around love life is so beautiful (Episode 7)


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all you know that princepie comes to ramans class and announcesthe dance competition

now epi starts with virat
virat: all students come to auditoriom who are interested in dance
allwill go there
virat : iwas taking the names of dancers you will givve your names
but on one condition
this time our theme was only jodi theme not group dances
so you will give your name aswell your parterner name
iwill give my name and manvi name

some students givve thier names
virat : all are over
manvi: no , mani and raman had not given there names
mani stands and says i will dance with anjali
anjali was a girl who loves mani from the begining
anjali feels happy for that
virat: then raman sir you

raman stansds all egerly waiting for raman answer ,except ishitha
raman says ishu was my dance parterner
some students says congrats ishitha you are the partner if raman
ishu: sorry ididnt have any interrest in dance
raman: why
ishu: beacuse iam a bad dancer
mani: why are telling lies ishu iknow you are a great dancer

she recalls suraj words in her mind
flashback , what happening day by day you are getting closer flashback ends
ishu: idont want to dance now thats it
she leaves from there

raman follows her he catch her hand and says i was fuoght for you, but you cant dance with me
after asecond she agrees and go
raman shouts as come reharseis tommorow
ishitha says ok by not seeing back

next scene at 8pm
at ramans house in dinner time at dining table
viren gets amessage frm jeevika
he smiles
raman : what bro why are you laughing
viren :leave ,how was the day of you ,routine
raman: no bro it was somting intersting in our collage dance competition is there and ishu was my dance parterner
viren : ohh ,yesterday fight and today dance what happening
raman: noting dont tease me always ok
he leaves from there

next scene in collage
all students come to auditoriom for reharsels except ishiths she comes 5 minutes late raman shouts on her
they starts dance raman dance perfectly but ishu dance badly all sees them and starts laughing
raman:why are you doing like thios ishu
ishu: ihave already told you iam abad dancer

when thy arguing an annoucement comes
{ishitha iyer come to office room
ishu goes in office room
princepie: why dont you tell me you are a classical dancer your appa had told me come and show your performence in auditoriom
ishu: ok sir
princepie comes to ther pune says all come andsit there is a perfomence , they all sit
ishu comes there in a bueatiful bhrathanatyam saree
all are stunned including raman
she comes on the stage take the blessings of nataraja swamy
she starts dance after that all will claps continuesly
after that manvi asks you are such a good dancer then why you will done like that
ishu: beacuse i will enjoy when irritating raman for that ihave done acking
raman heres all these words from a side smiles him self

precape : jeevika and family comes to delhi for marriage arrangements

Credit to: devi

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