Arrange marriage ke siyappa ss by aliya (pt 3) vol 2

Thankyou all… For your support.. I couldnt hv written these many stories without ur support and bearing me…

All r confused that why sanskar always smile..? Me too confused???

Ok guess… Is he like that or not??? Dont you think he is a decent type guy???
And ya tell me abt this story… How u find good or bad…??

Ok ok… I m stopping my nonsense…

Let’s begin……

Ragini pov…

“didn’t adarsh bhaiyya and pari di came” i knew that they went one of their friend’s party as pari di said me yesterday.. I asked him.. So that atleast he speak… Oh gos still he is smiling… Is he mad o wat??

Finally thank god….

“no they went to their friends party..” he said smiling…

“oh” i said irritated without showing my emotions… This guy… Is getting into my nerves…

“sit” i told him…

Wat I got in return a smile.. No need to tell I knew it before itself…

“u too” said he.. I was literally shocked… He can speak on his own

I sat… Plastering a smile really my lips are paining….

Wat i thought he is a puzzle… He is not any puzzle… He is just a smiley… If he was a puzzle then it would be fun… Laado!! Don’t dream too much…

Wait! He is saying something

“sorry” i reasoned.. Wat i got? … A smile… Oh god the villain of our story is his smile..

“so howz ur work going” he asked me

“ya its great! Today its a leave..” i said him being bored bt without showing him my true emotions

“i guess yesterday too was leave” he said

“yes.. And tmrw too.. Then back to work… Actually na my boss shez very nice.. Bt being its abt medicine i dont take a leave.. This time my boss gv me leave.. I like working.. Watching naamkaran kumkum bhagya… And ishqbaaz..did u watch it… I guess no.. If u watch u wold love it for sure.. I watch naamkaran at 9 and 10 to 11 ishqbaaz i watch kumkum bhagya in the office hrs wn i get free time in my laptop…i love to play piano.. “oh god i again started my puran

He was just smiling…. Mummaaaa plzzz his smile?????????

” i guess.. I bored u with my nonsense talks”i said bring uninterested… Better leave this place nahi tho raagu u vl die being silent

“no…no… Not at all.. Even we came to talk” he said…

Oh.. Poor boy now u got to know that we came for talking

Now i smiled like him… Why to leave the chance…

“don’t you hv to ask anything from me” he asked me….

This guy… I hv to ask many thing bt ur smile… ???

“mmm… Tell me abt ur work” i asked him…

“hmm.. I m a fashion designer.. I m working in xxx designs as a ceo..” he smiles telling me

I was like this guy can speak more that a sentence…wow..bravo..

“dont u hv to ask me anything” i asked him…

“hmm.. No” i was confused by his rply

“why?” i asked him…

He again smiled
I stood

“then.. Let’s move down” i said him… Bcs i cant by his boring talks

He stood..
“r u free tmrw” he asked

Why you want talk whole day with me???

“actually.. I take tusions.. Lil busy” i said him

“ok.. Wch class students” he asked

He is asking me something romantic ryte???

“9th to 12th”i said

” oh.. “he said

We went down…

Mom told me to arrange the lunch on the table..

I went to kitchen…

Then arranged food.. He came there..

I was holding 2 bowls.. He took one from me..

He helped me to arrange the food on table

Watever he is good at heart… Wat if he doesnt speak more.. I can make him.. ???

Then tthey had lunch

“food was delicious.. Ragini” suji aunt appreciated my food.. I smiled at her

Ram uncle too appreciated…

Bt sanskar… He was doing his signature.. That is his smile..

“its tasty” he said..

I smiled bending my head…

“so wat u decided” asked ram uncle

He smiled…

“is it a yes” asked suji aunty to sanskar…

He smiled widely

“ha” he said…

Now all their look turned to me… Its yes from me too… Bt still….

He was looking at me… My throat went dry…. Oh no these feelings…

“y.. Ye.. Yes”
Hr smiled at me… I too does the same..

I looked at my parents who r beyond happy… Their happiness had no place to be kept….
All hugged us.. And blessed us…

I m happy that my parents are happy..
Then i looked at him…
Even me…
Later they bid bye……

To be continued….

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