Arranged divorce- by aradhana (Part 1)

The story is set up in 2017. A high middle class family is shown busy with their daily activities..A family of four members. Shekhar Bose the family head works for the central government under Income tax department and mother sumi, a housewife who reacts normal like one of our own mothers..Their younger daughter diya is seen busy piling up her bag and notes..often checking her mobile..she’s in her college first year.Now the frame shifts to a awry room seems like some museum sort with things aligned with some measurements, and a girl in yellow chudi is seen writing something..the frame is zoomed to the paper..she is seen filling some information seems like some application form..She enters her details as the following:

Name: Swara

Fathers name: Shekhar bose

D.O.B: 14-1-1996

Qualification: B.Arch

Gender: female

She stops writing seeing the next question ..and her hand moves to and fro…She drops the pen and bolts her room..She opens her cupboard and takes out a bright red gown seems like some wedding dress..She closes the cupboard and goes near the mirror …there we see swara bose..her eyes wet with tears and face seems to have dried up with traces of her tears.The gorgeous girl was raunchy even without any make up..she keeps the dress aside and goes to the table again..she is about to fill…while some unknown storm of thoughts take up her mind..she fills…

Status: Married

And again goes to the top and changes her name as

Name: Swara Sanskaar maheshwari

She hears her mother calling by name and so she hids those papers and opens the door.

Sumi: Swara!!! have you filled your form..arent you gonna apply for that top university?

Swara : applying for an university in mumbai..

Sumi: will get a top university in kolkatta itself because your score was such..

Swara: no ma…you already know how much Im depressed..I need some air and space for everything..I need to stay away from things..hope you understand..

Sumi: haan..I totally get it..but where will you be staying in mumbai?

Swara: huh..Natasha’s sister is in mumbai..I’ll ask her..may be we can share rooms..

Sumi: thats great..but remember your safety is my priority…

Swara nods and bolts the door again…she takes the application form and looks on..

Swara: just a week …I’ll get rid off whatever problems that are making my life a hell..

Precap: Swara is seen taking a book and something falls down with a thud..screen freezes on a teary eyed swara…

Im done with the first episode..I made it short beacuse I dont know whether you’ll be liking it or not..Please do comment ..

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    How r u??
    It’s quite interesting, but why Swara married at such an young age??
    Waiting for the nxt part.

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    Ohh..such a great first part that I can’t wait to read more. Inquisitiveness has developed!
    Even the tittle is different.

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