“ARRANGED” Love…!!! ( epi-3)


hello frnds..extremely sorry for late update…now my exams r finish so I vl try to post regularly..nd plz guys..plz tell me u lyk it or not…
I knw m not a good writer..it’s just I want to share my idea we u ppl..


“ragini..baba..u ppl here..” swara exclaimed as she enters d hall..she goes nd hug them.

” dear its ur pagphera rasam so they came to take u” ap said.
” beta go nd get ready.. nd in evening sanskar vl come to take u back..OK” ap added.
“OK maa..”swara said

“aunty…can swara stay wd us for some days??plzz aunty” ragini asked ap.
ap smiles..” beta muhurat for pagphera z for today only..let dis ritual b completed..after dat swara cn stay as many days u nd ur sister wants..OK” ap said nd pat ragini’s cheek..

“OK aunty if it’s so den fine..but after day she cn stay na” ragini asked…

” yes ragini”..ap said

” aunty but can jiju come wd us now..instead of evening…plzzzz aunty plz..dnt say no..” ragini again demanded wd her innocent face…

” ok ok..he cn go..” ap said

“so jiju..r u coming na??…go nd get ready”..ragini said while turning towards sanskar

” ragini..u ppl go na..i vl come in evening…u sister hav some talk..wat vl i do there” sanskar said..

” wat r u saying jiju..i wnt to talk wd u also..nd wait…r u saying no to me??? huh???”..ragini gazed sanskar wd ger big eyes popping out…

” heeyyy…dont scare me sali sahiba..give me sometime..let me get ready m coming..ok…happy?? ” sanskar said wd smiling…

“yes fine”…ragini smiles nd ger happy..

swara was smiling seeing all dis…

sanskar pov..

dat day for pagphera…going wd swara nd ragini to baadi..was not seem to b a good choice earlier.. i was reluctant to go..but after coming back from there spending a whole day wd my wife nd family..it became a great choice..

there i found a new shade of my wife…d girl who z quiet nd does not speak too much..was replaced by a girl who was bubbly nd chirpy…she was busy wd her mom nd dadi talking a lot i dnt knw wat dey were talking but she seems to be free wd dem..helping dem in kitchen..along wd dat eating a lot of food…hehehe.. i did not knew she cn eat so much..she Luks slim..nd lot of thing I have noticed were…nd another great thing happened dere was my chat wd ragini…she explore my wife more..i cme to knw many other things abt my wife….nd dis thing to knw abt her continues even on our honeymoon..wen v returned frm baadi laksh give us tickets for our honeymoon..really spending time together z d best way to knw a person…during our honeymoon v both were together whole day nd whole night..v both got to knw a lot abt each other’s life..our like dislikes..our frnz family dreams..and a lot..nw i understood d concept of honeymoon after marriage..v r getting closer…


swara pov..

v r getting closer…i nd my husband….and also m getting closer to my new family…nd all dis coz of my husband..he took great care even of little things..i remember when he took me to eat kulfi in midnight….nd another incident when i had burnt his favorite shirt..i was too much scared..i thought he would scold me..but instead of scolding he told me its fine..not to b afraid..its only a shirt..he cn buy a new one…he made me so much comfortable in my new life..nw a days he made some random plans for movie..outings.late night chat …all wd his siblings..i knw he wont say but i knw y he z doing so..to make me comfortable wd his family..wd his bro nd sis..so that i cn spend more tym wd dem i cn understand dem..nd see his trick worked..m getting closer to dem also…

” bhabhi…bhabi..where r u??” uttara was shouting..or calling me..

” uttara..m here..wat happend??” i asked her

” bhabhi lets get ready fast..u, i nd pari bhabi r going for shopping..” she answersd..

” shopping??? suddenly..is there any occasion??” i asked..

” bhabhi..does girls need some occasion to do shopping..?? by d way..sanskar bhaiya gave me his card and asked me to shopping nd also he has asked me to take u nd pari babhi wd me..nd shop for both of also..now go nd get ready fast..v both r waiting for u”…saying dis she left..

nd I again smiled at my husband’s act..I knew y he z sending us to shopping..

I took my phn to cal him nd inform him dat m going out..I knew although it was her plan..bt still….
may he z busy in office..I thought to text him..

” m going for shopping wd uttara nd park bhabi”..I messaged him..

“OK..enjoy”..he text back..
…as m going..again a message popped up in my phn….

” BTW..I vl lyk to c u in pink”…he texted again..

again a sweet smile come to my lips…


so tell me guys how’s it..nd promise vl post next part very soon…

Credit to: ria..!!

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