Arrange marriage ke siyappa ss by aliya (pt 7) vol 2

Let’s begin..

I got ready with his designed outfit… It was comfortable to wear.. Looks grand and ya i m looking like a pakistani bride

Actually it was my dream that in any of my ftn of my marriage i vl dress as a pakistani bride.. Thanks to seher she helped me to give this look…
M standing infront of the mirror.. M looking beautiful or not.. I jst checking my self…

Bt my confusion.. How sanskar got to know abt my wish.. May be it was an coincidence it hpns…

My mom saw me in this attire she was overwhelmed… She had a tears of happiness
She hugged me from back
I cant tell her happiness wch were reflecting me from her smile her eyes…

“mumma plzz.. M not going to marry now” i jst said this.. Bcs i know how she is feeling now

“my baccha… U vl soon” she said with smile.. A single tears passed… From her eyes..
I wiped it

“mumma if u cry then i wont marry” i said…

“aisa nahi hai baccha… Its happy tears…”

“ok now smile” i said

She smiles

I saw papa standing at the door with tears

“papa u too”

He smiles”no crying… I m sorry”he told me laughing with tears..
I got up and hugged both of them… After all they r my two eyes… Without them i cant see this world… Even if i closed my eyes i still can see the world if they r beside me….

“oh no i forgot.. I came to tell u that maheshwari’s hv came” papa said

“but someone is restless to see you” papa teased me..

“papa” i screeched like a small kid

“sorry.. Bt its true”

They took a leave

Muskan and seher came running

“hey.. We saw him… He is too dashing yaar” said muskan excitedly

“i agree” seher agreed with her

“hey u both.. don’t put your evil eyes on my sanskar” i told them laughing

They were shocked.. Bcs i m the girl who never talked to any boy…
They were like is that you ragini? For this reaction of my buddies i can give anything!! Haha

“omg… Your sanskar” seher yelled shockingly

I giggled

“why don’t you hv shaad with u” i told her

“oye hoye… Saajan ke aage dosthon mukka maar diya” mukan told dramatically

“tum jaise dosthon ke saath aisa hi karna chahiye” i said them jokingly

“haaye.. Mein ki karaan… Oopar se bezzati” said muskaan

“bt watever be.. We r happy for you” said both happily

They hugged me..

They then took me down

I saw him… He was watching me with a smile.. He stood and came to me… I was nervous… I was shivering… His gaze were on me

Bt i wanna say abt him that hot in black… Yet simple.. That is the thing wch i like in him very much…

He forwarded his hand to me…. Oh god i m getting goosebumps….

“aww…..” said both seher and muskan

My throat is getting dry… Shivers are jumping in my body… This guy has a ability to make me weak… Arghhh…

My hands were cold… I gave my hand to hot guy’s hot hand.. Dont laugh i know u ppl are enjoying my nervousness… Actually his hand is hot bcs mine were cold bcs of nervousness

He held my hand not soo tight bt tight… Wch i felt comfortable.. Dont smile bcs i will die out of nervousness… I hope u ppl dont want me to die before marrying this hottie?

“beautiful jodi” guests complemented us…
I blushed… I guess he would also be giving a blushing smile…

Suji aunty came towards us and she kissed my forehead.. I bent to take her blessing.. She held me and hugged me.. How sweet of her…shez such a sweet lady… I m blessed to get a mother in law like her…

We were made to sit in a royal seat…

“this is not fair.. I can’t take my eyes from you” his statement made me blush

I looked at him…

“even you are looking handsome” i wanted to say hot badly bt its not good before mrg.. I smiled at my thought… Then i came out of my thought and saw him… He was shocked.. Obviously he vl.. This was the first time i complemented him

“i…. I think my eardrums are not working… Can you repeat again” he said shockingly

I giggled.. He is acting as i said i love you to him…
I blushed at my own thought

“you r looking handsome” i repeated

He kept his hand on his heart…

“i thought you said i love you sanskar… Bt its ok…” he said to me making me blush…

“and ya… After mrg its not ok”

I looked at him confused

“i vl not leave you without saying I love you” he said smirking

I blushed… His smirk is back…

I somewhat feel that u ppl made him like this… Bt m loving it….

Soon we were made to stand

He slid a very ring in my hand….

Even i too did..

