Arrange marriage ke siyappa ss by aliya (pt 12) vol2

Let’s begin….

Rag pov..

Arghhh… They hugged.. Something is wrong with them…

Then my eyes fall on our parents… Is this will be the reason?

“U both knew eachother”dp uncle asked

”wat do you mean by know? We are best friends forever”said both sanlak

Huh?? This means they pranked on me

“That’s the great news”said ap aunty

Later all had dinner…

Then again elders got busy in talking abt their time afterall old is gold..

Bt i want to run from this chuddy buddy i don’t want to be prey..

Bt i hv no option….??

Then i went out i served desert to elders.. Bt i couldn’t see the both..

My eyes started to search them

So i went out…

And saw both of them are fighting

Wat the hell!

My head is spinning….

I reached them….

“Wat u both doing… Stop”i yelled at top of my voice

God!wr m stuck!!

Both parted… Bt there were no serious expression on them

They were smirking….

“Watts your prblm??? Sometimes bff and sometimes enemies for life..huh!”

Both laughed

Like seriously…oh god i think both ran from mental asylum

“Now wat???r u both ppl planned to make me mad today”

“It’s that we r like this so better you done come in middle”said laksh smiling

“Who wants to come?? And sanskar i don’t want to marry you now”i was so anger that i told this to sanskar

“Wat?”he asked me shocked
While laksh laughed

I went in angrily

Elders saw me….

I changed my expression into wide smile

“Mumma..m in room.. Of you need anything call me”

“Ok laado”told my mom

I went to my room

To my shock both were already present there

“Wat u both doing here”

“M sorry ragini… It was his plan”said sanskar pointing towards laksh

“Yes bt we neither friends not enemies this is our relation”said laksh

“Why u both targeted me?”

“Just for fun”said both sanlak

“Watever… Out!”

“Laksh move out”said sanskar

“Not only laksh you too”i said

While laksh giggled

“Now go”

They both went out.. And i saw them fighting again

I don’t want to see them.. i dozzed off

Next day….

Our marriage was been fixed…

It’s after 15 days….

He tried asking for my forgiveness

Even laksh asked me sorry…

Bt i was stiff….

In the evng i thought go on round

I’m the fraction of seconds someone dragged me and i was in the car

I screamed….. Then i looked at my right…. i was shocked… Shocked to find sanskar

”so you don’t want to forgive me?”he asked me with smirk

“Ahhh… It was you….. And for your this foolishness… i won’t forgive you ever”i said angrily

“Ufff… Yeh gussa”he said with smirk

“Stop the car!!”


“I said stop the car”

“I said no”

“Why r u doing this with me.. Wat i hv did with you”i asked being defeated

“Bcs.. i love you and love to irritate you”he said

I looked other side only to hide my blush from him

“ sorry.. Laksh wanted to prank on you”

“And why those sentimental lines on that day.. i thought laksh would hv did you something”

He smiled

“Wat to do wn my fiance is beautiful.. many eyes were watching u on that day.. i was somewhat scared to lose you”he said

“So u r a cry baby?”i asked him

“You can call me anything.. Bcs i only behave with you like this”said he

I smiled

“Now tell me.. Did you forgive me?”he asked me

I smiled and nodded

Soon the days passed……….

It was our wedding….

I got ready….. With red lehenga…

Soon i was called to mandap….

I saw him staring me

I blushed

Muskaan and seher teased

Laksh came infront of me

He smiled at me

I too smiled

“I lost..”

I looked at him confused

“I lost you for the person who loves you more than me”

I was shocked collecting his words

He forwarded his hand to me.. i have my hand to him…

“Now don’t get worried… It was always one sided.. And you know me… pray for me to get a good girl and bt i know one thing i won’t get a girl like you”he said

We reached mandap

“You will now think why i said this to u now… Bcs i don’t want to keep this with me all life.. Hv a good life ahead”he said..i looked at him

Then i was made to sit beside sanskar

Soon we completed rituals

We r married

I saw sanskar who was already smiling at me…. Afterall now i m his

Then looked at laksh… Who was also seeing me with smile

He signed me to smile…i smiled…

After 2 yrs….

I and sanskar were happily married…
We are blessed with our angel shreya

Now we r moving to the wedding

It’s laksh’s marriage

M still confused watever he said on that day… Was it a joke?

“Wat my lovely wife is thinking??”

I nodded in

Laksh has been married to swara.. His childhood frnd…

I witnessed something wch shocked

Sanskar was flirting with swara…
And he was delivering the same line wch laksh told me……

Lak came to them.. He was signing sanskar to see back…

I saw them angrily.. Now i understood their game

“Oh no swara u joined me..u too believed them”

“U mean it was not true?”asked swara

“Laksh u joked that day?”

Sanlak laughed

“Oh.. Ragini you thought it was true?”

“Actually we both had a dare.. That we vl propose eachother fiance”

I nodded my head in disbelief
They made a baby face
Then i laughed

Sanskar side hugged me…..

My story of childhood crush and getting love life in arrange marriage…
This marriage turned to be Siyappa

My story doesn’t end here i got a loving and irritating husband and a prankster friends whom once i thought to be my crush ?

So here i take the leave from you….


Such a bad ending wat to do..m like this!!!

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