Arranged divorce- by aradhana (Part 4)

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The episode starts with swara being stuck with words after sanskaar leaves the room.
Swara: why on world did I meet him again?Oh please god!!! I never wished to see him again..Its like…a worst nightmare… herself)swara this is your first single handed project and he is your client ..just your client..

The frame shifts to sanskaar..who gets into his car and his memories flashback..first time when he saw her at the mandap…he stops his car in front of Maheshwari mansion and runs to his room..he Falls on his knees and covers his face …

Sanskaar wasn’t interested in getting married..just for the sake of his family and mere parental pressure forced him to accept that proposal…he didn’t turn up FoR @ The day of engagement because he wasn’t really pretty excited to see his girl..he was one sort of guy who lost belief in love ever since his brother got ditched..he never knew anything about her except her name..he never cared about her looks..all he cared was about the international business meet which was scheduled the next day of his marriage..He wasn’t a geek..but was a playboy once before that girl dumped his bro..

He has been perceiving all girls ever since then to be of same type as her..he was just tired of all these stuffs and lost faith in love and marriage..He had a next-to door boy look and was really a friendly person but he smiles rarely..good enough to clean bowl a girl..
He had never been in any serious relationships…moreover , he wanted to stop this marriage because he Didn’t wanted a girl in his life..he just hated marriage…But all those attitude of him broke to thousand pieces the moment he saw her at the mandap…he could never take his eye off her..It wasn’t just her beauty that mesmerized him..he felt they were connected by souls and were meant to be soulmates for ages..Its like you cant describe how life changes the moment you meet your love of your doesn’t need thousands of hours to fall in love with just requires one second ….its like just you have wait for the right second for that person to enter your life..just it was an unnamed feeling that drove sanskaar towards her..

He hears a loud thud and turns around …it was their marriage photo.the pic featured Sanskaar filling swara’s maang….which hung on his wall facing his bed..he has been seeing that photo first as soon as he wakes up for more than a year as of was one of his happiest moment ..when he Filled her maang ..he felt as if the world was under his feet…he still couldn’t name his feelings for her..was it love or just attraction..but it wasn’t lust for sure..
Sanskaar: This photo is one of my Fav memories..this photo…IT.HAS..BROKE..huhhhh…….swara..very soon our relation is also going to break…(Sanskaar gets teary eyed)..(speaks to swara in the photo)Im sorry I didn’t cheat when I saw you …You know how I felt cant be expressed in mere words..”TU MERI JAAN HO SWARA ..TUMHARI KHUSH KE LIYE KUCH BHI KARUNGI MEIN”…
He sighs and calls someone…

Sanskaar: haan..aap ne divorce papers sent kiya hai na..and remember swara musnt know the truth that it was her parents who Filed divorce first and not me..
He cuts the call and looks at the photo again…
The frame shifts to swara’s house:

Swara finds she has received her courier and she makes a steady stern expression as she very well knew of what it must be…

Swara: Divorce…hai na..sanskaar..meri pyaari pati ne bhej diya mere liye,…
She tears open the cover and finds the form that read divorce between two indviduals mr.sanskaar maheshwari and mrs.Swara sanskaar maheshwari..she skims through the paper and finds sanskaar’s sign on the bottom…

Swara: what was the necessity for him to call me mrs.Swara Sanskaar maheshwari today???he just is trying to play around with my feelings..he is laughing over my status of still not having moved on from his relationship..& Im sure he has sent this papers because he wants to start his new life with her..But today saw her..with someone else..what did that meant..?????whatever may be..I’ll give him divorce and get freed from his relation ..i’ll also move on from him..
She takes her pen and prays to god to be with her all through her life in all her decisions..Mangalam bhagwan Vishnu..plays on background..The paper flutters and flies out through the balcony opening…swara opens her eyes and finds the paper sliding over the railing..She goes to the balcony and peeps down..

Swara sees her…That girl who made her life & relations miserable..she runs down…She reaches the ground floor and picks the papers..She finds the girl speaking to mrs.Verma..
Swara: Hi mrs verma!!
Mrs verma: Hey swara..see this girl is searching for someone…what name did you say dear?
Girl: Mr.Rathore..
Swara: ohhh.aunty..I know him..I’ll show her the way…I’ll help her..
Mrs.verma: ohhh..tysm dear..
The girl seemed quite casual and didn’t exibit much expressions on seeing her..
Swara: Come na..

Girl: haan..
Swara noticed the girl behaving a bit weird for the past few seconds..may be she must have remembered what see did with her..Swara takes her to her apartment…
Swara: come..
Girl: Is this mr.rathore’s apartment..
Swara: haan..

