Arrange marriage ke siyappa ss by aliya (pt 6): Aww how cute!

Let’s begin…

Ragsan reach mm
All were waiting for them…
All looks at them with a naughty smile…
Nik:u hv to be here 30 mins before… Wr were u?
Lak:yes bhaai…u took that route bcs of traffic.. TRAAAAAFFIC…. I can understand bt bt how did you reach late
Suji:shayad sanskar meri bahu ko ghumaane le gaya hoga hai na…
Rag blushes bending her head
Ap:enough enough.. Lets make the aarthi
Sujatha makes their aarthi… They enters with full rituals..

Lak:ok… Lets..
Ap:stop there itself… They r tired and its night too… Let them rest… Bt hv food.. Watever fun you want to do do it tomorrow
All nods
All elders had the dinner.. Only youngsters were left

Sanskar sits… Pari makes ragini sit next to him…
All serves the food..
San was abt to eat food
Ut:areyyy… Wait
Ut:bhaai make babhi eat first
San:why.. She vl eat herself…
All:how unromantic
Rag smiles
San:yes it is… Let me eat
Lak:atleast one byte
San turns to rag…. you want me to make u eat
All signals her to say yes
Rag nods in no
Ut:wat babhi
San:now can i eat…
Ut:ok… U dont make her eat… At least babhi can…. Hamare dil rakhne ke liye(makes a sad face)
San:woh kyun…
Sw:plzzz babhi….
Rag forwards a morsel in front of him
All:awwww… How cute
San looks at all
Pari:if you want we can close our eyes..
Lak:see she is waiting… Now u hv to…
San eats…
All:awww…. How cutee
San sees them with wierd face
Rag was blushing
Adar:ragini is becoming red…
All:awww.. How cute
San:ab yeh… Awww kya lagake rakha hai

San:at least now let us eat
All:awww… Us
San gets irritated still he smiles seeing his crazy family
Suj comes:wat is hpng here
San:ma.. Tell them not to tease
Suj;none will tease you
San was abt to eat
Suj:atleast make my bahu eat first…
San:mom u too
Suj:awww.. Sanskar u r blushing
All laughs
San irritated:is this called blushing… Ok if i make her eat… You vl stop ryte… We can eat with peace ryte
All nods
San forwards a morsel to ragini
She was blushing
She eats…
All:awwwwwwwwww….. Howwwww cuteeeeeeee……
San keeps his palm closing his eyes… He couldnt stop bt to laugh…
San:now can i eat…
They both eat
All:awww… How cute..
San:wat the…
All starts to eat as nthng hpnd

They completes their dinner….

San goes to his room…. To change himself…

Swutpari takes ragini to sanskar’s room….

San changes into tee and trousers
He sees swutpari were teasing ragini
He smiles and goes out…
Ap and suj comes there
Swutpari goes

Rag stands seeing them…
Ap holds her palms
Ap:beta we dont know that u like our family or not… Bt now u r our house dil
Suj:we want you to understand our family
Ap:we r not saying to adjust… We r saying that if in any phase situation came to adjust we want you to not adjust bt tell us.. We vl together sought it out
Rag smiles:i hv lost my mother… Badi maa was there with me… Bt now i m blessed to get 3 mothers… She smiles through tears
Rag:i had a complaint with god wn i was small… That he took away my mother…. Bt now i hv no complaints bcs i got my mother in you
Can i call u maa
Suji wipes her tears:why not beta…
Ap:i had no daughters..once i craved for daughters.. Now Even pari and swara are my daughters bt u made me feel that i am the mother of a daughter not mil
Ap hugs her
Suji smiles through tears…
Then she too hugs rag…

Ap:dont cry…..get changed u may be tired
Ap suji were abt to leave
They turns
Rag:can i hug u both once more
They smiles and nods
She hugs both of them
Rag:thankyou… The word is less to express my feelings
Suj:does anyone tell sorry to mothers…
Rag like a kid nods in no with tears
Ap:then why r u saying…
Rag holds her ears…
They wipes her tears

This all was witnessed by sanskar
He smiles…

Ap and suji turns and sees sanskar
They gestures a thankyou to sanskar to bring ragini
He smiles…
They goes

San gets in…
Rag tries to lift her bag which was heavy
Sanskar helps her to keep the bag in bed
Rag opens the bag… She sees her family photo… She smiles
She goes to dressing table and removes the jewellery
San comes
Rag looks at his reflection in mirror
He helps her to remove the jewellery..
Rag blushes bcs his hands are touching her skin…
After removing the jewllery. He bends to her shoulders
His hot breath are touching her skin… Wch was giving her a tickling sensation…. Shivers were running through her body
San:thankyou… thankyou for coming into my life…
He smiles
He goes to the bed..
She stand:thankyou i should tell u thankyou not you… Bcs of u i feel completed… U completed my incomplete life
She takes her night suit and goes to washroom…

After 10 mins… Rag comes out wearing a simple white colour salwar
He was mesmerised to see her….

She looks for her family photo…
San:sorry i took your family photo
She turns… And sees the photo frame was hanged in the wall..
San:your family photo with mine family
Rag:our family…
He smiles listening “OUR”

He opens the cupboard..
San:u can keep ur things here

She keeps her dress.. He too helps her in setting the dresses
San smiles:is this thankyou necessary in our relationship.. I feel its not not necessary.. Wat you feel??
Rag smiles:sorry
San:wat u said..
Rag:i m sorry
San rubs his ears:i cant here
Rag:i m… She smiles
San:yes i cant here that word… Better not to tell that word again

It was like he was making her comfortable….. The very cutest thing in arrange marriages is to make one another comfortable with eachother….

San:wch side you prefer in the bed.. Left or right….
Rag:no… I can sleep any side
San:can u be slerp in left side…
San:thankyou… I always sleep in right side…
Rag:someone told me that thankyou is not necessary in our relationship
San lights hits his head
San was abt to say sorry
Rag:better not tell that word because i too cant hear…
San smiles
San sleeps on right side
Rag on left…
They both turns and faces eachother… They smiles
At the time rag gets call.. She gets up and picks… Its pratheek

Dhara:dumbo… Why did u call di… She would be tired
Prath:di.. I m missing u
Rag:me too
rishi grabs the phone and asks abt the family
Rag:i m happy here
Rishi:that’s enough for me
Tanu and everyone talks with her and asks abt sanskar
Rag was awkward to reply bcs sanskar was seeing her smiling
Rag:he is too nice….
San understands that they adked abt him
Tanu:only nice
Rag blushes:woh bohoth acche hai
Prath:di… I m not getting sleep without your caressing my hair
Rag feels sad
Prath:bt you can sing a lori for me
Tanu:u want lori
Prath:yes.. I want…
San:u can sing lori… I heard u singing 2 times
She blushes…

She sings lori…
San was admiring her
Finally they ends the call…

Ragsan looks at each other and dozes off

Precap:some more moments and some rituals

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