Arrange marriage ke siyappa ss by aliya (pt 1) vol 2

Here i m…. Back….. Many are sad that i ended it… Bt wat to do… I dont wanted to drag it….. So for the concession ??i m posting this one today…

Lets begin with short intro….. Of our cute si raagu
Ragini gadodia :a traditional girl also wears modern dresses… A girl with many thoughts… Applied a job in an pharmaceutical company…. Calm girl infront of relatives… Bt really opposite in real… very talkative… Mischievious(who r like ragini… i m like ragini.. Calm infront of relatives or guests…bt in real opposite ) loves her parents a lot… Respects her parents her thinking is watever parents decide in her life it will be for her good future… She is confused girl abt love bcs she is in both side sometimes believes sometimes doesn’t… A a great tv show lover

Currently her parents shekar and janki are searching for perfect match for ragini… They are sad as ragini has been rejected for 3 times..

One fine day….

Ragini’s pov..

i woke up… Went down and went down and saw mom dad talking abt one more proposal…. Oh god not again i dont want to be rejected…

Mom saw me”beta laado… Come here”she said very kindly

I went to them “mom dad… Why r u searching this again… They will too reject me” i told them frankly as its the truth

“no beta.. Dont tell like that” told my dad

“laado.. Listen jodi’s are made in heaven and these are the reasons to break the alliance.. Bcs u hv to reach ur prince charming” mom told me with a smile

“is it a reason… Yeh thodi lambi hai… Choti hai… Naak tedi hai… Iske kapdon ka style accha nahi.. She has no dimples” i told them irritated bcs the privious one who came to watch me told this.. Even in tv shows pragya’s height is short compared to abhi… These days guys wat they think of their selves we girls are ice cream flavours that ladki aisi honi chahiye waisi honi chahiye and all… Why don’t they go to carpenter and give them order of their choice…

“yes laado… Bcs there is no way to say no to my laado so god makes them to tell these silly reasons” said dad…

I left out a chuckle… Seriously he knows how to make me calm that’s why he is my dad…

“but dad… Plzz promise me you will not search a match for me… Let me join the office first i want to stand on my own”

“bt laado…” shekar held janki’s hand..

“promise you beta.. Bt bt we vl look for the guys once you join office and stand on your own bcs u dont like to search a guy on yourself” said shekar

I thought for a while bcs he is ryte so i nodded”ok dad”
I took leave from there… Gone to student’s who are waiting for me for tuitions

3 months later

I hv joined office.. I got many friends… I m happy abt my work.. I get 60,000 salary per month….
Today mom dad are very happy i dont know why???… Even tonight there is reception of my dad’s friends son… Dad told me to come for the wedding bt i couldn’t bcs of work load..and my boss Ms. Smith given me a 3 day leave bcs i was working there continuosly without a leave so she gave me a leave… Oh oh.. Wr i was.. I was in reception… Reception of my dad’s frnds son..may be bcs of the ftn they r happy.. Bt still.. Oh oh ragini dont think too much….

After few hrs i got ready in simple yellow salwar… With lil make up… I dont like to grand dresses i always love to in simple…

Later mom dad and me left to the venue…

At the entrance there was a midfle aged couple… They hugged mom dad… I guess they r Mr & Mrs ram prasad maheshwari…
They went in… I followed them…. Wat else i can do wn i dont know anyone…
Suddenly Mrs. Maheshwari noticed me… I gave her a warm smile…

“is she the ragini” she asked my mom dad for the confirmation..

Mom nodded… She came to me and hugged me

“i got you from your face… You look actually the same wn i saw u in childhood.. Bt more beautiful” she told me….

I blushed at her comment.. Bcs i felt she was saying true not for a formality

“do you remember me” she asked

How can i… Wn i dont…

“she was very small suji at that time” said Mr. Ram prasad Maheshwariand she too nodded in the agreement

We all sit there.. I was getting bored and bored… I dont know wat the elders were talking bcs i was sitting lil far… Bt one thing is clear they were talking abt me…

I took my mobile checked my fb.. Nthng was there today…. I was jst scrolling my fb posts… Wch has nothing worth to read.. Really why did i came her.. Oh god…
Then i glanced at the stage wr the groom and bride were seated… They were like made for eachother….

