around love life is so beautiful (Intro)

hi every one I am Devi frm hyd
I just want to start a new track ishra please comment me

intro :
ishitha: studying MBA in Delhi she is frm cnennai

Raman : he is also studying same collage final yr
jeevika : ishu’s sister school teacher in Chennai
viren a huge business man in Delhi
now episode starts in collage
some boys raging the girls Raman comes there & scolds them
ishu enters in to collage
Raman sees her
he was interested about
he calls her &ask what is ur name where frm u

ishu :iam ur new lecturer sravani
Raman &his frnds runs away from there

class starts in Raman class room a lady comes &say iam ur new lecturer sravani
Raman: so that girl was not a lecturer after class he goes to ishu’s
Raman: u why do u make me fool ishu: then why you boys are making fun of girls
they both keep argue all students see them
then a man comes &see them
he sees ishitha &say ishu
ishu: Mani ur in the same collage

Mani : ya ishu I am very happy to you here
(Mani a command frnd to ishu & Raman ) episode ends

precape: on the other side Viren & jeevika argue in a super market

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  1. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Nice yaar………..

  2. thank u you can be more e joyed

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