Arrange marriage ke siyappa ss by aliya (pt 5)

Let’s begin…

When ragsan comes down… Sanskar’s shoes were missing…
Dhara pratheek laughs:jiju wat hpnd… Shoes are missing??
Tanu:i too think so
They laughs..
Rishi:tho kitna poochne ka iraada hai..
Lak:don’t worry bhaai…
Dhara discuss with tanu
Dhara:we want 50000

Tanu:if you want shoes then u hv to give us money….
Ragsan were smiling seeing their family
Lak:karma industries ke maalik ke saath…
Pratheek:bt now he is our jiju
Sw:first listen to us
Lak:ya… Its less ask 1,50,000…we vl make 50-50
All laughs

Ut forwards her hand:bhaai… We want neki
Everyone forwards hand infront of him
San:no.. I vl not…
Ut:babhi… Plz u tell him… He vl give..
Dhara:ha di tell jiju to give us neki
All asks her to tell sanskar
San:now wat’s this…
Lak:wat.. Wat…

All again requests ragini
Rag smiles:unhe dedijiye
San looks at ragini
Sw:ab tho dena hi padega
Lak:chalo nikalo..
Dhara:dedona jiju…
San:i dont hv cash…
All:cheque bhi chalega

San:i dont roam taking cheque everywhere
Lak:dont worry.. Here it is…
San;well prepared
Pra:now give jiju
San writes the cheque and gives laksh and dhara
Ragsan smiles…

Now ragsan are sitting in the stage guests are coming and taking photos with them..

And the photograper.. Tells ragsan to pose fot the photos… It was awkward for them…
All youngsters were standing there and teasing them…
Ragsan were blushing… Finally the photoshoot has been finished…

All sits surrounding ragsan…
Dhara:now u tell jiju
San:wat to tell
Dhar:did u like di…
Ut:babhi.. U too hv to say… Did you like my bhaiyya
Ragsan were blushing

Tanu:they like each other see how they r blushing..
All continues to tease them…

Ap:enough of teasings… Let them be alone for sometime… Swara pari.. Take ragini to the room.. So that they can talk with eo..
Swpari nods..

Swpari takes ragini with them….
Ragini was nervous as she will faint any minute…

Ragini was shivering due to nervous…
Swapari makes her sit…. They goes…
Rag bites her lips and rubs her hands…
Rag herself:why i m feeling cold in this heavy lehenga…. She smiles..its not bcs…. The lehenga.. Its bcs…
At the time she listens… Door latching sound
She knew who was it… Bt she was very nervous….
She stands…

Sanskar sees ragini… He too was nervous… Bt one thing he found that she was more nervous than him….
He sits next to her….
Rag was nervous + shy
Few mins silence… Silence and only… Silence
Ragini’s heart stopped for a moment
San was like he called her… He wanted to talk her.. He was like how vl i start…
Finally ragini looked at him….
He was lost in her.. And she too.. They had a long deep romantic romantic types eyelock????
San:do you want work after marg…(wat sanskar she is married to you??)rag looks at him and smiles…he too smiles..
I mean u want to work now??

Rag:i mean…i…
San:u can tell me clearly…
Rag:i…i…don’t know how u vl feel with……. My thought….i..i dont want to.
San looks at her amused
San:why?? You r a professional person
Rag:i want to be like my mom… I want to be an housewife… I want to do all wife duties being an house wife..
San smiles
Rag:do u hv….
San:no.. I dont hv prblm… Watever i hv its ours…

“OURS” this was so beautiful to listen…Ragsan were blushing lightly

Rag gets up… Sanskar held her wrist…
He too gets up…. He kisses her forehead..
Rag’s cheeks turned pink….

Sanskar smiles seeing his effect on her…
He opens the door…
Swalak utnik who were closely trying listen wat they were talking.. By the sudden force pulls them….
Sanskar was shocked
Rag smiles
Dhara prath tanshi parish laughs….

San:wat r u doing here?
Ut:we jst.. Were moving hereeeeeee and there
San:hereeeeee and there ryte not on door…
Lak:tho kya.. We were trying to listen wat u vl talk??
All shocked:tho kya???
Lak:kuch nahi…
Sw:and u were talking or not… We couldnt listen one word to
San smiles:accha hai… These mentals didnt listen
San goes smirking
All(smiling) :ohh mentals…..
All shocked:waaatttt??

