Arrange marriage ke siyappa ss by aliya (pt 3)

Let’s begin….

Dp gets a call from ragini’s bade papa
That they reached….
Both the families were in different side…
There were dancers… Who were dancing rajasthan folk dance
Rishi pratheek dhara dances with them….

Here swalak utnik parish dances… They drag sanskar bt refuses… He enjoys seeing all dancing….

They then enters… The palace..

Ragini’s father shekar was seeing all the arrangements
Rajiv drags him to meet dp and rp….

They meet… They talks for few mins and left to see the arrangements…..

Here parish daughter misses…. She cries…..
Ragini and dhara sees her
They goes to her
Rag kneels to her
Rag:bacvha aap kyun ro rahe ho
Siya was still crying closing her eyes
Dhara:do u need chocolate…
Siya opens her eyes:who r u…
Rag smiles:i m ragini and this is dhara..
Siya:aap ragini chaachi ho…
She closes her ryes suddenly
Rag dhara looks at eo
Siya:chaachu is not seeing u na.. So i m too not seeing u…

Here all r searching for siya.. Pari cries…
San:dont worry babhi she will be here itself

Tanshi comes in search of rag
Rishi:who is this kid
Siya still closing her eyes:i am siya.. Sanskar chaachu is my chaachu…
They smiles
Tanu:oh then u r our relative… Then why r u closing ur eyes
Siya:bcs chaachu is not seeing chaachi na…
Tanshi laughs to her talks..
Rag:so i should also not see you.. Bt we can talk right… Bhaai we should inform them.. May be they r searching her
Rishi nods…

Rag turns:now you can open ur eyes
Siya opens
They talks..

Here adlak meets rishi
Rishi sees them worried
Rishi:r u searching for siya…
Rishi:she was missed and shez with my sister…
Rishi:yes… Laksh…
Ad calls san and informs him…
Ad:how u ppl know
Lak:actually we called yesterday and talked for few mins so i was guessing.. This is adarsh bhaai…
Rishi:rishi… They hugs
Adlak goes with rishi…

Rag gives chocolates to siya…

All welcomes adlak..
Siya was in rag room…
Tanu calls siya as adlak came
Siya while going comes hugs rag legs….
Rag smiles
Siya then runs… Outside
Lak picks her…
Ad:siya.. Wr u went leaving mumma
Lak:u should not go leaving mumma ok….
They takes the leave…

Pari hugs siya and cries…
Siya:par ragini chaachi took care of me
San suddenly:did u meet ragini…
Siya:ha but meine eyes close kiya… And u know ragini chaachi too closed her eyes
All r seeing sanskar with teasing smile…
Lak:i m very sad….
San looks at them confused…
Lak:we both saw ragini
All:wat you both saw ragini
San was confused
Lak winks at all.. All understood his plan
Siya was abt to say that they didnt… Swara closes her mouth

Lak:bhaai shez fat…….
San widens his eyes

Here tanshi pratheek
Rishi:do you know raagu who came to take siya
Rag nods as she dont know
Tanu:u know how sanskar is looking(acting sadly)
Rag gets worried
Pratheek:may be that was the reason.. Jiji.. I mean futur jiju said that he dont want to see the girl..
Rag worried:bt his photo was sent bt i only refused
Rishi:that’s bcs he knew u wont see him..
Tanu:his eyes are the most horrible thing…

San:wat do you mean
Ad:tumhare 4 body rakhne padenge uske jaise ban ne ke liye…

Rag worried:sacchi
they nods sadly
Rishi:aur tho aur… He is half bald..
Pratheek:his teeth are front…
Tanu:his voice.. Oh my god..
Rag worried:wat babhi

Lak:aur patahai..not only Her voice nightingale bt looks too…
Ut:u mean….
Lak:ha… Woh koyal ki jaisi kaali hai…
San worried:you r teaing me ryte…
Adlak:uttara’s promise
Ut:aeeer…dont put me in this.. I dont want to die…
Here san looks swapar.. They were controlling their laughter.. He understood their plan

Tanu:his voice is like gabbar singh…
Rag understands seeing dhara rishi who were controlling their laughter

Ragsan casually :so wat
All:dont you hv prblm
Ragsan:no… However he/she would be i said before itself i vl accept him/her
They smiles and goes…

Siya runs to sanskar
Siya:chaachi aisi nahi thi…
San:u said u didnt saw her
Siya:at first i saw her.. Wn she said ragini so i closed my eyes
San:so did she talk to you
Siya:ha… She is very nice…
San:ok now straightly go to mumma…

The day passed…
Functions has been started….
All families met eo except ragsan.. Even families didnt meet ragsan…

Days passes… With many rituals and functions

It was haldi… First it was Sanskar’s
Everone applies him haldi…
Lak:adarsh bhaai.. Dont u think this haldi is less…
Nik:bhohoth kam hai
San:dont u dare lucky
Lak:no bhaai… I dare to…
San runs…
Trio chase him….
Then finally puts haldi over him….

