Arrange marriage ke siyappa ss by aliya (pt 2) vol 2

Many of you requested for a epilogue of vol 1
Bt sorry i vl give it once this(vol 2) get completed.. Sorry i hv no ideas for that now.. Bt i promise that i vl give the epilogue definitely…
Now plzz support me…..
Let’s begin….

Rag pov..

I knew it.. I knew it kuch aisa hi hone wala hai…. Oh god why me??? ??? now way vl i tell mom dad… Don’t think too much ragini… Already all them why they r asking…

“why dad…?suddenly this question” i asked without showing my true emotion….

Mom dad smiling bt why???

“bcs…. Sanskar is good boy well settled…” said dad

My heart is playing drums here… Oh God

“so?” i said fearing still without showing my emotions

Dad smiled widely

“so we r thinking of…”

Thinking of wat… Oh god this suspense…

“him to be match for you” completed mom…

The thing hpnd wch i didnt wanted to hpn…

“so we r asking you abt sanskar… How u find him” asked dad with lots of hope

Actually he didnt do anything wrong… Bt still… I heard he is a fashion designer… Ceo of india’s famous company xxx designers….

“i need time” i said them frankly to decide its absolute.. I cant say no to him directly and i hv to find something abt him…

“you can hv time bt tell it soon” said dad

Yes even he is ryte.. I cant take too much of time..

They went leaving me… I was thinking how will i find him… Wn vl this social media help…

I took my laptop and opened my fb…
I opened search…
I typed his name Sanskar maheshwari.. There are 2 prfl… Named sanskar maheshwari
She checked bt it was not him…
I then again thought if he had put anyother name.. Maybe only sanskar
I typed only sanskar… I searched… Yep here i got him… Named Sanskar M

I checked his prfl… I thought give a look to his friend list
There were some girls… So wat even i hv boys in my friend list…

(i hd helped my sister to find her fiance (now husband) in fb before mrg after the day of engagement .. By mistakenly i sent him a friend request in my sissy fb… He accepted immediately at that time??? i got many scoldings and slap on my head from my di???i still laugh remembering it)

Oh no.. Wat hpnd with me i mistakenly sent him a friend request… I immediately canceled the request took a big sign of relief..

After checking in his fb i found him decent.. Actually he was.. Silly i was the one to think him abt it… I looked into his picture at his work and functions annd formals casuals etc etc…. Yes he is really handsome wch i didnt noticed yesterday.. If he didnt talk much that doesnt mean that he would be boring.. I smiled remembering him and his gestures wch is now coming in my mind…

Then i came to the conclusion that i vl say ok to him… If i say now to mom dad.. They vl definitely tease me… I thought the best time is night… Dont know my stupid heart wanted to meet him badly..

I went down i had my breakfast.. It was 10…i usually hv my breakfast at due to sanskar i was late…. Mom asked me abt the late… I made some excuse and immediately ran from there

Then i again went to my room.. I again opened my fb.. And again to look on his fb accout… M i mad.. Why i m looking at his prfl like this… I smiled… I guess its called blush… BLUSH? I questioned myself… The girl who rarely believes in LOVE is talking abt BLUSH… wat the heck… I m talking abt LOVE

Oh god this sanskar… I looked at one of his photo he was wearing 3 piece black suit…. With black goggles… Damn he soooooo… Raaaaagini control ur sinking heart.. Yesterday u found him as a villain today hero…
Haaye yeh arrange marriage aur uske siyappa…

“dikhne mein karan tacker jaisa hai… Yeh kuch zyada nahi hua” i laughed at my own sentence

Then i on the Tv… My favourite show naamkaran.. I was happy seeing niel
Oh niel you r so so so handsome.. Then i remembered sanskar.. I smiled…
To my shock time was over so naamkaran had stopped woth niel’s face

Ohh..???i changed… The channel… Movie.. That too vivaah…..
I watched the movie… Aww its soo cute….

After the movie i again filled with the thoughts of sanskar
The big question was will he like me??

It was night… I was thinking how will i tell mom dad…
In the dining.. We were eating the dinner
“so did you took the decision” dad asked finally

I bend my head down being shy… It was very tough how vl i tell abt the decision.. It was ok for me… I wanted to meet him and know him..

Mom noticed me bending my head and smiling…

“i feel its yes” mom said..

“its not a yes.. I want to meet him and talk to him” i said them like a maniac

They laughed to my antics.. It obvious i had gone mad bcs of this sanskar

I got embarrassed..

“then i vl speak to Ram.. They were waiting for reply” told my dad…

Wat jst dad said they were waiting for my reply… That means…

“wat… They know abt this” i asked them

“yes… Ram and sujatha only asked your hand for sanskar first” dad said

It means sanskar knows this.. Why i m fearing…

“did.. San.. Sans.. Sanskar…” i any how completed his name

Dad laughed

“san.. Sans.. Sanskar i dont know abt his decision.. We hv to wait wn they come tmrw” dad said

“wr?” i asked casually

“wr.. Wat.. Here to see you can ask him watever you want”

“waaaaattttt?” i screamed

This was all decided

“you mean u didnt waited for my rply?” i wanted the truth.. My thought is running as my parents didnt care abt my likes… Yes i said ok to meet sanskar bt stilll..

“its not like that… We hv decided bt now i vl call them tell them your decision if your decision was no i would hv said no”

“ohh” i said


Oh no my hands are getting cold…

Mom told me to make the lunch… I went to kitchen i prepared lunch…

Mom told me to wear good dress

Why i dont wear a good dress normally.. I asked myself..

I wore a dark green colour dress… Made lil makeup and jewelleries…

Doorbell rang…

They came…
I was standing in dining..
Absolutely being scared…

It was only ram uncle and sujatha aunty…

Suji aunt saw me…
I neared her and took blessings from her.. She kissed my forehead

“you r looking beautiful” she told.. I find its truth from her eyes…

I then went near ram uncle and took blessings from him… He cared my hairs and smiled…

They 4 started to talk… I was waiting for him… I blushed…

I was standing in the corner..
Then the bell rang… It was HIM

He was looking Awesomely handsome in brown blazer… I silently laughed at my sentence..

He took blessings from my parents.. I smiled.. Sanskar tho hai…

He then looked at me.. I bend my head down being shy…

“i think they should left alone” said suji aunt

No… No… I cant… Wat will i ask him… I cant be poonam to stay silent… I hope he vl be prem… Bt i think i vl be poonam bcs i m getting nervous…

“laado..” mom called me

He again silently laughed… Wch irritated me..

“take sanskar to your room” mom continued..

I nodded..

I waited him to come forward.. He came
I went front.. He followed me

I found it fun.. He following me???

We reached my room
I opened the door…

I entered.. He too

He was looking at my room keenly.. Does he want to buy my room…

“accha hai na” i said immediately… Then i mentally slapped myself… Oh ragini express cant u be quite

He smiles

Again smile… Atleast kuch thho bolo yaar

*moun wrath*

No no smile wrath…

Arghh… Will he talk or not… How can i start… Plzz sanskar nahi tho i vl reject u now itself…

I plastered a smile….
Wat i got back a smile again☺☺☺
Plzz anyone tell him to talk…. Mumma… Plz anyone tell him… To talk atleast a sentence so that i can talk..

To be continued…….

Will sanskar speak?????? Is sanskar a puzzle?? Will ragini reject him?? Will ragini start the conversation??

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