her…I loved d thought of being in love..Being Loved By someone so much..But dat thing broke my belief on love..I became more mature nd more practical to overcome all these…Nd I Started Beleiving dat there z nothing like love in dis world…I Thought every love..every relation is only for some purpose…My Father loves my mother only coz she is his wife..Only Coz Of His reltion with her nd same with my mom..Even I Thought My Mom Love Me Only Coz My His son..I Thought Love as a responsibility due to relation….I Closed my heart..nd I decided not to fall in love again…But As I Grown Up , became More mature..i saw my parents bhai bhabi closely..I realised may b love present..May B Some unconditional love z present..but due to my bitter experience I cnt able to believe it…nd then I met u….” he said…

Now He Looks In my eyes…I Cn find too many emotions in his eyes..He Pulls Me Closer..Tucked in my hair behind ears..nd Said “ when I First Saw U…I was mesmerised to see u…Ur beauty..Dats d first step I started falling for u…But I really worried nd afraid due to my fear…but Every time I used to see u..I forgot the whole world…I hav started falling for everything U hav…may b dis z d essence of marriage…swara …..I Want to fall in love again wd u…I want to b wd u whole lyf..In every stage of my life..Vl u wd me???”
I Nodded in yes.nd I put my lips on his lips..Nd Kissed It gently..to Show Dat m wid him always…to show dat m only his..My m devoted to him…
Nd He Kissed Me Back…I hugged him tightly..Nd He starts caressing my bare body..Nd We Mingled Nd Made Love..like v r made for each other..none has place in our life except ourselves…

Sorry Guys I Know It’s a little Boring..Still tell me Ur veiws…..I Knw..People In dis gen don’t like arrange marriage but still evrything has its own value..m Also Of dis gen nd hav same thinking..But I Have Equal value for both of It….

Credit to: ria..!!

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  5. its awesome….who told we don’t like arranged marriage concept…..nothing like that dear….

    1. thanks dear…I heard from many youngesters like dat…bt I think arrange or love marriage both have it’s own value

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  8. Loved it nd there is no problem in arrange marriages………actually I have a problem I don’t believe in love nor love marriages…..I don’t know why

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