Arrange Marriage…. Naaahhhhh (EPISODE-3)

Arrange Marriage… naaahhhhh… (EPISODE-3)
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Recap: Nikhil and Mayra,s marriage fixed…

wedding fixed.. after 10 days… everythn happened so fastt Mayra not even believung dat its ol happening.. she can,t think about leaving her family… goin london is soo farr… Mayra nervous she don,t know wat to do….
Mayra,s home
Mayra: Somu wat to do… Only 10 days… wedding… n dn i hav to go to London within a month… i don,t know how to feel… i am nervous confused happy dat everyone is happy… but everythn happening so suddenly…
Saumya: don,t worry Mayra… everythn will b gud… welll tell me do you love Nikhil??
Mayra: love???? no i don,t love him
Saumya: den y u marrying him??
Mayra: i met him only once… v didn,t get a chance to tok after dat… how can i love him den..
Saumya confused by her answer: So you don,t wanna marry him???
Mayra: u remember wen he came to house d other day.. n mum n dad send us to see my paintings..
Saumya: yess????
Mayra: He did somethn… for which he earned my respect n i thot dat may b he can understand me… i felt a level of comfort n understanding between us..
Saumya: okay… but wat did he do??
Mayra: he tried to know d real me… d real me who is not someone dat will answer only wid s yes or no….. but Ms. Saumya leave dat… u tell me wats goin on wid u????
Saumya: wat wid me??? wat u trying to say???
Mayra: i hav noticed u olways busy wid ur phn… other day aunty calld n ask me bout u…. u told her dat u were wid me???? seriously…. tell me where r u??? (giving a suspicious look)
Saumya: wat?? mom calld u… wat did u tell her??(nervous)
Mayra: don,t change d topic… u knw very well i handled it…. now just tell me or i,ll tell aunt everythn…
Saumya: okay i,ll tell u… but not now…
Mayra: okay… i,ll wait… now plzz can v go shopping… i hate shopping… dis wedding gonna drve me crazy
Nikhil,s home
Mrs. Sharma: Nikhil y u not ready yet… v hav to go for shopping.. beta its ur wedding after 7 days
Nikhil: mumma i told u i want a simpke wedding n u know i hate shopping… n i have to work… i haven,t tokd to Mayur(his business partner in London) and its been a week i hav to take care of restaurant too..
Mrs. Sharma: its ur wedding can,t u put aside ur work for some days…
Nikhil: Maa… i olrdy did dat for a week… just giv me two days… den i,ll b ol urs… i,ll go shopping n ol but jst fst let me complete n review d work
Mrs.Sharma…. ohhhhhh dis boy… do watever u lyk… but tell me fst did u tok to Mayra
Nikhil: why??? she must be busy… i,ll tok to her later..
Mrs. Sharma:Nikhil she might b waiting for ur col.. u should col her.. u know gals lykk it wen u give her d attention.. u should ask her preferences.. wat she lyks hw she,s feeling…
Nikhil(he actually thinking bout doin d same but he is all confuses how to initiate.. n also don,t want his mum to know about it): okay mom… y r u taking her side… she can also col… okay maa i hav to video col Mayur… will tok to u later.
Nikhil den go n checked Mayra,s fb profile: aahhhaaa.. i knew she,s naughty… just look at her all smiling.. i hope i can keep her dat happy… he sends her frn request
Mayra,s Home:
Mayra: So Mr. future husband now u get the tym to send m frn request… she accepted d request… seeing his pics…. ohhhh… he is indeed handsome… n fun loving… i hope he,ll b so much happy wid me too…
Both start to chat…. Den Nikhil changed his relationship status Engaged to Ms. Mayra Sharma…
Mayra smiled seeing it… she,s happyy dat he is accepting her… n dere chat continues asking bout wedding preparations.. lykks dislikes

D weeding day… Mayra,s Vidaaii… Nikhil trying his best to console her…

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