“ARRANGED” Love…!!! ( epi-1)


hey guys..thanks for previous epi response..
I wanna say something..there z some other writer named jasmine here on tellyupdates who write my soul mate etc..my not the one..m new here it’s my first writing..n sorry Sara my not d one whom u or supposed to assume..nd thanks for ur response…
earlier also wrote this epi..I don’t know y it’s not submitted.. now let’s start…

swara z sitting on bed in bridal attire..lost in thoughts..waiting for her husband..her thoughts comes to halt by a knock on door..she take a glimpse to see who z it..it’s her husband…sanskar maheshwari…her heart beat skip for a second…
he comes close to her..sat on d bed..in front of swara..swara has lowered her gaze looking downward due to shyness..

swara pov…

he comes n sit in front of me..I was damn nervous abt my wedding night..abt it…and remembering whatever my mother nd my frnds told me abt it adding more to it…then he comes close to me..lift my chin nd whisper in my ear..” my bride looks beautiful”…
I was so nervous seeing him so close to me..I was not able to say a single word..then he brings his face close to my face…our face was a inch apart..I closed my eyes nd clenched my hands tightly..I was breathing hard slightly..then I felt two lips on my forehead..he kissed my forehead..I opened my eyes…I felt so comfortable by his this act..all my nervousness vanished suddenly..may b he understood me..
next thing he said ” I think v should change our clothes these r too heavy nd u also might be feeling uncomfortable in these clothes nd jwellery”
I replied by nodding in yes..
then he took out a red velvety box from his pocket..
sanskar- ” mom told me that tomorrow vl b ur much dikhayi rasam..nd being ur husband I must b the one to do this ritual so she asked me take a gift for u…”
he forwarded that to me..I took it..
sanskar -” open it”
I opened it by following his command..
it’s diamond earrings…
swara- ” it’s beautiful…thank u..” (smiles)
sanskar-…OK I vl go nd change…
he grabbed his night suit nd goes to bathroom..
I see the very first gift from my husband..a sweet smile came to my lips…then I thought to remove my jwelley first..as really I was too much uncomfortable in this attire…
I took steps to mirror nd starts removing y jwellery..after few minutes..I found two hands holding my hands from behind when I was removing my necklace..
sanskar – ” may I help u??”
nd without listening my answer he helped me to remove my necklace..
then he brought down his hand on my arms nd removed my bangles..I was shivered by his touch..he then placed few kisses on my neck..then he turned me towards him..holds me by my waist..I was still looking down he then cups my face by his one hand..he looked deep into my eyes..I was mesmerized to him nd lost into his eyes..he then brings his face closer to me..put his lips onto mine…he kissed me so softly..I clenched his shirt in my hands..he then turned me..opened dork nd zip of my blouse..removed my dupatta..holds me by my waist from behind..then he starts kissing on my bare back nd neck..I was moaning little on his each kiss..he then took me in his arms nd put me on bed..switches off the lights..he intertwined my fingers into his..nd we became one after that……

sanskar pov

she z sleeping in my arms..she..my wife..I felt how life changes..two months before v we’re strangers nd in one night our life become one..I wondered how a girl left her everything..only on one belief..a trust that her husband vl take care of him..protect her..gives her all happiness..vl I b able to do this all for my wife..vl I becum a good husband..vl I b able to fulfil all marriage vows..she comes to this house only on my belief..having a trust on her husband..vl I b able to give her all d happiness which she deserves…nd most important..VL I B ABLE TO LOVE HER…???

Credit to: ria

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    I Can’t Find Its Previus Part Can U Please Give Me Link

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  7. sorry rosey….I don’t know how to give link..just Google arranged love prologue tellyupdates…u vl find it..nd thanks all..

  8. Its amazing
    Plz continue and don’t stop in the middle

  9. Why does he have a doubt about it should be the question I must ask. But I won’t as I would rather read on how you are going to show me the reason.

    Waiting for next update.

  10. Very nice.post next

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