Arrange marriage ke siyappa ss by aliya (pt 2)

Let’s begin……

A girl was arranging flowers… She remembers a mid age man saying abt the proposal of marriage…
Girl:how can u marry me without seeing me… Don’t you hv any expectations…after listen abt u.. Even i too decided like….
Behind a girl:di…..
The girl turns…. She is none other than RAGINI
Dhara(sadly) :kids are waiting for the class…
Rag:wat hpnd to you
Dhara:you will get married in few days… Wat vl i do then
A boy:me too…. Wat vl i do
She hugs both dhara and pratheek…

Rag:u ppl can call me whenever you want.. U can visit me whenever you want
Pra:bt we cant be with u
A couple comes they r revealed to be tanshi
Rishi:no crying… Leave some tears for bidaai too
He too had tears
Rag:bhaai aap bhi…
Tanu:now u ppl vl make me too cry..
Dhara:oh.. Di.. Chalo kids are waiting there…
Rishi:today i too will see my raagu’s class..may be it is last class here as my sister
Rag:i vl be ur sister forver…
Rishi hugs her.. And then all has a group hug…

Here rish and dhara is ragini’s bade papa’s son..
And pratheek is Ragini’s younger brother

They all goes to kids who were waiting for ragini…

Here all youngsters enter Sanskar’s room with a naughty smile… Except adarsh and nikhil
Sanskar was doing his office work…
Lak:u dont want to see bt u can talk to babhi ryte
He keeps his hand on head…
San:i hv work u all go plzz
Ut:na ji na hum tho nahi jaayenge
San:ok.. Then i vl go…
He was abt to go… They stops him….
Pari shows her mobile number of the girl…
San:i dont want to…
All:we know that..
Lak:who told you to talk… We vl talk.. We hv no restictions… U jst sit here…

San pouts…
Pari calls…

Here ragini gets into position…
Rag corrects the kids…

At the time rag gets a call from unknown number.
Her mbl was woth pratheek
He picks…. The phone

Here pari keeps the phone in speaker.. Sanskar doesn’t know why bt he was unknowingly nervous…
O. S:hello
All gets confused by a male voice
Pari:hello.. If i m not wrong its ragini’s phone ryte…
Sanskar firstly heard her name… RAGINI… he smiles…

Here pratheek:sorry its apple iphone’s

Sanskar burst into laughter

Tanu hits pratheek’s head
Prath:babhi… I dont know who wat’s my prblm… They asked is it ragini’s phnone
Tanu:oh no.. This boy…

They listens & they smiles….
Tanu:give the phn….
Rishi:who is it tanu

Tanu:hello… Ji kaun…

Pari:hum mumbai se… Sanskar ki babhi…
Tanu:oh.. Aap
Rishi pratheek dhara comes closer as tanu signals them she keeps the phn in speaker…
Tanu:bataiye na…
Pari:ji woh ragini…
Tanu:ragini she takes a one her classical singing and dancing class and today is the last class….
At the time they hears an angelic voice…
Sanskar gets attracted to the voice….

Mohe rang do laal
Mohe rang do laal

Swara:is it her voice
Tanu:ha… She is a classical dancer and singer too…
Rishi dhara pratherk smiles

Nand ke laal laal
Chhedo nahi bas rang do laal
Mohe rang do laal

Dekhu dekhu tujhko main hoke nihaal
Dekhu dekhu tujhko main hoke nihaal
Chhu lo kora mora kaanch sa tann
Nain bhar kya rahe nihaar

San:she has a beautiful voice…
All looks at him with a teasing smile
Ap and suji comes they too listen ragini’s voice
Ut:ma.. Babhi’s voice..
They smile
Ut:mann tho kar raha hai abhi unhe jaa kar dekhoon…
Here sanskar was in his own thoughts…

Mohe rang do laal
Nand ke laal laal
Chhedo naahi bas rang do laal
Mohe rang do laal

Mohe rang do laal

Pari:aapne tho aapke baare mein bataya nahi
Tanu:mein ragini ki babhi… Ragini ki bade papa ki bahu
Dhara:mein dhara ragini di ki choti behen…
Prath:sorry woh meine mazak kiya tha…
Pari:no its ok
Lak:actually u said ryte…
All laughs…
Both side they introduce each other

Ragini:1 2 3 4 aise nahi aise karo… She teaches the kid….
Rag:1234 1234

Tanu:should i call ragini
Pari:no no… Its ok… As its her last class why to disturb her…

They talk for few mins and then cuts the call

Lak:beautiful voice… Hai na bhaai(teasing tone)
All;beautiful voice
San hiding his smile:i.. I said wat i felt
All laughs
San hits his head… He too laughs

After the class..
All kids are crying as ragini is getting married
Kids:didi now who vl teach us dance
Rag smiles:u all r good dancers… Continously practice and i m sure u all vl be good dancers…
All hugs her she smiles through tears…

All kids goes….
Tanu:raagu do you know who called you few mins back..
Rag:who… Babhi
Dhara:mumbai wale
Rag smiles
Tanu:really they r a very good ppl…
Rishi:m very happy…
Pratheek:bt m not.. Bcs ragini di vl leave us…
She hugs him..

At night

Rag stands infront of her window and watching the moon.
Here san too was standing in balcony and watching the moon

Rag:in few days my marriage… It is like a dream… Will he be my prince charming
San:her voice is beautiful… Will she be my dream girl….
Rag:wn vl i first meet him… Hw vl i face him
San:vl i talk with her or vl get nervous
Rag:i want to ask him… She hits her head here i am thinking how to face him.. M going in talks
San:m telling talks vl i face her…
Screen splits
Ragsan:will wait for the day and u…
They smiles

Both the families gets ready for the destination

All their relatives has been arrived.. They start their journey…

Both families reach their destiny…..

Place is divided into 2 one side for groom and another for bride

Precap:the grand wedding

Guys howz this…??
And a question u like arrange marriage or love marriage??
For me its arrange marriage

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    hiiii Aliya 1st i’ll answer the question…
    actually i like love marriage….
    and now coming to the episode …..
    dear it was total fun…..
    ohhhhh god wish i could see sanskar *blush*
    Awwwww every1 loves ragz sooo much like us……hahhhaaa….
    it was amazing……. yrrrrr
    post next asap

    Keep smiling and stay blessed????
    LOVE u !!!!!!!!!!!!! ?????
    Your Yashu !!!!!!!!!!????????????????????

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    Marriage? Ho jaayega bas, Jaisi bhi ho????

    And this part was lovely like anything. ???

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    I like arrange marriage… It’s romantic type..

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    Fantabulous????and arrange marriage for me, because a lot of love marrages break

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