It was the time for ragini’s bidaai…
Pratheek and dhara both hugs her and cries
Rishi tries to console them….
They were crying like kids…
Rag too has tears…
Prath:u were my mom… After ma’s death…. Wat vl i do now
Rag hugs him…
San:if ragini is in your mom’s place… So i m in your dad’s place.. So our home will yours so you can come whenever you want…
Prath smiles through tears..
Dhara:and me
San smiles:you too…
Pratheek and dhara hugs him…
Rishi:atleast now all others can meet ragini
All smiles
They bids

Ragsan sits in the car…
Sanskar himself was driving and ragini seated in passenger seat.. He drives
Rag was crying
He held her hand
Rag looks at him…

Teri meri ankahi dastan
Ke gawaa hai
yeh zameen aasmaan

Teri meri ankahi dastan
Ke gawa hai
yeh zameen aasmaan

Teri aankhon mein likhi jo shayari
Kaise karoon main bayan
Ho oh oh ho…

San was seeing front:i hv promised your family.. That i vl never let a tears in your eyes.. Bt you are crying continuously… Now your siblings will definitely kill me…
He looks at her and makes his eye brows up and smiles
San:marwane ka iraada hai kya… Hmm
Rag smiles… San too smiles widely..

Tu meri kahani main teri zubaan..
Tu meri kahani main teri zubaan..
Tu meri kahani main teri zubaan..
Tu meri kahani main teri zubaan..

They hv a eyelock……

Tera mera rishta purana
Janmo janmo se aana jaana
Banke mann ka meet re
meet re meet re..

Tera mera rishta purana
Janmo janmo se aana jaana
Banke mann ka meet re

Aa jab yeh nahi thhe
Chand sitaare
Na thi nadiyaan saagar kinare
Tab se apni preet re
Tab se apni preet re

Aasman bhi karta hai
Aasman bhi karta hai
Afsaana bayan
Tere mere ishq ka

San changes his route… Rag sees all others car went inanother route
Rag:this route… All r…
San smiles:if we go in that route we vl reach early with them… I want to spend some more time with you..u know that how long it takes to go to our place…. So not long… We r going in loooooong (he drags the word) route…
San winks at her
Rag looks other side and blushes….

Tu meri kahani main teri zubaan..
Tu meri kahani main teri zubaan..
Tu meri kahani main teri zubaan..
Tu meri kahani main teri zubaan..

Tere bina kaisa ye jeena
Dil se bandhi ha dor teri
Saanson mein meri saans re
Saans re saans re..

Tere bina kaisa yeh jeena
Dil se bandhi hai dor teri
Saanson mein meri saans re..

Rag:wat if all searches for us and if they r worried
San smiles listening “US” from her.. Everything has a new feeling??
San:dont worry i hv msgd laksh by saying some reasons..

Tum zindagi ho
Tum bandagi ho
Dard bhi tum ho
Tum hi dawa ho

Tum hi dil ki pyaas re
Tum hi dil ki pyaas re

Jo tu kahe aana
Jo tu kahe aana
Yeh waada raha
Honge hum ek pal mein fanaa

San stops the car in one place… He gets down the car and goes to her side and and opens the door…
He forwards his hand to her..
She looks at him and gives her hand to him… He holds her…
It was a lake surrounded by trees
They stand in front of the lake
Rag closes her eyes feeling the fresh air…

Sanskar admires her….. Rag bends and she runs the hand in the water.. He too bends and holds her hand she turns.. He was soo close to her… His breath were touching her face she feels a tickling sensation… She turns her face blushing… San smiles
They both gets up and they sits in the car….

Tu meri kahani main teri zubaan..
Tu meri kahani main teri zubaan..
Tu meri kahani main teri zubaan..
Tu meri kahani main teri zubaan..

He held her hand again
San:Ragini…. Can i ask you something
Rag:u dont need permission… Bcs..
Rag:no i mean u don’t need permission from me
San:why did u got ready to marry me without seeing??

Main teri zubaan..

Ragsan both has an eyelock…

Precap :ragini’s reply

Hey ppl… Should i end this.. Bcs first i thought of 3.. Then extended it to 6….

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