Arrange marriage ke siyappa ss by aliya (pt 7)

Let’s begin….

Next morning….
Sanskar wakes up and sees ragini was getting ready in front of dressing table he was mesmerised to see her in a blue colour half saree..
After getting ready ragini sees sanskar staring her…
She turns into beet red
Knock knock..

Sanskar gets up and sits..
Rag opens the door.. It was ap and suji..
Rag smiles:maa
They both smile
Rag takes blessings from them….
Pari and swara too comes.. They take ragini with them….

Sanskar gets up and takes blessings from them… They blesses him
San:ha badi maa
Ap:we know this advice is not needed… To u bt still want to say that keep ragini happy… Dont every make her cry… Dont ever hurt her….
San smiles widely
Suji:why r u smiling like mad
San:no jst thinking that how ragini took my place in my family….
Suji hits his shoulder playfully:its not like that
Ap:she made a different place in our hearts… She didn’t took our son’s place
Suji:bt for she is more than u
San acts ignoring:i knew it.. U dont need to tell
Later trio laughs
Ap:i want to ask u something sanskar
San:u dont need my permission sanskar
Ap:now u r married.. So we..
San:i vl be the same sanskar
They smiles
Ap:did you like ragini… Tell frankly watever in your heart… May be we can do something for you
San:sach bolu ya jhoot
Suji:phir se pagalpan
Ap:sach hi bol dho
San:hmmm…. She is like you badi maa… Sorry maa.. She is not violent as you
Suji laughs
San:good at heart… Understands me… Very calm…
Suji:arey we didnt ask you abt her details.. That thing we too know
Ap:tell do you like her
San:wat maa… I told you clearly.. She is like badi maa
Suji smiles widely :that means you love her…
Ap:how sujatha
Suji:bcs sanskar loves you more than anyone… That means
Ap smiles..
San turns showing his back to them:not like that
Suji:my son showing nakra..You turned bcs your eyes vl tell us the truth…
San closes his and smiles…
Ap:ok tell me does ragini love you….
San smiles:i dont know badi ma…
Ap:ok get ready.. There vl be some rituals… And one more thing ask her directly…
Suji:she mean propose her
San:oh god…. He smiles
San nods and goes to fresh up…

Here ragini prepares a sweet dish as its her first rasoi…
All hv the breakfast together…. Ragini was serving the food to everyone it is bcs their tradition tells that new dil should serve the food to every one…
Atlast it was Sanskar
Ragini serves food to him…
San:i vl serve myself

Lak:why bhaai…
Ut:ha babhi you serve
San:no.. Its ok..
Bt ragini serves him… He smiles
Sw:babhi you sit with bhaai
Ap too tells her she sits all hv the breakfast
Later ragini serves the sweet dish… To everyone and sanskar

Sanskar was abt to eat
Lak:bhaai howz it
Ut:haa.. Bhaai did you like it
Sw:of course he vl love it…
Nik:sanskar why r u shy.. Tell na
Sanskar gives them sarcastic look

Pari:atleast let him eat
All:ohh.. Eat eat eat

Sanskar was eats and all too eats
Ragini looks at all bcs all r giving a serious expression..
Rag looks at sanskar being nervous.. Her mind is running in many things.. As is it bad.. May it didnt went good bla bla..

Sanskar smiles seeing her expression… All smiles
All:it is very very very tasty…
Rag smiles… She takes a big sign of relief….
Ut:bhaai.. U didnt say
San:its tasty
All:sirf tasty
Ut:how unromantic
San:isme bhi unromantic hona zaroori hai
Lal:ha tho bataiye na… Aap kispar romantic the…tell us ur romantic momentdHe winks at him…
All laughs
Lak knew wat would hpn… He runs
San chases him.. All laughs

Lak goes behind ragini
Lal:babhi babhi.. Save me….
San stops:laksh….
San:i wont leave you today
Lak:babhi plz.. Tell bhaai to leave me.. See how he threatening me
San:threatening… Joothon se maarunga
Rag:leave him… Sanskar ji
Lak:yes i m safe.. Now sanskar ji should leave me
San smiles… Rag blushes

Ap:rituals.. Come come…

All sits in hall.. Its a ring ceremony..

Uttara puts the ring…
Both ragsan searches for ring…
Rag was shocked as sanskar held her hand…. She looks at him…
He smiles as nothing happened…

Yeh lamha jo thehra hai
Mera hai ye tera hai
Yeh lamha main jee loon zara

Tujh mein khoya rahoon main
Mujh mein khoyi rahe tu
Khudko dhoondh lenge phir kabhi
Tujhse milta rahoon main
Mujhse milti rahe tu
Khud se hum milenge phir kabhi
Haa.. phir kabhi

Ragsan were lost in eachother… All were tired waiting
Sw:are they searching or not
Pari:look at the love birds…
All sees them lost in eachother

Sw:how romantic
All:yes.. How romantic…

All smirks looking at eachother
All coughs loudly…
Ragsan composes and blushes
Sanskar was still holding rag hand…
Lak:bhaai atleast now leave babhi’s hand…
San leaves…
Rag finds the ring..
All claps..
Sanskar makes rag wear the ring

Ap tells something to youngsters… Except ragsan….

