Arrange marriage ke siyappa (vol 1) epilogue

Most awaited one….
Hey dearies… As promised back with the epilogue of vol 1…atleast now let me live with peace ??
Many asked for season 3..nd dont you think it vl loose the charm..if i write tell me in your comments abt ur opinion

Let’s begin

Girl:u didn’t complete your story…. From how many days you vl make all of us wait….

A girl was shown reading a book covering her face..

Girl2: she’s not at all worried…itna kehke koi end karta hai bhala… They lived happily ever after…

Girl who was reading book smiles he cute pink lips turns into a wide curve

Girl 3: arey isse kuch faraq hi nahi pad raha…

Girl1: arey kuch bol na

Girl4: wat hpnd? Plz continue the story..ok atleast tell me from which book it

Girl still reading book:bt i think you freaked my story… So i thought it would help u if i end the story with tag they happily live ever after….

Girl3:plzz… We wont freak out out.. i was thinking arrange marriage is boring by you changed my thought.. Now i wanna know wat hpnd after marriage.. Did they fight… If yes then how they patch up… How they sort in their difficult phase of any… How they vl support eachother

Girl1:and now you hv to continue… now i need pizza


Girl:m hungry…give pizza get story…
All: cheater…

Girl: its business

All laughs…..

After an hour.. Pizza boy delivers the pizza….

They keeps pizza infront of her

Girls:ab tho bolo

Girl:let me eat first…

Girl: love was in air… They could’ve leave without eachother…. Wn they planned for something trust tho hoga

All:kaisa twist

Sanskar was waiting for ragini in his jipsi…its been 4 months they being married..they couldnt go to honeymoon bcs of his busy schedule and now he is free… He told ragini to get ready by 3 now it’s 4
San:wr is she?

He goes in….
And sees Ragini working in kitchen
She looks at him helplessly
Ap:beta…can you make a kheer for all of us
Rag smiles and nods
While behind san was nodding no
Ap goes..
San acts as drinking water from fridge
(Dont miss the lyrics ?)

San:Aaja shaam hone aayi

Rag helplessly:Mausam ne li angdaai

San:Aaja shaam hone aayi

Rag:Mausam ne li angdaai
She makes the kheer

San:to kis baat ki hai ladaai

Rag:Tu chal main aayi
Tu chal main aayi
She completes making kheer

San drags her to room by pari takes Ragini with him

San:Aaja shaam hone aayi

Rag:Mausam ne li angdaai
Pari shows her bangles…

San:to kis baat ki hai ladaai

Rag:Tu chal main aayi

San:no no
Tu chal main aayi.. Rag tries to excuse from there bt patio doesn’t leave her

San calls rag she picks
San:Baja kya hai dekho zara tum ghadi
Guzar jaaye na prem ki ye ghadi
Baja kya hai dekho zara tum ghadi
Guzar jaaye na prem ki ye ghadi

Rag:Aati hoon thoda sa dheeraj dharo
Laga doongi main prem ki phir jhadi

He sees pari going
He drags ragini with him to room
San:utni hi door hai tu jitni kareeb hai
Rag:Tere mere pyaar ka kissa ajeeb hai
Before they could reach room

Suji comes and calls ragini..
She goes

San:Dhat tere ki

Ab to jaan pe ban aayi

Rag:Ye hai pyaar ki gehraai
San:Ab to jaan pe ban aayi
Rag:Ye hai pyaar ki gehraai
San:To kis baat ki hai ladaai
Tu chal main aayi
She winks at him
San keeps his hand in his heart

San:My God

Rag:Tu chal main aayi
San:come soon yaar

He goes out….
Now rag goes to room and gets ready in salwar

San:Bahut ho chuki hai teri dillagi
Chali aao ab shaam dhalne lagi
Rag opens the curtain and sees San waiting near the Jodi

Hey bahut ho chuki hai teri dillagi
Chali aao ab shaam dhalne lagi
He signals her to come
She nods