Soon the families.. Frnda..cousins.. Came for a photography session

Later it was our turn…

Arghh that photographer is making stand in a different positions… Bt now i m comfortable with his touch…. His every touch were making me blush…
He was smiling at me making me blush…

If in this place the photographer was not there then he would hv smirked

Soon the ftn was over…
Our families were talking… And muskan talked with sanskar crazily…. And seher talked with him decently…

Shaad my god he is talking with sanskar abt his work.. Sanskar none the less.. He is too

“men are always men” said seher with disbelief

“i agree” i said with agreement…
We both had a good laugh seeing them…

We moved frm there

“wr is this muskaan” asjed seher

“m sure.. After her blind date.. She would dating some guest here” i said laughing

“ha.. She would.. Wait let me check on her.. So that i vl catch her red handed” she went

Soon pari di adarsh bhaiyya came to me.. They too talked me teased me…

Then i was moving.. Suddenly i felt a hand grabbing me inside a room

I was abt to scream.. Bt a hand stopped me by coverjng my mouth
I was shocked… It was him… My fiance who else would be…!

“why u dragged me here.. All r outside” i said

“oh.. Ho.. Unromantic” he said to me…. I m unromantic.. Few days back it was me who said unromantic abt him….now everything is changing

“wr u lost?” he asked….

I nodded in nowhere

“why.. You”…

“shh” he stopped me…

He gave me a packet…” Tmrw for the party i want to see u in this.. My lady”

I blushed his lady…

I took the packet from him….

To my shock.. He cupped my face… I think he want to kiss me… Oh no how will i stop him… He is getting close to me… Someone plz stop him… I closed my eyes in fear…. Bt to my shocked he kissed my forehead… I opened my eyes.. I saw him smiling

“i wont do anything wch u dont like… Even after marriage too” he said with smile

My cheeks are burning….

“bye.. Bt my heart doesn’t want to leave you and go” he said sadly

“now go… So that u come and take me with you forever” i said bending my gaze

He made me to look into his eyes…

“be wat you are… Dont change for anything…or for me… I like you how you r..”

“if you demanded change in me in future” i asked him

“will never.. Bcs i lo….” he stopped

“bcs i love the way u r” he said

“if i change myself in my own”

“i dont hv prblm.. Its your life and you hv right abt ur life” he said

This touched my heart…. Truth is reflecting in his eyes….

“and watever be… I trust you” he said with a blind trust on me

This shocked me.. How can he… Even i couldn’t…

“remember that i m always with you” he said leaving.. He went to door…

“and ya in night dream abt me” he said smirking….

I blushed…
He went smiling looking back at me…

I was soo happy.. Bt suddenly the thought… Should i tell sanskar abt him?
He was jst an attraction and i didn’t talk to him properly…
And now i can say that now if i didnt love sanskar too…. I vl soon love him madly…that’s for sure

And all left and i chanfed my dress…
I slept thinking abt sanskar… Our closeness.. His trust on me…
It was a fairytale for me.. And Sanskar is my prince charming..
At that time my mobile beeped… New msg from my fiance

“missing me”

I smiled at his msg

“no” i lied bcs i m missing him…

“tired?” his msg

“yes” i replied

“then good night hv a good a sleep” he sent me

“u too☺”

“now sleep..dont waste your time in thinking abt your handsome fiance.. If you get unwell bcs of him then?”

I smiled


“i vl punish him!” he sent

“gn..take care.. Sweet dreams abt me”he sent

” gn”i replied

Then i kept my mobile in side table amd slept… Dreaming abt my hottie

To be continued…………….

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    I cnt even tell u….how much I love dis story????????????? it’s so so sooooo sweeet yaar really??? uff!!! Sanskaar?????? he is jst?? LOVE!!??? N rags?? omggg ,mera baccha…hehe….update ws mindblownggg!!!! Ragsan scene ws soo cute!!!he loves her sooo much!!!!Jst in love wid dis story deeply!!! Plz post nxt part soon plzz!!!keep rockng n stay blessed!!!loatz of love?umaah!!thnx a lot for giving dis sweeetest story????love love love!!

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  3. Beautiful dear looking forward

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  5. Sanky in black!!!!!!!!!!
    haye my hottie , I can imagine him in black and he must be looking stunning naaaa
    wait aliya di , i am coming soon , i will attend my ragsan’s marriage , wait haa please

  6. Asra

    fabulous dear….loved it alot…ragsan scenes r super dear…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear

  7. Awesome sissy

  8. Superb so some romance between ragsan

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