“ARRANGED” Love…!!! ( epi-4)


“ bhaiya where r u?? Come find mall fast…” uttara called sanskar..
“ m in office uttara..wat happened?? Everything fine??”..Sanskar asked..
“no bhai..everything not fine..plz come here na..” uttara again said..
“OK fine m coming fast..but at least tell me what happened??” sanskar asked
“bhai wo..actually..I have forgotten card at home day u have given me..v have done a lot of
Shopping but how to pay..plz come”..uttara said sadly..wd a pout

“bhai u have come..i was really worried..v have done a lot of shopping but
Couldn’t Payable..I thought dat everything vl get wasted..but see..swara bhabi
Had not bought anything till now..” uttara said..
Swasan see each other..had a small eyelock
“bhai..u help ur wife in shopping..don’t Know what she want…
I nd pari bhabi r going to another shop…V still had to do a lot of shopping..
Saying dis both of dem left.. leaving swasan alone..

“ how’s Dis..??” swara asked sanskar showing a pink saree..
“NYC..” sanskar answered..
“ I think color z good..” swara again asked naughtily..
“ ya..I think..v cn find other thing..let’s Go elsewhere..”sanskar said..

“see swara..dats also pink…I think dat vl suit u..” sanskar said haughtily pointing
Out a pink s**y kneelength nightdress…
Swara smiles shyly nd said “ no”…”
“yes..” sanskar said haughtily..looking into her eyes…
At night sanskar was sitting in his room doing some office work
Just then swara comes out of bathroom wearing d same pink nightgown. Her hairs we’re Open..she has done a light makeup..
Sanskar looked upto her…He gets mesmerized to see her like dat..

As he saw me…I felt quite shy I front of him…He was looking at me naughtily..immediately I turned my gaze towards floor..
I have worn Dis type of dress first time…Den I felt two hands around my waist..nd he was in front of me..
He pulled me closer to him..gives a Peck on my lips…
I immediately turned red..feeling too much shy..I buried my head in his chest…
He holds me tightly by waist..
“ U look hot.. “ he whispered in my ear..
“ I had missed to see u In Dis attire on our honeymoon..don’t U think v should go for second honeymoon…” he added…
I was still feeling shy.. I hold his shirt tight.. while hugging him..
He starts caressing my body..by his hands..I was sensationalised by his touch…
He moved his thumb onto my lips..den he put his lips onto mine..starts gently kissing nd sucking it..
Eventually d kiss turned hot..he starts kissing more passionately..his hand we’re Moving on my back..
He then kissed my neck passionately…He had clutched me in his strong arms..he then turned me..moved my hair on my one shoulder nd starts kissing my back..his hands we’re exploring my bos**ms..i was moaning in pleasure..he den put me in his arms nd placed me on d bed…he then dims d light…
He starts opening his shirts button..removed his shirt….he then slides down my dress nd put blanket over us…Nd v made love after dat..

After making love..I was lying in his arms..putting my head over his chest..
He was holding me firmly by my waist..blanket has covered us..
“sanskar..can I ask u smthng..” I asked him..
“ hmm…sure..anything”..he replied…
“didn’t u had any girlfrnd before??”..I asked him..
But he dis tym he did not replied back..i got a long silence in reply..
Nd I was also afraid to question him again…Den I felt his grip z loosening on me..
Now I felt more fear..was he angry wd me to ask Dis question..should I have asked Dis??
Oh my God…Wat I had done.. I was cursing myself…
“ vo…Nothing..I just..just asked casually..it’s Fine..so..actually u ppl told laksh had so many girlfrnd..U ppl always talked abt his girlfrnd…But none talked abt u..so I just asked..it’s Nothing else…” I tried to cover up my saying..but still he did not replied..now his silence z haunting me..

Guys..plz tell me how’s it..cz m not getting gud response..I know m not a good writer..but still expecting little more comments..as it gives encouragement to write it..nd thanks for all d comments nd to all silent readers..thanks a lot..

Credit to: ria..!!

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