Rag: mere dil mein kitni umangein bhari
Tumhein main batati hoon aakar abhi
Sw comes and calls her… She goes
Rag looks at him helplessly

San keeps the ladder near the window and climbs it: haan ha mera jaadu chal gaya tera chehra khil gaya

Rag: peechhe peechhe main chali aage aage tu chala
Sw again comes and drags her from there

San:Dhat tere ki

He gets in the window and goes behind rag…

Seeing swara going
He drags ragini with him

San:to kar do sabko tum goodbye
Rag:Maine pyaar kiya main aayi

San:kar do sabko tum goodbye
Rag:maine pyaar kiya main aayi

She shows her eating which is in her hand

San:to kis baat ki hai ladaai
Rag:Tu chal main aayi
San nods in no:make it fast

Rag:Tu chal main aayi
San:oh come on.

He takes the eating from her and make her wear….

He drags her to jipsi
Both sits…

Everyone comes out

San immediately starts the jeep…
All:sorry and all the best…
Sw loudly: awww… How romantic…

Rag blushes…
San smiles at his family and they goes for a day out….


All girls:aww..soo cute….

Gir1:aage bata na…
Girl:hmm.. Its time for lil emotional and separation
Gir4:no.. Why emotional?


Days passed love bloomed between Ragsan

Ragini’s family came to mm
They had a good time

Shek:dp ji… If you don’t mind we want take ragini with us for few days…
San was shocked
Dp smiles: ur daughter has became habit for all of us…
Suji:its ok bhaisa even ragini was missing them… Is been 6 month… Ragini beta go pack your bags….

Rag looks at San who was sad…

She goes to pack the bags…
San comes to room and sees her packing…
San goes to her takes her dress from her bag and keeps it back in cupboard
Rag: sanskar ji.. Wat r u doing?
San:u r not going… How will i live without you…i vl tell our family
Rag smiles: plzz sanskar ji..i vl come back soon
San:for how many days?
Rag sheepishly:8 days
San shocked: wat!!?8 days….no u r not going
Rag:plzzz… Wat vl u say? Will u say that u can’t live without me for just 8 days
San mimicking:just 8 days…
San: its long.. Plan cancel…
Rag:bt… She makes a sad face

San: now don’t make that face…
San sadly:ok…
Rag smiles and kisses his cheeks
San pouting:i vl miss you
Rag:miss you..too
San: i don’t think so
Rag: really…
San: then why r u going?
Rag: its our family na…
She packs her bag…

She was abt to go
San:itni jaldi kya hai

Rag smiles she hugs him
San:ab maska mat lagao
Rag:mein aa jaungi na jaldi..pakka.. Now smile
San smiles sadly…

Later ragini leaves with her family

Rag was missing sanskar…

Here sanskar ki haal behaal without ragini

This 8 days passed like 8 yes for them.. Even they called eachother messaged feeling of presence is missing…

Finally 8 days completed….

San goes to pick ragini
They then comes back to mm

In room
San:u know how much i missed you
Rag: i know
San:u know i was calling you in your absence… This room was lifeless without you…
Rag hugs him tight:i missed you too…
San smiles


Rag was not feeling well…. Sanskar took her to the hospital… While rag was resisting him….

Doctor checks ragini….

Doc smiles: congratulations..Mr.&Mrs MAHESHWARI you are going to become parents

Both ragsan were happy

San: thankyou doctor for the great news….

Days passed sanskar was taking care of ragini..he didn’t let her to make work..
He was taking care of her like a small kid…

It’s ragini’s 9th month…
Doctor has given her date which is after 2 days…

San gets a call… That He has move paris immediately

San denied

Rp: its important to your company sanskar of you didn’t go there and deal with them or company will fall

San: nthng is more important them ragini dad..

Dp:bt beta we all are there for ragini…
You worked hard for the company.. So that your company is standing in this position… If you deny then….

