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hi every onr thanks for reading this ff
this episode starts in railway station
jeeika, amma, appa comes to delhi for marriage arrangements
viren receives them
viren: uncle shall we go to our home
appa:no beta we will go to vandu house she is our jeeviks cousin sister
viren drops them in vandus home
he gives a letter to jeevika secreatly
she hides the letter and goes to room
she opens the letter in that
“jeevika come to your gate at 10 pm i will wait fur you”
jeevika smiles
she complete her dinner and go to her bed she wakes up at 10pm she saw ishu indeep sleep
she comes down she saw amma, vandu talk with each other
she cant able to go she search her phone it was in ammas room she coundnot able to call viren also
viren wait till 12 o clock he gets angry and left from there

its morning jeevika calls viren ,he didnot lift the phone
she feel bad
while jeevika combing her hair in front mirror ishu comes there
ishu: akka can we go for shopping today idont have any class
jeevika:no ,ishu i was in bad mood
ishu: why , what happend
jeevika tells every thing to ishu
ishu: hoo, thats it : when ishu will here why will you fere”
iwill talk to raman he can handle any suituation
ishu calls raman jeevika goes to kichen
raman lifts the phone
raman :hello
ishu :hello raman we are going to shopping today you will also come
raman : ok
ishu:get jiju also
raman : thats why you are calling me right
ishu : not like that , if you comes you will help me in choosing
raman: ok we will come
raman put the phone ,raman goes to viren room
raman : bro you have a surprise we are going to shopping with ishu and jevika bhabhi
viren : no i will not come iam angry with her
raman: why
viren tells about it and says ihad wait for 12 she had not came yet
raman in mind words thats why madrasi had call me iwill see your end , but i have re unite bro and bhabhi
raman: bro you will come or not , iwill go beacuse i know about this iyer sisters
if they called we cannot go naa then they will finish our life , i will go
viren gets tensed by raman words
viren: raman stop i will also come
then they go to shopping mall
they four meet there
ishu and raman go aside to privacy to viren and jeevika
raman :madrasi you have done me fool again
ishu: no iam happy while you coming here
jeevika says sorry to viren tells about what happehd
viren: iam ididnt understand you piz forgive me
raman and ishu comes there
ishu select a adress to viren and its not like to raman
raman select a saree to jeevika and its not like to ishu
raman: you give this dress to your “hone wale pathi”
ishu : then you give this saree to your ” hone wali patni”
they start arguing , jeevika says both you wait in coffee shop after shopping we will come
they both left from there
jeevika and viren start shopping
after shooping they will go cofee shop
by going there ,” coffee shop becomes like a cargil war” by the fighiting of ishitha and raman
jeevika and viren enters into that all girls are supporting ishitha and all boys aresupporting raman
manager comes near viren and says ,viren sir please take your brother from here otherwise ihave to close my coffee sho
then virn takes raman away and jeevika takes ishu away from the the coffee shop

next scene
the dance compitition
all jodies performaces are over and the winners of the compitition mani and anjali all felt happy with that

next scene was marriage of jeevika and viren
all are get ready for the marrige
they all goes to mandap
ishu and raman waits out side of the mandap for some guests
suddenly a police jeep comes
raman asks police what happend
police we want to search mandap we got an information that here are some smuggeld goods
raman and ishitha were keep shocking
“will viren and jeevikas marriage goes perfectly”

precape : raman argue with police
but police were not hearing any thing
ishu request police to not create any scene here

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Credit to: devi

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  1. Haha all the entire episode was comic but suspense of precap yaar…

  2. Its Really funny ……….I liked it………..

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