“ARRANGED” Love…!!! ( epi-2)


next morning at breakfast table..
everybody z sitting..
aryan( pari son)- dadi where z chachu n new chachi..when vl v start our bf..
just then swasan enters..
apparently- come beta sit..v we’re waiting for u only
swasan we’re abt to sit together..then..
aryan- chachi plz come nd sit we me…
swara sits beside aryan, in front of sanskar..
they we’re having their bf..
swara nd sanskar we’re stealing glances of each other during eating..
swara tucked her hair besides her ear..nd looked sanskar..she was wearing d same earing which her husband gifted her last night..
sanskar see this nd smiles slightly naughtily seeing swara..
after bf..
sanskar- laksh..I want Mr.mehra file..that’s wid u na..
sujata- wats dis sanskar.. u vl do office work today..it’s only one day past ur marriage..for this I have asked u to take leave from work so u open ur office in home…I…
sanskar- OK mom.. OK..his…just relax..I vl not do anything fine..
sujata- OK..
ap- swara today z muh dikhayi..guests vl come in sometime ..u go to ur room take some rest nd after that get ready..OK..
swara- ji maa..
sujatha – nd yes..today ur rasoi rasam z also..after that only u cn enter kitchen..
swara- OK mom..

swasan room…

swara- sanskar..vo..i hav to arrange my clothes nd unpack my bags..where shud i keep my stuff..
sanskar- obviously swara in cupboard only..is this d question to ask??
swara- actually whole of cupboard is full by ur stuff..where vl i keep my things..
sanskar comes close to her..holds her hands in his..
sanskar..hey this room z also as much as urs..as its mine…u cn arrange it as u want..there z no need to ask me…ok..
he smiles nd pats on her cheek..
she smiles back…
just then laksh enters in their room..
laksh- ahem..ahem..I think I have disturbed u both..actually I don’t habit to come in this room we a knock..sorry..
san- it’s OK lucky..it was nothing like that..what happened..??
laksh- come wid me..I need u…
sanlak leaves..nd swara starts arranging cupboard..
her phone beeps…
swara smiles seeing caller I’d.
swara- hey ragini how’s u..??
ragini- wats dis swara u forgot us in one day only..
swara- ragini..it’s nothing like that..I was missing u a lot..how s everyone..maa baba Dada dadi??
ragini- no I vl not tell u..
swara- raginiiiii….say naaa…
ragini- every one z fine here..just missing u..u tell an how z jiju..??how’s was ur wedding night?? wat did he gift u??
swara- ragini…stop..too many ques..he z fine..he gifted me earnings..
ragini- wow swara..NYC..ha..nd hwz everyone other in family??
swara- everyone z fine..I don’t know much abt them..it’s only one day here..that all spend in rituals etc only..I my afraid ragini…i missing u people badly..
ragini- u r mad swara..no need to scare..they liked u that’s y they choose u their dil..nd u vl prove urself a good dil..nd my sister z so loving dat everyone loves her..
swara- ok ragini i hav to go now..today z my muh dikhayi nd first rasoi..
ragini- ok my sister bye..take care..

just then parineeta comes..
pari- may i come in swara..??
swara- come in na bhabhi..no need to ask..
pari( smiles)- maa has sent these clothes nd jwellery for u..take it nd get ready..i vl help u..
swara- ok bhabi..


pari was helping swara in getting ready..
pari- swara i knw wats all were going in ur mind..i hav gone though this phase..i cn clearly understands wat a girl feels after marriage..but now dis iz ur family..nd m just like ur elder sister.if u want to share anything… u cn come to me anytime..i vl always there to help u..
swara- thanku bhabhi..
she felt so relaxed listening her words..

at night..
all were present at dining table…
swara was serving foodade by her..
ap- everyone eat sweet first..then starts ur dinner..our new dil had made it first tym for us..
evryone praise her food nd gives her nek..
but swara’s heart only want to listen her husband..she was eagerly waiting for him
uttara- sanskar bhaiya where z ur nek..??
san- wat nek?? she z my wife..wats mine z all her also..?? wats d need of gift then?? if she wants anything..she cn ask..
and he leaves the table..
swara feels sad…

***** swasan room

swara enters..sanskar was already sitting on bed in night suit…popping his head in his phone..
she looks at him but he did not give her attention..she feels more disappointed..she walks towards her cupboard..she opens cupboard..to her much amusement she finds a gift wid a tag..food waz so tasty..she smiled seeing it..she understood that sanskar has placed it here..she opens it find two beautiful anklet in it..just then sanskar hugged her from behind..
sanskar( whispers in her ear) – here z ur nek..do u like it..??
swara – ya…very much..
sanskar- come let me make u wear this..
she makes swara sit in bed..he himself sits on his knees..make her wear anklet..she was looking her husband lovingly..her heart filled with joy..
he sits besides her.
sanskar- food was really tasty..specially bhindi..
swara- r u making fun of me?? u took only one bowl of it..i knw u didnt like it..
sanskar- heeyyy..wat r u saying..i really i liked it..u knw i hate bhindis..still i ate one full bowl of it..m sure my mom must be in shock till now bcz of it..
swara- really…!! den y u ate it..u could say no..there were other things also..
sanskar-( holds her hand) my wife had made it first tym for us wd so much love..how could i not have it..??
he kissed his hands..she turns red..
he make her closer to him nd kissed her lips…
lights switches off…

guys plz comment..if u like it or not…

Credit to: ria..!!

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