Lak:ha bhasi papa is ryte

San:no…i won’t go

Rag listened this conversation
Rag: sanskar ji u vl go..
San: ragini… Go u hv to rest
Rag:sanskar ji dont do this…u hv to go.. Don’t mix professional life with personal life…ur work is also important

Rag:no buts and ifs..u vl go… And i know u vl crack the deal…u vl go that’s final
He smiles: i win over you

Ap: don’t worry sanskar.. We all are there for ragini
Rag: now go.. And come soon…. You just hv lil work there
San nods…

Later he gets ready to go Paris….
He his ragini and kisses her forehead
San: take care . Hv food and tablets on time…
Rag nods: yes boss
San smiles
He goes….

He turns and waves his hand to rag

She didn’t wanted him to go.. Bt work is also important… She too waves..
Swpari held her from both side…

He goes
Years fall from her eyes.. She wipes out immediately without anyone’s notice

After 2 days..
Rag was admitted in hospital

Sanskar couldn’t come from the Paris.. As he had to stay there for one more day…

She was wincing in pain by she couldn’t deliver that day
Next day
Early morning

Her water broke….. And she was taken to labor care

Rag to doc: doc…. Did my husband reach….. i want him to be with me…

Doc nods…
She informs to the family..
San couldn’t reach…..

He was still in Paris…. He was worried there

Doc: ragini… Look your husband couldn’t come…. We need to deliver

Rag: bt sanskar ji… She cries in pain… i want to talk to him

They calls San…phn was in speaker
San: ragini
Rag : sanskar ji… She was wincing in pain
San:i told you na… See i couldn’t come on time…..
She screams in pain

His worry i can’t explain….

San: ragini…see.. don’t worry nthng hpnd….m with u… Ragini plz…. Be strong….
He had tears…. Bt he has to be strength of ragini

Doctor: ragini push…..

Rag was wincing in pain
San: ragini…push.. for our angel…ragini
Rag screams…

San heard a cry of kid….

He closes his eyes… And he smiles through tears….
Rag gets unconscious…

Doc takes the phn: congratulations mr.maheshwari…u r blessed with a baby girl….

San: thankyou doctor

Next day…

Everyone was with ragini…..
Rag held her baby….
Rag;ma sanskar ji
Suji looks around….

Sanskar enters the room breathing heavily
San:m here…
Rag smiles….

He goes to rag.. He sees his kid…
He smiles
He side hugs ragini…
San:hamari angel…
He kisses ragini’s forehead
He takes his baby
San:papa ko aane mein thodi der ho gayi princess….
Baby held ragini’s finger….
Both ragsan looks at eachother and smiles…..

All family admires them….


Girl smiles: they lived happily ever after with their princess…

All:aww…so this ended so soon

Now the girl is revealed to be Niti(Niti taylor)

Niti:story doesn’t end anywhere.. It repeats the same..

Girls: if we could meet them… Their trust their love their care…. We hv to learn from them

Niti:and u know wat they kelt their daughters name
Girls: its your name Niti.. If we could meet them
Niti:chalo.. Let’s see them.
All: wat? We want to see them.. Bt wr and how?

She smiles they all goes with her

Here the couple were watching moon
They are revealed to be Ragsan

All girls Comes there

Rag: sanskar ji.. i still feel that this moon has connected us long back
San:u still feel…i m confirm abt that… And you only told me you find your mom in the moon so your mom has connected us..
Rag smiles: i don’t know wat good i hv done that i got u
San: don’t copy my lines
Rag: it was always my line
All girls smile

Niti: mumma dadda
They turns

All: so it was your parents.. And why didn’t your tell us before
Niti:bcs if i told u them before u would hv not listened and wn i mentioned their story without revealing them..u found it as a fairytale..and my mumma and dadda are still prince and princess
They are my SANGINI

Ragsan smiles: u r our angel
Niti hugs both Ragsan


Finally….!!! i was thinking from many day wat to write… Hope i didn’t bored you all with lengthy chapter
Do tell me your opinions abt the story


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