Here ragini’s mehendi and haldi funtion…
Mehendi functions went well….

Here tells sanskar to touch the haldi… As of the ritual…
San touches…
Lak:why bhai should touch the haldi..
Ap:even you too did
Dadi:its because…sanskar ki choone ki haldi se ragini sanskar ke rang mein rang jaati hai
Dadi:woh tumhare samaj mein nahi aayega…. Tu jaa kaam kar
Lak pouts…
San smiles… Or should i say a light blush…

Swapariut gives the haldi to tanu…
Ragini’s haldi too finishes…

That day too passed…
Its sangeet…
All dances…

Swalak parish utnik some cousins and all elders dances….

Here tanshi… Pratheek dhara and few cousins dance….

Here rishi gives mike to rag.. To sing.. Bt she refuses.. All convince her she finally accepts..

Tanu calls pari and tells her rag vl sing as it was their plan….

Pari:silence silence silence
All listens… San was lost

Manwa laage.. o manwa laage
Laage re sanware
Laage re sanware
Le tera hua jiya ka, jiya ka, jiya ka ye gaanv re

Manwa laage.. o manwa laage
Laage re sanware
Laage re sanware
Le khela maine jiya ka, jiya ka, jiya ka
hai daav re

Swara comes with the guitar and gives sanskar.. He nods in no
All pleads him…

San sings… Rag was shocked… Tanu tells her that he is sanskar…

Musaafir hoon main door ka
Deewana hoon main dhoop ka
Mujhe na bhaye.. na bhaye, na bhaye chaanv re

Rag sings

Manwa laage.. o manwa laage
Laage re sanware
Laage re sanware
Le tera hua jiya ka, jiya ka, jiya ka ye gaanv re

hey hey…¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

San sings
Aisi kaisi boli tere naino ne boli
Jaane kyon main doli
Aisa lage teri ho li main, tu mera..

mm.. Tune baat kholi kacche dhaago me piro li
Baaton ki rangoli se na khelun aise holi main
naa tera..

Rag sings
O.. kisi ka toh hoga hi tu
Kyun na tujhe main hi jeetun
Khule khabon me jeete hain, jeete hain baawre

Mann ke dhaage, o mann ke dhaage
Dhaage pe saanwre
Dhaage pe saanwre
Hai likha mene tera hi, tera hi, tera hi to naam re

Ras bundiya nayan piya raas rache
Dil dhad dhad dhadke shor mache
Yun dekh sek sa lag jaaye
Main jal jaaun bas pyaar bache

San sings
Aise dore daale kaala jaadu naina kaale
Tere main hawaale hua seene se laga le
Aa.. main tera…
O.. dono dheeme dheeme jalein
Aaja dono aise milein
Zameen pe laage, na tere, na mere paanv re

Rag shyly smiles and sings…
Manva laage.. manva laage
Laage re sanware
Laage re sanware
Le tera hua jiya ka, jiya ka, jiya ka ye gaanv re

Rahoon main tere naino ki, naino ki,
naino ki hi chaanv re…
Le tera hua jiya ka, jiya ka, jiya ka ye gaanv re
Rahoon main tere naino ki, naino ki,
naino ki hi chaanv re…

All claps and screams:yay…..

Ragsan both blushes…

At night….
Ragsan both remembers the song…. And blushes

Rag:kal shaadi hai… M i ready the responsibily
San:m i ready for the responsibility
Both ragsan smiles
San:will she like me
Rag:will he like me…

Rag:if we had any problem in our married life we both will together face it…
San:and happiness too…

Lak:deewana hoon mein dhoop ka.. Musafir hoon mein dhoor ka
San:laksh not again…
Lak holds his ears:sorry sorry..
San smiles…..

Here rag sees her mom pic
Rag:ma… Now need u.. To guide me… She has tears
Her badi maa sees this
Badi ma:i told u many times i m ur mother.. Bt still u didn’t… I think.. I didint love u like my daughter
Rag:its not like that.. I was missing ma… And u r my mother u loved me like ur daughter in the absence of ma….
She looks at her mom pic
Badi ma:janki vl be with you in every step of your life… Now dont cry.. Tommorrw is the big day for you…
She wipes rag tears….

Precap:the grand wedding…

Now u ppl vl beat me same precap from 3 parts… A big wala sorry…
I hv extended the story for 2 3 parts…

And ya all r cordially invited for ragsan wedding do attend it???

Both positive and negative comments are accepted…

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