Arranged divorce- by aradhana (Part 2)

Arranged divorce-part 2
Hello wonderful readers!! Thanks a lot for loving this on with the epi..
The episode starts with swara bolting the door and she takes a book while something falls with a huge thud..she takes that paper parcel ..she comes near the bed ,keeps that parcel aside and falls vexed while tears escape from her eyes..One doesn’t need to have any reason to be happy..but there must be thousands of pains that must be the reason for a person’s sadness..cant predict..

Swara was quite ambitious in her carrer and doesn’t wants her personal life to be a hindrance for her future..everything was a struggle in her life..she was forced to join a school of their parents wish,her dress,her every small happiness was almost smashed by her parents as they never considered her opinion on any..She was quite matured and understood her parents must have done so as she was too young to understand stuffs..but this continued on her high school and even her college..there she had to struggle a lot as architecture had been her passion and she got through lots of obstacles for getting her dreams on vision..

Her dreams shattered on her fourth year 3rd april 2017..when she found her father has decided to get her engaged.But she was just 21..she had life,dreams to chase,lots of good things were seemed she was living her life like a one was ready to hear what she needed, how she felt..she thought she must be a sinful soul..One can never understand a girls pain..because she manages to mask her feelings with her smiling face for others happiness..Still there are these sorts of parents who just don’t try to understand their kid’s needs..

Without asking swara’s decision the engagement was done..Only god can understand how she must be feeling now..It was all a worse nightmare..she never saw the guy on the day of engagement as it seemed he was stuck with some work..she had his photo..but wasn’t interested in looking at it…For she never intended this marriage to happen..
All happened against her wishes..time scrolled very fast the way she never wished to happen..she never saw the guy..nor asked his whereabouts..for she never wanted to get married..

Time was her enemy and god seemed to her like one evil cupid..she cried each and every second and atlast surrendered..For she knew she would get married..she mentally prepared herself..she decided to take life the way it comes..She decided to convince her to-be sasural for her future studies..And pleaded her parents to get this one favour done for her..There she got a green signal..a weak ray of hope..she’s gonna get her dreams fulfilled..there…she got a chance..her joy knew no was behind explain how she felt..being a girl requires lots of sacrifices..lot of pain and its not easy to be a girl with such ambitions..

But the day of marriage its one of the best day for any girl..that wasn’t applicable for swara..her face covered with the veil..she couldn’t see him..she wasn’t excited..but wanted to know how he looked like..just a mere thought..all she knew was his name..Sanskaar..!!She took a proper wedding rituals and got married to him taking pheras and wore mangalsutar on his name..atlast while he was about to keep sindoor on her forehead..the first time her eyes met with his..he seemed to b gazing at her..he was just looking at her as if he was frozen..and his fingers were just inches away from her maang..then suddenly as if he was shook by someone from dream.he jerked himself and filled her maang and nanoparticles of sindoor touch her nose..

She never did even imagine this would be the last time she’s seeing him..That one girl who came in middle with cops after her wedding changed her fate..She couldn’t figure out and before she could realize the chaos..her parents blamed him for cheating swara and said they’ll break this relationship and get a good life for their daughter..She couldn’t read him..but his eyes..she felt some truthness behind them..One last time..she saw him..that was it..
The phone bell rings and swara comes to senses..She sees the phone displays her papa’s no..She attends it..
Shekhar: Swara…beta..u got chance to retrieve your studies in that top university..and they’ve called me up to inform you can join this june..
Swara: haan..papa..

She hung the call…june!! Just three days left she couldn’t stay in her she felt lingered by those thoughts..she thought a change in atmosphere will make her start a fresh life..had been fortunate enough as her parents regretted for having stopped hers studies in middle and took pity have gone by her decision to continue her studies..Fortunate..seeking fortune in a unfortunate condition..that was best to describe swara’s condition..She packed her bags..while she sees the parcel..she throws it underneath the wardrobe.
Swara: cheater….i’ll never forgive you and there’s no place for you in my heart..
The story takes a year leap…
Swara has completed her final year and has sought job in a top architectural firm in Mumbai..

Precap: Swara gets divorce form…she sees sanskaar’s sign in it..

Im done with the second one..I wont be dragging this ff it will have less no of episodes.Hope you all liked it.Please leave your valuable comments..

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  1. Independent

    oh gog what’s going on plz continue before i get a heartattack

    1. Aradhana

      yup..posted next one dr..tysm for ur wonderful comments..

  2. Chanya

    Awesome excited..even I a swsan lover..eagerly awaiting for the next update..

    1. Aradhana

      Tysm dear..glad u liked it..updated next one will be posted within today ..

  3. Kakali

    Huh Aradhanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…!! Continue soon before I attack on you..!! Loved it dear..!! Continue soon..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Aradhana

      tysm kakali..Surprised and glad u commented..yup Ive submitted nxt one..

  4. Neptune

    poor swara am feeling sooooooooooooo sad for her waiting for the mystery to unfold post soon dear

    1. Aradhana

      tysm neptune..Ive submitted next one dr..tysm agin for those wonderful comments..

  5. awesxome update next part soon

  6. Awesome

  7. Phoniex

    Loved it it’s amazing dearo so so beautiful. Please post it on Watty as well

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    1. Aradhana

      tysm soujanya.

    1. Aradhana

      tysm kojagorimalik..

  9. Manasvi

    Aru dii..
    Its Awesome!!

    1. Aradhana

      thank you manasvi..glad u liked it..sorry for not being able to reply u all in my previous update..

      1. Manasvi

        Its okay dii..?
        Btw give me your wattpad id..

  10. loved it..

  11. Aarushi_99

    Loved it!! But feeling bad for Swara…
    Update soon, take care!

    1. Aradhana

      heyya.aarushi..tysm..ohh dont feel bad for her.she’s a strong girl..will turn things fine soon.

  12. Mahisha

    its awesome
    continue soon

    1. Aradhana

      tysm mahisha..

  13. its good dear

    1. Aradhana

      thanks dr..

  14. Lifez_beautiful

    Loving the twist!!

    1. Aradhana

      tysm dr…glad u liked it..

  15. Mahavir

    awesome akka loved it..!! :-*

  16. Seebu_s

    nice dear..

    1. Aradhana

      tysm seebu.

  17. Arshaanya

    Wat ?? its shocking..
    Post nxt part ASAP

  18. Simi

    What.. ??? They separated next minute after marriage…

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  20. Neha_Pheonix

    Wonderful dear. My exams have been finished and here I am to read a superb story. Yes, the way you have narrated swara’s pain. True it happens with lot of girls.
    I am totally in admiration of this story as Swara amids all difficulties mannaged this much.
    LOve ya!

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