Aunt suji watched and smiled at me… She called me… Bt this time there was a guy who is 6 ft in height…and has a good looks too…

I went there….

Elders were smiling at me and him…. He too was confused like… Mujhe kyun WOH wali khushbu aarahi…

I smiled at him weakly… He too does the same….

“this is RAGINI…. Shekar’s daughter” said rp uncle smilingly to that guy….

“and this is SANSKAR.. Our son” said suji aunty to me

Oh its their son….
Why are they introducing us… Oh oh ragini dont go in cid avtaar… Its just formal in functions…

He again smiles at me… I too does the same… I can find him uncomfortable.. It is!! As i m too uncomfortable…

“sanskar take ragini to your bhaiyya and bhabhi” told suji aunt

Why i m ok here… Why i vl go with him… Ragini wat hpnd to u.. Its formal in functinon.. Par mujhe WOH wali khushbu kyun aa rahi hai… Ya tho tum bohoth sochti ho.. Ya tho!

“go laado” told my mom… He chuckled listening it

I gave hr irritated smile… Bcs i dont like if my parents call laado infront of relatives or frnds…

I took few steps forwards… He gestured me… I noticed mine and his parents smiling…..
Her heart is thumping….

She goes… He was following her….
It felt weird for me wn he was following…
I stopped
“why dont u join me as a walkmate” i said seriously

He left out a chuckle

“i was not joking” i said him seriously… Why is letting out his chuckle wn i m talking.. If mom called me laado too wat’s the big deal…

He smiles

“lets go” i told him….

We reached the venue….

“this is my brother adarsh and his wife parineetha” said sanskar

I smiles at them…

“bt who is she” asked adarsh his brother

“she is ragini.. Shekar uncle’s daughter” said sanskar

“oh.. Is that she.. The small girl” said his bro

Small girl and me…

“i mean to say wn i saw you at first” said his brth

“ohh” i said

“so ragini tell us abt urself” said pari

“its your reception…”

Pari smiles…

” I m working in xxx pharmaceutical company”

“wow.. Ragini… Are you a pharmacist” asked pari


I like adarsh and pari’s company…. And sanskar he was jst smiling

“ok then i vl leave now” i took a leave

Behind me they were gossiping something bt i hate gossip so i went..

“ragini.. Wait” said sanskar from behind..

“now can i be your walkmate” he said

I nodded…

“i guess u doesnt like to talk much” i said wat i felt…

He jst smiles

See he is smiling again… I dont like the people who jst stay silent

“hehe… U smile more” i said

He smiles….

Is he smiling or smirking at me

She sees him again

Yes yes he is smirking at me…she again looks at him.. Ragini tera kya hoga…he is smiling….

They goes both families bids bye…

I followed my parents….

“ragini” she heard sanskar…

I turned…

He gave my mobile… Wn did i give my mobile to him…

“my mobile.. With you” i asked him confused…

“i think you forgot in table” he said smiling no no now he is smirking

I m sure i didnt take my mobile out of my clutch… Then how it remained there….

“anyways… Thankyou” i said plastering a suspicious smile

“pleasure is always mine” he said smilingly….

I left from there immediately…..

“will meet again” i heard him

At home i couldn’t sleep by thinking abt sanskar…. Thinking abt sanskar seriously… Thinking abt him…. Talkless fellow

Next morning

Mom dad came to my room…. With bright smile

I wished them good mornig… They too…. Today they were too formal with…. Kahi woh tho tho nahi…..

“beta tumhe maheshwari pariwaar kaisa laga” asked dad

Confirmed… No no ragini you r thinking too much…

“they r good” i said suspiciously

They look at eachother and smile

“and sanskaar” they asked me together….


To be continued……..

Hope you will like this!!! If you didnt then plzz tell me…..

According to ragini.. sanskar is a puzzle??? Wat do you think??? Kya siyappa laayega ab.?

Stay tuned…

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