around love life is so beautiful (Episode 9)


hi guys ihope you will enjoytodays epi
it starts with raman and ishitha argues with police
raman :how can you do like , dont you know who is viren kumar bhalla
he is most huge busseness man in delhi
plice : idont want any of these reasons i have information i have to search thats it
ishu: dont do like that here is my sisters marriage is going on , if you have a sister you do like this only plz dont create any scene here
plz give some time we will complete our rithuals fastly then do want you want , this is a request from our side
police: ok we will give 1 hour time if any thing happend wrong we will arrest all of you we watch from here only
ishu: thank you sir, come raman we have to go now
they enters into mandap

ishu says make it fast , make it fst
raman says in ishu ear dont tell any thing they will be disturbed i will manage
raman takes pandit a side and says make it fast as soon as possible and give some money
pandit comes and says it was the good time for the marriage, start it now
mrs bhalla :but , our relatives are not came
raman :they had came mom and very hungry also, after marriage all goto dinner , pandit ji start
marriage is over peacefully
raman: thank you all for coming here , plz go and do your dinner plz
relatives are go for dinner
mrs bhalla: what happend raman , it seems that you are in tention why,
police enters into the hall
police:ok , then your time is over let me do our work now
they search all around the hall
mr bhalla, mrs bhalla ,amma ,appa viren ,jeevika all are in tention
viren ask raman what happening
police comes and says we will find nothing here somebody gave us false information
raman :somebody not ,only one can plays these cheap tricks
raman:asohk khanna , raivalry of my brother to spoil his marriage
police: ok we will trace out who done this
police go from there

all bhalla family and iyer family goes to there homes

next scene jeevika and viren complete their rithuals and all bhalla family goes to iyers house
there jeevika was in her room busy in packing all are in hall she come to hall ask ishu ,
jeevika: ishu , why dont you heiping me in packing
ishu: sorry, thats not my worh
jeevika: why ,
ishu : :you lefting me here alone and going to your sasu moms house i didint heip you
jeevika comes near ishu , hugs her and says you are saying i miss naa, imiss you too ishu
they both have acry
after that raman comes thier and says ishu with your permission iwill take a
photo beacuse always you make others to cry but now you are cring this is a memorable moment it will not comes again
ishu say stopit she goes to beat him but he rans from there they both runs aruond the hall
all feit happy
atlast all bhalla family starts to go their home including jeevika bhalla
they all get into the car
iyer family gives send off to jeevika

in the car jeevika says thannk to raman
raman: why ,bhabhi
jeevika: for changing ishus mood , iknow you did all thjis for ishu only
raman smiles and reached there home happily

next scene in ashok khannas house

police comes to ashoks house and call him
he comes and says what haappend
police : somebody gaveus a false information we had traced out the number and that is yours number only
ashok: no, iam not
police: we know every thing ,what you thing about police
now you can saved by only ishitha you know
flashback starts
police say to raman give a compliant on ashok we wil see his end
raman says ok
ishu stops him and says dont make this issue big longer it was feil bad for my akkas marriage raman said ok
flashback ends
police:dont repeat this again otherwise no one will save you they go from there

ashok in his mind voice who is this ishitha lets see about her soon

preacape: raman calls ishitha and says ishu come to city hospital argently anjali commited to suicide

Credit to: devi

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