She pushes her inside and bolts the door…
Swara: I know u must have remembered tum ne kya kiya mere saath..

Girl: Meine kuch nahi kiya…believe me..
Swara: accha..if you didn’t do anything what were you doing yesterday at maheshwari mansion..If you aren’t going to open up then you’ll never see a worst person like me..and meri chachu police pe hai I don’t need evidences I can file a case against you on any matter of concern..I have solid evidence and proofs to prove you were there ..See ..I don’t who you are and why are you doing this with me..say the truth..what’s between you and sanskaar..I know very well these type of girls sell their character even when they get money ..shameless girls..dono whether their family is even like this(she wantingly speaks so to provoke her and open up the truth)

Girl: stop..stop it..ur have no rights to speak about my family…and haan..I trapped sanskaar..He didn’t love me..And he didn’t misbehave with me..I did all this to save my family and not for money..I went to MMmansion because there is someone who made me do all this …
Swara: It means..sanskaar is not guilty..

Girl: see..I said this truth..beleiving you wont tell this to anyone..please and Im sorry I did this on someone’s sayings and I spoiled your life…your husband is not that kind of guy …
Swara: Im sorry ..I spoke too harsh with you..and don’t worry I wont reveal this to anyone and thanks for saying this truth…but whos that at mm mansion making you do this?
Girl: Ji..vohh..mujhe bhi patha nahi..

I know it’s a lady..but I don’t know her name or I haven’t met her face to face..we speak over phone and one day by mistake my papa’s friend is a driver at the MM mansion , he met with some health issues so he requested my papa who is a cab driver to pick up Sanskaarfrom airport..I don’t know clearly what was the real problem,what happened between them ….All I know was they got involved in a car accident but when police came into scene ..they found drugs and they accused my father … the police turned partial for MM family and our situation turned topsy-turvy..My father was trapped..I don’t know how it happened..

And I got a call from MM mansion . two days afer that accident.A lady spoke..and Im sure it was a call from MM mansion bcoz my truecaller revelaed the ID as “adarsh”..and she said if I act according to her sayings ..she’ll free mydad…so That was the hungama I created in ur wedding and my papa got released from the case that evening..But Ji..vohhh.
Swara: kya..bol na..

Girl: That day sanskaar didn’t turn up..
Swara: What? But you said your papa went to pick up sanskaar right?
Girl: Haan..par..uss din sanskaar nahi aaya..his brother only came..
Swara: His brother??
Girl: haan..adarsh bhaiyya..

Swara: iss mein kuch toh raaz hai…I have to find it out..But why didn’t sanskaar defend himself…?and what about those pictures which my parents saw that day?
Girl: All was a fair play …It was completely fake..Bcoz Ive never met ur husband before..And waise bhi swara ji..Sanskaar could have proved him innocent..but I don’t know why he was silent …but swara ji..he needs your help now…
Swara: kyun mein?

Girl: I heard ppl saying ram sir aur sujatha mam had left for varnasi a few weeks after ur marriage halted..

Swara: So..what are you trying to say?
Girl: his parents have some hatredness since then and they have settled in varnasi itself leaving all their properties on his name..Now it’s a crucial stage for sanskaar..he doesn’t know his own family member is plotting against him..
Swara: but..I have a doubt..That person wanted to stop his marriage so he/she used u..But Logically didn’t you say sanskaar misbehaved with you?
Girl: yaahh..I said.
Swara: then what is the next step …
Girl: As of now..they are awaiting your divorce..
Swara: How has sanskaar reacted on ur issue?

Girl: he is mysterical..he never reacted much …
Swara: its confusing that …logically you must be urging him for marriage right?
Girl: haan..but I have been asked to stay quiet for 6 months..

Swara: 6 months..hmm..(TO HERSELF ) but still sanskaar’s behavior is confusing..Why he didn’t defend himself and what is his current opinion about this girl’s accusation And is he gonna marry her??
She sents the girl from her house assuring she wont be at risk..and She points to left saying Mr.rathore’s apartment was 5th one on the left wing..

@MM mansion night 9.00pm..

Sanskaar lays down on the bed Thinking she must have signed those papers by now…He becomes teary eyed..

@ Swara’s apartment, same time:

Swara signs those divorce papers..

Precap: Swara enters MM mansion..she gives those divorce papers saying ..”Ho gayi humari arranged divorce”..Sanskaar Looks on ..

So Im Done with this long epi..hope you liked it..Pls leave your valuable comments…My waatpad ID aradhana selvam.

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