Arrange marriage ke siyappa ss by aliya (pt 11) vol2

Lets begin….

Rag pov

“Rag is laksh with you”sanskar was asking continuously…..

Lak smiles mischievously

“Ha….”lak grabs my phn from me

He disconnects the call

“Wat r u doing?”i asked laksh and i tried to take my phn back

“Do you want to see sanskar in 10 mins?”he asked me

Oh no this guy…god why its always me..


“M sure he would hv teased you.. let’s tease him now…”he said….

“How u know him…?”

“Its a long story….i vl just tell u a short summary..”

I was eager to know… Laksh tell fast

“We were in sm colg…we r a strong enemy of eachother…after these many yrs we met so”

“Bt why u both r enemies..why can’t you be friends”i asked him

“The reason is ego problm….we r staunch enemies..let us stay like that too much fun you know!”

I looked at him in disbelief

“He used to spoil my dates”


“U mean gf bf”

He laughed like mad


Why is he laughing …

“You r so innocent”he said

“And you ..i know you wont leave him that easily…”

“You know me so well”he said with mischievous smile

Is he flirting with me??!!!after sanskar i cant understand him??

“Listen…!!leave the date… I didn’t even let any single girl to be his friend”

I was shocked by his confession
“Tit for tat”he said grinning

Omg…wr i hv been stuck..that too btwn a staunch enemies?

He was looking at his watch

“10…9…………4……3…2…”i was looking at him confused

Ting tong

“He came in 9 min 59 secs..superfast”he laughed at his own comment

I went to see….

To my shock it was sanskar
I turned to look at laksh
Laksh was grinning

“Sanskar..wat a lleasant surprise”dad asked being surprised

He smiles…dad introduced him to ap aunty and dp uncle…

“Ragini…”called dad…

“Go go..its gonna br too much fun”i hear laksh from behind

My mind is blank…

I went….sanskar was lokking at me with serious expression

Mein kaha phas gayi….

“Take him in beta..even laksh is with u”dad said

I went front he in my back…

I saw laksh…i turned to see sanskar…who has smirk on his face

“Aap yahan aaye kis liye?”laksh sang the song

“Aapne bulaya isliye..”san continued

Is there any singing competition here

“Aaye hai tho kaam bhi batayi ye!”laksh continued

“Pehle zara aapko maaru”san continued

Lak grinned…

“Darr pok kahika…”laksh said and laughed

“Kya karoon tumhara koi barosa nahi hai”he said..

I was just like a pendulam..laksh to sanskar… sanskar to laksh

“Actually ragini…”

“Sanskar why so sudden”.. finally something uttered from my mouth

“Hmm…wn this lucky is around wat to do?”

“Sanky..i want to hug you”said laksh

“Ya sure…even i too want to hug you..we r meeting after many yrs”said sanskar

Both sanskar and laksh hugged

Hein!!!lucky…sanky….wat’s going on are they staunch enemies!!!god…

To be continued……

Confused abt sanlak…..?it hpns wn u all read my ff???
Thankyou for still bearing me..and supporting still….

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