Arrange Marriage…. Naaahhhhh (EPISODE-2)


Arrange Marriage… naaahhhhh… (EPISODE-2)
Recap: Nikhil,s mom left d pic for nikhil to see
Nikhil rolling on his bed.. not able to sleep: wat yaar… marriage.. i don,t know if i am ready for it… gal… tomorrow… i don,t even know her.. (his eyes turn to d pic on his bedside table). he see d pic… he smiled… coz he lyks her smile.. he can see d innocence in d eyes of our Mayra.
Nikhil: So u r Ms. Sharma.. frankly sayn i lyk u… bt again i can,t judge u frm d pic… u look innocrnt cute and vry naughty… but lets see… n plzz a request if everythn doesn,t goes well i am veryyy sorryy in advance for dat… he sleeps lyk dat only keeping pic close to his heart…
Next morning, Sharma,s home

Everyone is in hurry preparing snacks cleaning house… getting fancy crockeries…
Mr. Sharma: Manas.. Vivek… just look at d preparations… everythn should b perfect.
Mayra: dad dey r comin to see me.. not decoration
Mrs. Sharma: why u r not ready yet… dey can be here any moment
Mayra: Somu(saumya, her best frn) is not here.. sat can i do… n u know i m not good wid makeup n ol… i already told u let me come dere in my real self… its only who want dat i be ready lyk typical gal… wod makeup saree earing n ol… yucxkkkk… how i m even gonna handl ol dat.
Mrs. Sharma: u… stop ur xcuses n col saumya n get ready…
Saumya came just den n hugs mayra… n winks to Manas(yes, Saumya is Manas,s gf… but no one knows.. not even Mayra)
Saumya get Mayra ready… she is looking very preety in light pink colour saree.. light green blouse matching jewellery…

Mrs. sharma cries seeing her… : look how big u get… n how gorgeous u r
Mayra: maa.. don,t cry… its not my bidaiii… n hugs her..
NIkhil arrives dere wid his mum n dad..
Both families are tokin asking and teling about dere respective daughter and son.
Nikhil is nervouss… he is much worried if mum n dad don,t lyk d gal n wat of in anyway ds proposal doesn,t works… how bad d gal will feel. he then looks around n see d pics of the family… every pic has Mayra… n dere are lot of pics of Mayra… he guessed by now dat he has to keep her lyk a queen… she is a princess for her family
Mrs. Sharma went to get Mayra… she comes to Mayra n tell her : ur papa really lyks d guy.. he is good well natured well settled.. i lykk him too… final decision will b urs only.. i know one meeting u can,t understand him fully… but try to look him positively
Mayra comes…

Nikhil saw her… and smiles… he lykss her.. he thought she,s beautiful den her pic.
Mayra greets everyone… n sit besides Nikhil
Though she,s vry naughty but only wid her family n frnz… it took her tym to open up wid others..
watever ques Nikhil,s parents are asking she,s answering dem in yes or no only
Nikhil can feel she,s much more nervous den he is.. he already lykd her… but wanted to know if she lyks him or not.
Nikhil n Mayra are sitting silently… Both families saw dat.. Mayra,s dad ask Mayra to take Nikhil to her room n show him some of her paintings. then dey both go towards her room.
Nikhil: u paint??
Mayra: Yes
Nikhil: nice.. i wanna ask u something
Mayra: yes
Nikhil: but u have to promise somethn?

Mayra: wat? (scared)
Nikhol: u not gonna answer only wid yes or no???? okay??? (he saw dat she,s nervous) don,t worry not gonna ask u some dat typ ques( and smiles)
Mayra: smiles a little.. okay
Nikhil: will u be happy if i say yes for d marriage
Mayra: pause ……. Yes
Nikhil: ohhhh.. i told u naa no… yes and no.. so complete ur sentence..
Mayra: ….,…….. My family chose u for me… n i love dem …i don,t know much about only dat my family thinks u r best for me.. our kundli match… i trust my family n dere decision.. dey always do wats best for me.
Nikhil: u atleast know my name right?? he smiles

Nikhil: wat if v havn,t met because of our parents… lets suppose i was in ur college.. n i propose u … so will u say yes
Mayra: (dumbstuck at wat kind of ques it is.. din,t know wat to say) she thinks.. n says… No
Nikhil looked at her… n says.. okay den i,ll go and say no to my parents,,, u go and say no to yrs
Mayra: (shocked) wat have i said… of course i won,t say yes to any guy who just come and propose me… if he really love me den he should be brave enough to come n tok to my parents about it
Nikhil: den y r u saying yes now??
Mayra: i haven,t said yes yet..(looks him in his eyes confidently)
Nikhil smiled seeing her confidence
Mayra:though my family thinks u r best for me.. but i know dey won,t force me for anythn… if i don,t lyk u i can say no… and den dis will end dere only
Nikhil smiles widely at dat
Mayra: (amused by his smile) y r u smiling
Nikhil: i jst wanted to see how u really are… sorry if i hurt u.. u were only answering yes or no wat to do
Mayra realised wat just happened and just smiled (she actually lykd him for wat he did…)
Nikhil: lets go… dey must b waiting
Nikhil and mayra come tmand join d family

dere parents ask dem in sign language… both said yes…
Parents: Congratulationsss…. everyone share hugs n sweets. Saumya hugs Mayra…
Mr. Mehra: Mr. sharma.. Nikhil is here only for a month so we want marriage to be done in one month time
Sharma,s are shocked… coz dey did,nt realised dat it will b so soon.. mayra she,s shocked to hell n look towards her mum n dad
Mr. Mehra: is dere ny problem?? v r sorry v should have told it to u beforehand
Mr. Sharma: Actually v never thot it will b so soon n dat our daughter will leav us so soon… (he has tears in his eyes, but he hides them) we will do d marriage in ds month only.

Marriage preparations and marriage

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