Arrange marriage ke siyappa ss by aliya (pt 4)

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Let’s begin…..

The big day for 2 unknown persons who r going to become the soulmates…

Early morning….
Tanu comes to rag room she sees dhara sleeping bt rag was missing

Here rag came out of the palace and was taking the fresh air.. Tanu sees her from a window

Rag:its a kind of dream…. Today is my marriage with an unknown person..only i know his name.. Nthng else..
She looks at her mehendi.. Which was red in colour

Tanu:ur husband vl love you so so much
Rag turns:babhi
Tanu holds her hands:look at your mehendi.. The colour is telling how ur husband i mean i can take his name.. The colour is telling how ur sanskar vl love you….
Rag blushes:i.. I.. M nervous babhi
Tanu:nervous… It vl hpn to every girl… Bt ur case is different.. U don’t know him…
Rag:i m nervous to face him babhi
Tanu:hmm.. I can only say that close ur eyes take a deep breath and listen to your heart….
Rag:will he understand me
Tanu smiles:i think he too will be in same position

Here sanskar was sitting nervous…. Pari was sitting next to him
Pari:will u talk something.. Its been 15 mins… That u said u want to talk to me…
San immediately :m nervous
Pari laughs
San:go.. I dont want to talk..
Pari:devar ji…
Pari:why r u nervous…
San angrily:bcs i m running away from the marriage so…

San:then wat babhi
Pari:sorry sorry
San:i hv only one question…will she understand me…
Pari:do u know the special thing abt arrange marg…
San nods in no

Pari smiles:that to understand each other after marriage
San:bt still…
Pari:if you hv more question wait for few more hrs.. Ask with ragini…
San pouts
Pari smiles:i feel she vl understand u…
Pari goes…

San comes out of his room he was walking in the veranda…
San:however i vl ask with her

Straight down rag and and tanu were standing
Rag:u r right babhi.. I vl ask with him
Tanu:now come we should go… Bride should not be here…

Time passes…

Rag was getting ready in pink and gold mix lehenga
Beautician was making her ready… She was extremely looking like an angel… ?????

Here sanskar had already got ready in a golden colour sherwani with red pipings.. He was looking????very handsome

Nik:something is missing
San looks at mirror:wat
Nik:something which
San:which wat

Lak:u r not looking good
Pari:arey mere devar ko pareshaan mat karo..
Pari makes him wear a pearl set
Pari:u r looking more than handsome

Lak nik:wat’s that
Pari:greek god
Laknik:huh.. Greek god
Pari laughs
Ap dp rp suji dada dadi comes
Sanskar takes everyone’s blessings
All blesses him…

Here rishi pratheek dhara were teasing ragini..
Ragini has tears…
Rishi:raagu why r u crying
Tanu:now tease
Pra dha:i m sorry di
Rag nods in no:i vl miss u all…
All hugs her…
Shekar comes and smiles
Shek:my daughter is looking like a princess as always…
Rag hugs him and cries…
Shek:today u should not cry…. He wipes her tears
Rag:papa u too r crying
Shek:these r happy tears.. As my wish got completed… I m seeing my daughter in bridal attire…
Rish:ab kya hame rulaoge tum dono… Chaachu

Both the familes have a talk…

Its the time… The time to see eachother… Its the time for the vermala…

Both ragsan are nervous
And the families are excited… As they too didn’t see

Swalak parish utnik brings sanskar….
Shekar and ragini’s bade papa and badi ma sees him… They were happy

Lak:koyal ki jaisi kaali
San glares him
Lak:i was joking

Rag was taken by tanshi pratheek dhara
Rishi:gabbar singh
Tanu:rishi… How many times u vl tease her

They goes down…. And enters the venue..
All looks at ragini…
San was talking with swalak he sees them who were looking at something so he turns to the direction…. A strong wind passes by

Thodi thodi katthai si uski aankhein
Thodi surme bhari..

Hmm… thodi-thodi katthai si uski aankhein
Thodi surme bhari..

Sanskar was lost in her angelic beauty…. Her every steps are making him nervous

Uske honthon pe muskurayein
Haaye duniya meri
Ho.. chakhna bhi chaahun
Rakhna bhi chaahun
Sabse chhupake usey.. haaye
Rabba.. Rabba
Mere Rabba Rabba
Mujhe bas ik jhalak toh dikha
Ho.. ho!
Rabba.. Rabba
Mere Rabba Rabba
Chaahe badle mein le le tu jaan
Woh hu wo…

Ut and laksh hits their shoulder on lost sanskar
He composes and smiles…

They laughs… To his atics

Rag still didnt see him
All saw him..
Rishi:he is handsome maan na padega…
Rag:babhi mujhe darr lag raha hai..
Tanu:i told you right listen to your heart… Aur sanskar thodi tumhe khayega

They goes to stage..

Finally ragini sees sanskar… He smiles…
Tere hathon ki taraf
Mere hathon ka safar
Rozana, rozana..

Teri aankhon se kahe
Kuch toh meri nazar
Rozana, rozana..

Rozana main sochun yehi
Kahan aaj kal main hoon lapata
Tujhe dekh toh hansne lage
Mere dard bhi kyun khamakhan

Hawaon ki tarah
Mujhe chhu ke tu guzar
Rozana, rozana..
They hv a eyelock

She looks down…. She was blushing hardly… San smiles
Her hands are getting cold.. She lightly rubs her hands…
Sanskar sees this… And smiles

All of them introduces themselves to ragsan…
Sanskar was glancing ragini whenever he gets the chance..
Ap dp rp suji talks with ragini…..

Then it was vermala….
Ragini’s hands are shivering…
Lak:dont worry bhabhi bhaai vl not do anything
Rag looks otherside and smiles
All laughs
San audible to san:tujhe mein baad mein dekhloonga
Lak:bhabhi se fursath mile tab na
San punches him on stomach
And they made to stand
Rituals get completed…

They were taken to mandap…

Dhara and pratheek:jiju..
Sanskar looks at them…

San smiles:u can tell clearly u dont need to be hesitant
Dhara:how u find my sister
Lak:wow.. Wat a question….?? Tell tell bhaai…
Sw:even ragini babhi should also tell…

Ap:watever you want to ask.. Ask later let the mrg complete

Later the rituals start and marriage got completed…

Priest announced them as husband and wife..


How was the part… Do tell me!! I hope u all liked it…

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