All shows thumbs to eachother…

Lak:bhaai.. We want you to sing..
San:why so
Ut:even babhi you too…
Sw:why no.. U vl.. U vl hv to sing for
All:for sanskar/bhaai
Lak:bhaai vl sing for babhi… You can pour… You can pour your heart out feelings…
Ragsan look at eachother…

Ut gives guitar to sanskar…
He plays.. Everyone enjoys…
Sanskar sees ragini lovingly… Ragini admires him

Tu hi haqeeqat khwaab tu
Dariya tu hi pyaas tu
Tu hi dil ki bekarari
Tu sukoon tu sukoon
Jaoon main ab jab jiss jagah
Paoon main tujhko uss jagah
Saath hoke na ho tu hai
Rubaroo rubaroo

Tu humsafar tu humkadam tu humnawah mera
Tu humsafar tu humkadam tu humnawah mera

Aa tujhe inn baahon mein bhar ke
Aur bhi kar loon main kareeb
Tu juda ho toh lage hai
Aata jaata har pal ajeeb
Iss jahaan mein hai aur na hoga
Mujhsa koi bhi khush naseeb
Tune mujhko dil diya hai
Main hoon tere sabse kareeb

Rag blushes… San smiles seeing her blush… Everone looks at eo and smiles

Main ti toh tere dil mein hoon
Main hi toh saanson mein basoon
Tere dil ki dhadkanon mein
Main hi hoon main hi hoon

Tu humsafar tu humkadam tu humnawah mera
Tu humsafar tu humkadam tu humnawah mera

All claps including ragini… Sanskar smiles looking at ragini….

Ut:now babhi… It should be you….
Rag:no… Plz
San:ragini plz
All:oye hoye.. Ab tho gaana hi padega
She blushes

Rag looks down… Then again at sanskar.. He smiles at her
Rag smiles… She looks down again feeling lots of butterflies jumping in her stomach
Rag sings

Sunte hain jab pyaar ho toh
Diye jal uthte hain
Tan mein, mann mein, aur nayan mein
Diye jal uthte hain

San smiles.. All smiles listening to her mesmerising voice and sanskar was understanding wat she want to say..

Aaja piya aaja
Aaja piya aaja ho..
Naa ja piya aaja
Teri hi tere hi liye, jalte diye
Bitani tere saaye mein, saaye mein
Zindagani bitani tere saaye mein, saaye mein

Rag stops.. She couldn’t sing more bcs of burning cheeks which turned beet red…..
Sanskar continues…. Rag looks at him….

Kabhi kabhi..
Kabhi kabhi aise diyon se
Lag bhi jaati aag bhi

Dhule dhule se aanchalon pe
Lag hain jaate raag bhi
Hain viraano mein badalte
Dekhe mann ke baag bhi

All claps as their tune…. Rag continues

Sapno mein shringar ho to
Diye jal uthte hain
Khwahishon ke aur sharam ke
Diye jal uthte hain

Aaja piya aaja teri hi, tere hi liye
Jalte diye..
Bitani tere saaye mein, saaye mein

All claps….

Later ragini goes to room….
San too comes:u didnt tell me….
Rag closes her eyes tightly feeling his presence
San:i asked you something yesterday.. U denied by changing the torpic…
Rag faces him…
San:now tell me…
Rag:woh… Maa… Maa is calling..
San folds his hand :accha… Bt now i came from mom.. She said u to take rest
Rag was nervous + shy….
San:back to the torpic…
Rag:woh… I listened to my heart….
San smiles… He comes forwards.. She moves backwards and hits the wall
San comes close to her… He bends to her…he keeps his left hand as support the wall..
Sa;do u like me.. Do i am as your expectations
Rag was blushing hard…

San:tell ragini….
Rag:can… Ca……read my eyes?
His breath were touching her face.. Which is making her more blush…
San:actually ummm… No..i can’t… Why don’t you tell me
Rag was pleading herself plzzz i cant…..
San:bt i want to say u something… Abt me diye tho jal raha hai… You take your time and tell me…
San turns to go
Rag:suniye… Actually.. Yes sm here abt me
San smiles

At the time uttara comes and takes ragini with her…
She turns to look at sanskar…. He smiles…. She bites her lips and turns.. She blushes….

Precap:the last chapter…

Howz this??? Do tell me!!!
Note:dont expect to get married as ragsan in this ff.. May be you get a ????you tell me.. Hehe

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