Arranged divorce- by aradhana (Part 3)

Hey wonderful readers !!! thankyou so much for loving this story and Lets move on to the epi..
The epi starts with the frame showing the aerial view of bustling city of Mumbai and zoomes into an apartment where our swara is residing…Swara pushes apart the curtains of her window and watches the busy ppl and city sipping some hot black tea that was wafting some vapours around..
Swara: (to herself) Its been almost 2 years since I shifted here..have been fortunate as I got job on that firm.with this cool pay..
Her phone rings..She sees the display that was showed up “mom”..Swara has been detatched from her family and especially after that incident she completely let loose all the ties with them.except her sister..She picks the call ..
Sumi: swara..beta..hwa u..its been a long time..why don’t you come kolkatta this diwali..choti is missing you a lot.papa also wants to meet you..and you know today our laxmi’s daughter is having her godhbharai ceremony..huhhhh….(sighs)you would have had a child by now …Im unlucky and not fortunate enough to become a dadi..
Swara switched on the phone’s speaker and has started to read newspaper..She has been used to these melodramatic blackmails of her mom..She knew very well her mom is trying to get her hitched again..
Swara picks the phone saying: Ma..I’ll try to come this diwali..
Sumi: waise swara..vooh sanskaar sent you his divorce papers..And ur papa sent them to ur address..
Swara gets stunned a bit but manages herself..thinking..this must have happened years back..
Swara: Ma..I’ll sign and sent them..Im getting late for office..will call you later..
Sumi: (her voice expressed a satisfied tone) ok beta..bye..
Swara gets ready for her office and memories flash down her memorylane…she gets a bit tensed and prays to god..she leaves ..
Life doesn’t offer things just like that for everyone ..sometimes it’s a cakewalk which you enjoy.for some it’s the bittergaurd dessert which is one worst thing beyond ur imagination…for swara everything happened on some extremities..she hated being on existence..She takes her car and drives down the lane while the traffic signal waves a stop flash for her wandering thoughts…she switches on her fm…the fm plays..

Pal Bhar Thahar Jaao
Dil Ye Sambhal Jaaye
Kaise Tumhe Roka Karun
Meri Taraf Aata Har
Gham Phisal Jaaye
Aankhon Mein Tum Ko Bharun
Bin Bole Baatein Tumse Karun
‘Gar Tum Saath Ho
Agar Tum Saath Ho
Behti Rehti
Nahar Nadiya Si
Teri Duniya Mein
Meri Duniya Hai
Teri Chaahaton Mein
Main Dhal Jaati Hoon
Teri Aadaton Mein
‘Gar Tum Saath Ho
Teri Nazron Mein
Hai Tere Sapne
Tere Sapno Mein
Hai Naraazi
Mujhe Lagta Hai
Ke Baatein Dil Ki
Hoti Lafzon Ki Dhokebaazi
Tum Saath Ho Ya Na
Ho Kya Fark Hai
Bedard Thi Zindagi Bedard Hai
Agar Tum Saath Ho
Agar Tum Saath Ho
Palkein Jhapakte
Hi Din Ye Nikal Jaaye
Baithi Baithi Bhaagi Phirun
Meri Taraf Aata Har
Gham Phisal Jaaye
Aankhon Mein Tum Ko Bharun
Bin Bole Baatein Tumse Karun
‘Gar Tum Saath Ho
Agar Tum Saath Ho
Teri Nazron…

Tears escape from her eyes while thinking of her marriage , she had expectations…all broke in that second..
Swara: If he didn’t like me then why did he marry me..and why didn’t I see the guilt in his eyes..
She wipes off her tears and turns on the car as the signal blinked green..there….there..she saw..what she saw..was it her?????She chased her car behind that red SUV ..they were too rash..but swara managed to chase them…The car stops in front of the big black dock gated house it read “Maheshwari mansion”…!!!!
She stops the car a lil away from that house and watches her..with..another guy?????? But who was that..who was she after all??why did she stop the wedding ? and If she wasn’t sanskaar’s lover..then why did he didn’t say anything in that wedding day?Her phone vibrates sending vibes up her sleeve..she jerked a bit and was from her office..
Swara: Oh gosh!!!!!how could I forget its meeting today and Sir said it was a high scale project..
She gets on her car and reaches her office…she sees her watch its 10.00 She’s on time..but not before 10..its a sort of professional keepup of architects..She takes the stairs and reaches the discussion room..The chief architect,juniors all are present except the senior architect and the client..The senior architect?obviously its our swara..
The group leaves the room leaving swara puzzled…

Mohan: This is your project swara..we thought to surprise you with this file handover..but u r late..all the best..
The chief ar.mohan was a grave person..swara felt she always faced losses in her life because of this guy..
She gets her presentations geared up and puts on her specs…she seems adorable (of course I can visualize how cute she looks in those specs).Someone knocks on the door..
Swara: hope it must be the client…Pls god help me..I must confirm this project and all must go well..(she raises her voice)Yahh..come in!!
The client enters..Swara raises her vision and stands immediately….she jerks out and moves back the chair hits the cupboard and her eyes shock..
The guy is fit in a black coat and suit..he has some slight beard and close trimmed moustache..he removes his coolers and says”aap?” she gets conscious that she’s in office..and forwards her hand.
Swara: Hi! Im swara bose, senior architect..

Sanskaar: Im sanskaar maheshwari..
Swara: have your seat…what are your project requirements sir..
She keeps explaining the presentation and doesn’t give any hint or space for him..He keeps on looking at her with his right hand’s index finger in a folded position over his if he was waiting for her to complete..
Swara: That’s it sir.
Sanskaar: Huhh….Im pretty satisfied with your client are my project details..and my card..I need this project to be winded up early this January..
Swara: yup..sure sir..
Sanskaar: huh…u r??
Swarato herself) how will he remember me and how dare he forget my name..huhhhh..Im swara bose..
Sanskaar: thik hai..mrs.swara sanskaar maheshwari..Mein chalti yun.
Swara: Sorry u must be mistaken..Im…
Sanskaar forwards her ID card that reads her name swara sanskaar..He leaves the room with his million dollar cute smile…while swara stands in dismay..

Precap: swara-mystery girl confrontation

Im done with this short epi..pls drop in your valuable comments..

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    Grt gng dear. But I have 1 question… Why did Swara change her maiden name when she didn’t even accept the marriage?

    1. Aradhana

      its some unknown feel she didnt accept sanskaar…but she’s such that she couldnt wipe away the fact that she’s married..bcoz its some sacred relation and she, her conscience made her change her maiden name…swara known for her transparent, truthful nature couldnt wipe away her marraige thoughts…

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    he froze watching her (during marriage)… that means he was mesmerized may be love at first sight… and now he left the room all smiling. . that means he is happy to know her valuing marriage… there is probably some issue unknown… by the title of your story I think it ia like FAMILY IS EAGER FOR THEIR DIVORCE… I likwd the concept… hell a lot… and waiting for Sanskar’s character to unfold

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